Tour Guide to Mahodand Lake – Swat Kalam

It is no secret that Swat Kalam is the land of beauty. It is blessed with many lakes. However, Mahodand Lake has taken the lead in terms of beauty and popularity.

There is hardly a tourist on a visit to Swat Kalam who hasn’t planned a trip to this amazing lake. It is indeed a place that adds beauty to northern Pakistan.

I have made a tour guide to Mahodand lake that will act as a perfect companion for you on your trip. There is all the necessary information thus you can enjoy a well-informed trip.

Where Is Mahodand Lake?


This amazing lake is in the upper Ushu Valley. This lake is situated in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. Moreover, the lake is resting near the magnificent Hindu Kush mountains.

Elevation Of Mahodand Lake, Swat Kalam

The elevation of the glorious Mahodand Lake is 9,603 feet. Being at a height, it gives its visitors the best experience. Moreover, the surrounding mountains and tall trees make it a site worth seeing.

How To Reach Mahodand Lake

Are you planning a trip to Mahodand Lake? If so, here is the best possible way to reach here.

If you are not from Islamabad, the first thing you need to do is travel to Islamabad. From there, you can either rent a car or get on a bus. However, the bus won’t take you to the lake.

You will get to Swat Valley on the bus. The entire journey can take up to 5 hours. You can spend some time exploring the beautiful Swat Kalam Valley here.

However, early in the morning, you can depart for your final destination. Usually reaching Mahodand lake takes 3 hours. However, during the peak seasons, it can take 4 to 5 hours.

(NOTE: Personal cars don’t go to Mahodand Lake. You will have to rent a jeep from Kalam)

One must keep in mind that the road that leads to Mahodand lake is not well-constructed. Therefore, take the help of a professional driver. A non-experienced driver might face difficulty while driving on this road.

You can also get to Swat by air. The availability of the flight depends on the weather conditions. And it is a more expensive option to choose. Besides, the rest of the journey (from Swat to Mahodand Lake) will be completed by road.

Distance from Islamabad

Mahodand lake is 360.1 km away from Islamabad (the capital of Pakistan). It takes approximately 8 hours for direct travel. However, it is suggested to make a night stay in Kalam.

Distance from Swat Kalam

Mahodand Lake is 40 km from Kalam, Swat Valley. However, the road conditions can cause you a little more time to reach than expected.
(TIP: Leave your hotels around 9 am to enjoy the day view of Mahodand Lake)

Other Places On The Track

A trip to Mahodand Lake is never dull as the entire track is full of attractions to see. This track might not be the most beautiful in the world but is surely a track one must travel at least once in their life.

I have compiled a list of all the tourist attractions in this tour guide to Mahodand Lake.

Ushu Forest

One of the most famous tourist attractions in Swat Kalam is Ushu Forest. The forest is the first step towards your journey to Mahodand Lake. It is famous, therefore you will see a lot of people stopping by and admiring the beauty.

Matiltan Valley

The next stop after Ushu Forest is Matiltan Valley. It is among the most beautiful places in Swat Kalam. Being on the Mahodand Lake track, it is among the most comfortable places to stop by and explore.

Glacier View Point

Once you leave Matiltan Valley, the next stop is the glacier viewpoint. It is one of the most popular points on the track since you can see the glacier up close.

There is a great chance of you being stunned by the beauty of this spot, therefore keep your cameras close to you and capture every moment.

Mighty 22 Falls

Once you have admired the beauty of the glacier, the next place to grab your attention is Mighty 22 Falls. It is the finest waterfall that you will see on the entire track.
(NOTE: There are many waterfalls on the Mahodand lake track)

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Once you have captured enough scenery of the waterfall, the next destination that will make you want to stop is Chashma-E-Shifa. According to the locals, the water of this waterfall has healing powers.

Whether it is a myth or truth, the beauty of the place is enough for you to stop. People prefer to sit there for some time while soaking their feet in the water.

Mount Falak Sar

Another amazing view to get on your way to Mahodand Lake is Mount Falak Sar. It is one of the most popular peaks in the region. Being at 5,957 meters, the mountain stands tall on your way to the lake.

(NOTE: Manage your time keeping in mind these destinations)

Things to Do at Mahodand Lake

There is a lot more to do at Mahodand lake than admiring the beauty. You can have additional activities here to make your trip more interesting and thrilling.


When on a trip to the lake, always add boating to your list. It is one of the best activities that you can perform. Luckily, Mahodand lake has the option of boating for you.

Hire a boat for yourself and get a round of the lake. It will be one of the most peaceful experiences you will have here.


Another thrilling experience to have on the lake is hiking. Now you can not hike at the exact location, however, there are a few good options near the lake that you can choose for hiking.

Horse Riding

If hiking is not something you are interested in, Mahodand Lake has the option of horse riding too. You will see a lot of people renting horses for a ride.

There are no safety concerns as the guide will be there for you.


It is no secret that Mahodand Lake and its track is full of breathtaking scenery. The best thing you can do here is take photographs.

You will encounter a lot of bloggers and travel influencers getting their content here. Whether you are a professional photographer or just want to click memories, Mahodand lake is the best place.


Mahodand lake is famous for its abundance of fish. Moreover, you will see a lot of locals calling it the lake of fish. When here, one can not stop yourself from fishing. However, it is wise to bring your fishing gear.

If the idea of fishing is not attracting you, you can eat the fish. The taste of deliciously cooked fish is going to be one of the best experiences of your life.

The Trout Fish of Mahodand Lake is the most famous in the entire region. If you are visiting the lake, eating trout is a must-do activity.

Additional Activities

  • Camping
  • BBQ
  • Watching Sunset and Sunrise

Things to Bring

Here are a few things you must keep in your bag while packing for Mahodand lake. All these things hold their importance however, the list might differ, depending on your preference.


Since there are no shops on your way to Mahodand lake, it is wise to keep some snacks with you.

Warm Clothes

Mahodand lake is at a height. Therefore, the temperature here is cold. They might not feel as cold, however, you might need something warm at night.

Chewing Gum

Many people face the issue of closed ears at a height. However, chewing gum prevents it. It is better to keep a few, in case you need them.


You do not want to miss out on the chance of making memories. Thus, keep a good camera with yourself and capture all the special moments.

Camping Gears

If camping is part of your plan, we advise you to take camping gear with you. There are no shops where you can buy or rent camping gear. Therefore, take the gear to Mahodand Lake.


Although nature is called the best healer, it is not going to heal your diseases. Therefore, keep your prescribed medicines with you. If you feel motion sickness or altitude sickness, keep the medicines with you.

Where to Stay

If you want to amaze yourself with the night view of Mahodand Lake, here are a few options to stay.

  • Lake Shore Resort
  • Mahodand Lake Guest House

(NOTE: You can also camp near the lake)

Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit the lake is from April to September. During these months, the weather is pleasant and you get to see the best greenery.

However, the best time to see the glacier here is from June to August.

Final Thoughts

Mahodand Lake is one of nature’s best gifts to Pakistan. The beauty of the lake is beyond explanation. However, this Tour guide to Mahodand Lake might be able to give you an overview.

As summer is approaching, we suggest you plan a trip here and enjoy the charming view of this lake. Besides, who does not want to have a perfect holiday at this family vacation destination in Pakistan?


How do I get to Mahodand Lake? 

The nearest airport to Mahodand Lake is the Saidu Sharif Airport in Swat, which is well-connected to major cities in Pakistan. From the airport, you can take a taxi or hire a private vehicle to reach the lake, which is approximately 2 hours away.

What are the best times to visit Mahodand Lake?

The best time to visit Mahodand Lake is from May to October when the weather is pleasant and the scenery is at its best. During this time, the lake is surrounded by lush green forests and snow-capped mountains.

Can I camp near the lake?

Yes, camping near the lake is a popular activity and several camping sites around the lake provide basic facilities. Visitors are advised to carry their camping gear, food, and other essentials as there are no nearby shops or restaurants.

What activities can I do at the lake?

Visitors to Mahodand Lake can engage in various activities such as fishing, boating, trekking, and hiking. However, several trekking trails lead to the nearby mountains and provide stunning views of the surrounding landscape.

Are there any cultural or historical sites near the lake?

Yes, the area around Mahodand Lake is rich in cultural and historical heritage. Moreover, there are several Buddhist archaeological sites near the lake. It also includes the famous Stupas of Butkara, considered some of the earliest Buddhist structures in the region.

Is there any accommodation available near the lake?

Yes, there are several guesthouses, hotels, and camping sites near the lake where visitors can stay. Some of these places offer basic amenities, while others offer more luxurious accommodations.

Is Mahodand Lake safe for tourists?

Mahodand Lake is generally considered safe for tourists, but it is always a good idea to check the latest travel advice and be aware of any local safety concerns. Visitors should also take standard precautions when traveling to remote areas, such as carrying sufficient food, water, and first-aid supplies.

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