Best Places to Visit During Eid Holidays in Pakistan 2024

Eid brings with it a great opportunity to spend some time with your family. Many people, for this reason, are looking for the best places to visit during Eid Holidays in Pakistan

Although the entire Pakistan is a country worth visiting, there are a few tourist destinations that get more hype during the Holidays. 

As Eid is during summer this year, going to the colder regions to spend the holidays sounds like a good plan. Amazing Viral New has listed the best places to visit during the Eid holidays in Pakistan. 

Take the opportunity to celebrate this three-day holiday with your friends and family. 

11 Places to Visit on Eid in Pakistan

During the days of Eid, the entire country is full of enthusiasts who celebrate this event. It is like no matter where you go, you will see happy faces out of their homes and having the best day of their lives.

If you haven’t yet planned a place to spend your Eid Holidays, this list will be of great help to you. Plan a great holiday with Travel Guide Ideas. 

  1. Faisal Mosque/Badshahi Mosque
  2. Murree
  3. Naran Kaghan
  4. Hunza Valley
  5. Clifton Beach
  6. Shogran 
  7. Nathia Gali
  8. Bhurban 
  9. Skardu
  10. Lake View Park
  11. Swat-Kalam Valley

Faisal Mosque/Badshahi Mosque

There is no start of Eid without offering Eid Prayers. Although all the mosques in the country offer prayers, getting to pray in the most beautiful and largest mosques in the country is an experience worth having. 

Faisal Mosque (The largest mosque in Pakistan) And Badshahi Mosque (2nd Largest Mosque in Pakistan) accommodate thousands of believers and also have a small Eid Khutba.

Moreover, planning your Eid prayer in these mosques can give you the chance to explore Lahore and Islamabad.

Since Eid is expected to be on a weekend this year (21 April 2023/22 April 2023), you will also get the opportunity to try some of the best breakfasts in famous food streets in Lahore.

As for Islamabad, after the prayer, you will have a lot of options to explore within the city. Besides, it is the center point that further takes you to most of the amazing tourist destinations in Pakistan. 

Therefore, offering your Eid prayer in either of the mentioned mosques is going to be a wholesome experience. 

Lake View Park

One of the most popular places to spend your Eid Holidays is Lake View Park. This place is built parallel to Rawal Lake, therefore, you get to have a calming evening here. 

Moreover, the place is perfect if you want to have a fun and energetic eid. The park here, with a lot of rides, is amazing to bring your kids over and let them enjoy. 

Moreover, the range of fun activities adults can do here is amazing too. You can either have an electronic ride, you can dedicate your day to the racing track. 

If you are not afraid of colors, there is a Paint fight arena called Battlefield as well. Worry not about destroying your clothes, you will be given a proper kit.  

NOTE: There are several other outdoor sports options at the battlefield. 


Murree is one of the most accessible places in Pakistan which ranks it among the best places to visit during Eid in Pakistan. 

It is one of the best one-day trip destinations, especially for those living in Islamabad. You can easily come back to your homes after having a fun Eid celebration. 

However, those who want to absorb the beauty and charm of Murree can stay a little while longer. There are plenty of hotels and guest houses that accommodate people. Whatever your budget is, there is always a place in Murree for you. 

One of the most popular tourist attractions here is Pindi Point Chair Lift

Nathia Gali

If Murree is not enough to satisfy your wonder-lust, you can drive a little further to Nathai Gali. Once you are here, you will realize why it is among the best places to visit during Eid holidays in Pakistan. 

Whether it is breathtaking scenery or quality food, Nathia Gali has everything. Moreover, the massive pine and oak trees population will make you want to spend your entire week here. 

If you are looking for a peaceful destination to celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr with your family, Nathia Gali is not a place that will disappoint you.  


After Murree and Nathia Gali, Bhurban is the nearest tourist destination you can go to for Eid. Being at an elevation of 6000 feet, this place is a good option to cool off all the heat of summer. 

Moreover, the resorts and hotels make it amongst the best places to visit during Eid holidays in Pakistan. PC Bhurban is probably the most visited resort in the entire country. 

If you are a golf lover, the 9 holes golf court in the resort is surely going to be a treat for you.  

Naran Kaghan

Are you planning a longer trip to some hill station? 

Naran Kaghan can be a great option to go to. The place is not hard to reach and has a lot of beauty to offer. Being one of the most favorite summer destinations of Pakistan, it is an ideal place to spend your eid holidays this year. 

Naran Kaghan has a wide variety of hotels and resorts you can stay in. They range from cheap to expensive. 

Apart from admiring the beauty of the place, you can also travel a bit to see the most beautiful Saif Ul Malook lake. It can be accessed via a jeep from Naran Kaghan. 


If you are looking for peaceful and best places to visit during Eid holidays in Pakistan, Shogran is a good option. This beautiful hill station is perfect for a family-weekend getaway. 

You can park your car in the hotel you are staying at in Naran and choose a jeep for further journeys. The scenic view of the place will surely double the excitement of eid.  

If you want, you can spend all day here and come back to Naran in the evening. However, if you want to extend your stay, you will have plenty of options to stay at night. 

Hunza Valley

If budget and time are not an issue for you, you might want to expand the distance and move to Hunza Valley. The beauty of this valley is not a secret. The place is famous among the best places to visit during Eid holidays in Pakistan. 

It not just accommodates local visitors but facilitates international tourists as well. Moreover, it is not that cheap to reach and there won’t be a lot of people here as well. 

You can have the best and most peaceful holiday here with the weather still cold and calming. 

NOTE: Pack some warm clothes as well. The weather will be cold, especially at night. 


Another destination you might want to explore this Eid 2023 is Skardu. It is one of the most peaceful and beautiful places to plan a trip with your family.

Imagine waking up to the sight of amazing snow-covered mountains. It is the kind of scenery that will surely make your Eid a memory to cherish for the rest of your life.

Summer is said to be the best time to visit Skardu. There is not much snow, the temperature is bearable, and the valley is at the peak of its greenery and beauty.

Swat – Kalam Valley

If you do not want to exceed the budget, yet want an extraordinary vacation, we suggest you choose Swat-Kalam Valley. It is considered among the best places to visit during the Eid holidays in Pakistan. 

One of the main reasons for it being a favorite place is that you can go there in your car. There are no expensive jeep rides on the way. Besides, the beauty and charm of the place are also not something you can ignore.  

Malam Jabba Ski Resort is one of the main attractions here. It is without a doubt one of the best ski resorts in Pakistan. Moreover, it has activities for adults to enjoy as well (ziplining, Chair Life)

Apart from the report, Swat Kalam Valley is famous for Mahodand Lake. Although there is the need to book a jeep ride here, the place is worth the money.

NOTE: Several comprehensive tour guides to Mahodand lake can help you have a better tour.

Clifton Beach

If you have no urge to explore the mountains of Northern Pakistan or the eating places of Lahore, Clifton Beach is going to be a better alternative.

It is one of the most popular beaches in Pakistan, therefore, never expect it to be free of crowds. On special occasions like Eid, the place is extremely crowded. 

However, the crowd never suppresses the fun of the beach holiday. It is the perfect spot to bring your family. Whether it is a picnic you want to have on the beach or just swimming in the water of the sea, the place is a fun thing to visit. 

Furthermore, there are several options to enjoy the trip here. You can enjoy the horse and camel rides here. Motorcar rides are also very famous. 

When here, do not forget to try the delicious street food of Karachi. The spicy food is one of the best things about Clifton Beach.

TIP: If you want to enjoy a calmer and less crowded view, go there early in the morning. 


Eid al Fitr 2023 being in summer has added a lot of tourist destinations to the bucket list of people. People have been planning to have the best ways to spend this day. 

Amazing Viral New has therefore enlisted the best places to visit during Eid holidays in Pakistan. These places have everything one person can expect to have a peaceful yet adventurous holiday. 

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