Complete Tour Guide to Swat Kalam

Summer in Pakistan means a thrilling trip to the northern valleys. Swat Kalam is among the mesmerizing places that people of Pakistan rush to and cool off in the summer heat.

Like many other valleys in North Pakistan, Kalam is blessed with indefinable beauty. It is a valley surrounded by tall peaks and lush green forests. Moreover, there are several meadows and waterfalls to enjoy too.

Being almost 6,600 feet above sea level, no one can deny the amazing view of this valley. Being here feels like landing in the hands of paradise.

I have a Complete Tour Guide to Swat Kalam for you to get all the necessary information before planning a trip.

Where is Kalam Valley? 

Kalam Valley is situated in the Swat District. Surrounded by the peaks of the Hindu Kush mountain range, this beautiful valley lies in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.

How To Reach Swat Kalam?

Reaching Swat Kalam used to be a challenging task. However, it has been made easy with new roads. You can now reach Kalam valley easily via the motorway.

Kalam is approximately 1212 km away from Islamabad. However, the road is straight so you can reach here in a few hours.

You can either come to the valley in your car or rent yourself a ride. Moreover, there is the option of coming on a local wagon as well.

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Best Places To Visit

The Kalam Valley is a God-gifted place with breathtaking views and peace. You can never get tired of looking at the panoramic scenery here. However, there are a few places more famous than others.

I have compiled a list of the best places to visit in Swat Kalam Valley.

Ushu Forest Kalam

Ushu Forest Kalam

Ushu Forest Kalam is one of the most popular and prominent places to visit. This breathtaking forest adds to the beauty of Kalam Valley. Moreover, it is the perfect place to feel near nature.

If you are traveling from Matiltan Valley to Ushu Valley, you will pass through the forest. It is a perfect destination to have a rest and observe the natural beauty.

In addition, the place is also perfect for planning a camping night with your friends.

Have you ever seen a forest covered in snow? If not, plan a trip to Ushu Forest now. The beauty that this place turns into during snowfall is beyond explanation.

You will see a lot of tourists enjoying snowfall in Ushu Forest, especially during February.

Matiltan Valley

Matiltan Valley

Matiltan Valley is a perfect place to start your tour of Swat Kalam. It is a small village in Ushu Valley. Being 11 km away from Kalam, you can reach here within an hour. Therefore you will see a lot of tourists traveling here.

Although near Kalam, the road here is difficult. You will require a professional to lead you to the valley. However, once you reach the place, the beauty and charm will wash away the trouble you had reaching here.

If the greenery is not enough to satisfy your nature-loving soul, Matiltan also has the Ushu river passing through the valley.

Matiltan Waterfall

MatiltanUshu Waterfall

Apart from mountains and lakes, Kalam Valley is blessed with waterfalls too. Matiltan waterfall is among the largest ones in Kalam. It is a natural waterfall that originated from Matiltan Glacier.

This breathtaking place is almost 13 km away from the main town. However, you will need to climb a cliff to get a closer look at the waterfall. The height of the waterfall makes the climb difficult.

Moreover, it requires you to have a few climbing skills before attempting.

Mahodand Lake

Mahodand Lake

If one debates the famous tourist destinations in Swat Kalam, Mahodand lake will win. Being at a height of 3,000 meters, this lake is a full package for tourists.

Resting 35 km away from Kalam, this lake is a place you must add to your list while planning a trip to Kalam. Although, make sure to visit in summer. During winter, Mahodand Lake can not be approached.

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Shahi Ground

Shahi Ground

As much as visiting Kalam Valley is interesting, the bird-eye view of Kalam Valley is probably the best thing you will ever see. Shahi Grounds is the perfect place to enjoy the top view of the entire valley.

From the top of this amazing place, you can see a clear view of the snow-covered mountains surrounding Kalam Valley.

The place is best visited during winter. You can get the top view of the entire Ushu Forest covered in snow. Moreover, you can enjoy the Kabaddi games hosted during winter.

Utror Valley Kalam

Utror Valley Kalam

Are you looking for a Picnic point in Kalam Valley? Utror Valley Kalam is the perfect place to plan a picnic with your friends and family. Being at a height of approximately 2,200 feet, Utror Valley makes a perfect picnic spot.

You will be amazed by the view of amazing snow-covered mountains from the top. The beauty of Utror is doubled after the rain. You can see nearby mountains peaking through the dark layers of clouds.

No need to worry about reaching Utror. It is just 16km away from Kalam. Moreover, the road conditions are good and make it a perfect place to spend your weekend.



Another breathtaking place to visit on your Swat Kalam tour is Gabral. Being only 7 km away from Kalam town and having an upper hand in beauty, this place is usually full of tourists.

Apart from the breathtaking beauty, the place is also famous for its trout fish. If you are a fish lover, never skip Gabral from your Kalam tour. You can either eat fish from the local vendor or catch one for yourself.

(NOTE: If you want to do fishing, bring your fishing gear)

The interesting thing about visiting Gabral is sitting inside the flowing river. You will not be risking your life for this adventure. The seats are arranged where the water flow is not strong.

Therefore, you get to sit in the river and enjoy the delicious fish. Besides, the Gabral river, meeting with the Ultar river, is a view one must have at least once in their life

Janshai Meadows

Janshai Meadows

Kalam Valley is the land of beauty and calmness. Janshai Meadows is living proof of this statement.

Observing the beauty of the place, it would not be wrong to call this place a land of fairies. Being at a height of 2,700 meters, these meadows will look like a painting from a fairytale.

Janshai Meadows is approximately 8 km away from Kalam. Therefore, you can reach here within an hour.

Are you hiking over? If yes, these meadows are going to be a great adventure for you. The jeep tracks end at Blue Water Point, therefore, you have to walk the rest of the path.

The walk is almost 4 km long and takes 3 hours to finish. Although the track is long, it looks like a great opportunity to hike toward the most beautiful place in Kalam.

Kundol Lake

Kundol Lake

If Izmis Lake is also not something satisfying your adventure-loving soul, try trekking to Kundol lake. This place can be counted among the most beautiful places in Kalam Valley.

Being at an elevation of almost 4,500 meters, the hike here is difficult. You will be expected to hike for almost 6 hours. However, once you reach Kundol Lake, you will understand why the hike was worth it.

The route to the lake is not marked and therefore you must take a local guide who is familiar with the path.

Izmis Lake

Izmis Lake is for those who want to hike. It is a beautiful lake perfect for those who want some adventure. You will even hear people saying it is more beautiful than Mahodand Lake.

Being 12 km from Utrar, this lake is at an altitude of 3,400 meters. You can trek to the lake. However, once on the top, you will understand why this place wins more points.

As trekking is a little difficult, many people prefer to skip it from their list of must-visit places. However, if you are in any position of hiking, we suggest paying a visit to this amazing lake.

You will find many many tourists finding their way through the tricky route to reach Izmis lake. If you are a beginner, get yourself a guide. Since the height is more and the path is bumpy, it is hard to do the hike on your own.

(NOTE: Take all the necessary precautions before leaving for the lake)

Trekking In Swat Kalam

Trekking/Hiking is one of the most famous activities to perform in the mountains. Luckily, there are several trekking options in Kalam as well. The trekking season usually starts in summer and goes around till September.

However, you will see most people going on trekking by the end of September. During this time, the weather is bearable and thus supports your trekking.

This Swat Kalam tour guide by I has named these trekking options for you.

(NOTE: There are no places to get trekking gear in Kalam)

Desan Meadows

Desan Meadows

One of the best trekking options in Kalam is Desan Meadows. It is a breathtaking place where you get to see the top view of Kalam. Being at a height of 11,800 feet, this place is best for hikers.

Although the beauty of the place is worth mentioning, being able to trek independently is more interesting. You do not need a guide to hiking towards Desan Meadows.

During summer, the entire path is covered in lush green forest. In addition, the top of Desan Meadows is covered in captivating grass. It brings calmness to your eyes.

However, during autumn, the same green color is converted into gold and brown. Thus, blessing it with more beauty.

Time: 8-9 hours

Difficulty: The difficulty level is moderate.

Kandol Lake To SpinKhor Lake

Kandol Lake To SpinKhor Lake

If you are up for a more challenging hike, turn to Kandol Lake. The lake is a site of beauty that will make you want to hike. It is the perfect place for those who want to enjoy the beauty of nature away from the crowd.

Kandol and Spinkhor lakes are the beauty of Kalam Valley. The hike toward them is fun, however, it is highly challenging to complete the hike in one day without a guide.

There is a great possibility of you losing your way, therefore, always accompany a local tour guide.

There is no shop for getting food or drinks. Thus you must plan accordingly and pack enough food and drinks for yourself. There might come times when you come across some shepherds and get yourself tea. However, the possibility of this happening is low.

Time: 4-5 hours

Difficulty: The difficulty level varies from easy to moderate

Summer Festival Kalam

When you go to some other city or country, the first thing that you must witness is festivals. These festivals represent the culture and traditions of the locals.

Kalam Valley is famous for its summer festivals. The festivals are almost a week long. Additionally, they are a combination of several events where you get to see the locals representing their culture beautifully.

Duration: Late July to Mid August

Main Attractions Of The Festival

  • Cycling
  • Paragliding
  • Canoeing
  • Music Concerts
  • Local handicrafts
  • Cultural shows

Where To Sleep And Eat

No one can deny the importance of sleeping and eating good food on a trip. Therefore, I have listed down some of the best options for sleeping and eating during your stay in Kalam

Hotels in Swat


  • Royal Continental Hotel Kalam
  • Walnut Heights Hotel Kalam
  • Greens Hotel Kalam


  • Sangam Hotel Kalam
  • Pameer Hotel Kalam
  • PTDC Motel Kalam
  • New Honeymoon Hotel Kalam


  • Mehboob Hotel
  • Hotel Heaven Rose Kalam
  • Golden Star Hotel Kalam

Restaurants in Swat

  • Al Habib Hotel & Restaurant
  • Ghandhara Restaurant
  • Aroma Restaurant Kalam
  • Shama Restaurant

Best Time To Visit Kalam

Although Swat Kalam is approachable throughout the year, the best time to plan a trip is during summer. This is the time when you will see the best greenery and therefore enjoy the most.

Many people rush to Kalam during summer since it is cooler than the rest of the country. Winter, however, is also worth visiting if you want to enjoy snow sports.

Final Thoughts 

Swat Kalam is known as an easy-to-approach tourist destination in Pakistan. Be it summer or winter, the place is always full of people.

People, especially from Islamabad, come here for a short one-day trip. However, there are a lot of places that you need to explore that one day trip might feel short.

With the comprehensive Sat Kalam tour guide, you can have the best trip of your life. This guide will make it easy for you to plan the trip. Thus preventing you from missing something you regret later.

A trip to Kalam Valley is incomplete without a trip to Swat Valley. There are many fun activities and stunning places to visit in Swat. Therefore, a visit to this side of Pakistan is nothing but fun and adventure.


Where is Kalam Valley located?

Kalam Valley is located in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan, in the northern part of the country.

What is the climate like in Kalam Valley?

The climate in Kalam Valley is temperate and varies from warm summers to cold winters. The valley receives heavy rainfall during the monsoon season.

What are the major attractions in Kalam Valley?

The major attractions in Kalam Valley include scenic lakes, waterfalls, glaciers, and trekking trails. However, some popular destinations include Lake Saif ul Malook, Mahodand Lake, and Ushu Forest.

What is the best time to visit Kalam Valley?

The best time to visit Kalam Valley is from June to September when the weather is pleasant and ideal for outdoor activities.

How do I get to Kalam Valley?

The best way to get to Kalam Valley is by road from the city of Mingora. However, private vehicles, taxis, and buses are available for hire. The nearest airport is in Islamabad, from where one can take a connecting flight to Mingora.

What are the popular activities in Kalam Valley?

Popular activities in Kalam Valley include trekking, hiking, camping, fishing, and visiting waterfalls, such as Ushu waterfall and Mahodand Lake.

Is Kalam Valley safe for tourists?

Kalam Valley is generally considered safe for tourists, but visitors are advised to check the latest security updates and follow the advice of local authorities.

What is Kalam Valley famous for?

Kalam Valley is known for its scenic beauty, surrounded by snow-capped peaks, forests, and waterfalls. Moreover, it is a popular tourist destination for trekking, hiking, and camping.

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