Travel Guide to Khanpur Dam: Things To Do, Water Sports

Khanpur Dam is one of the most popular dams in Pakistan.  If you are looking for a day tour, Khanpur Dam is the Perfect one-day trip option for you. This place is a must-visit destination specifically for adventure lovers.

The spot is awesome to spend your weekend with your family and loved ones. Furthermore, you’ll have the opportunity to meet new people here and have a memorable experience.

Amazing Viral New is going to share all the details about this outstanding spot. You will make a tour plan when you read this blog. Additionally, you will get rid of your busy life and make your weekend refreshable. 

Khanpur Dam Location

Khanpur Dam is located in the district of Haripur near Taxila. It is built on the Haro River. However, the dam is approximately 47km away from Islamabad. If you start your journey from Islamabad via the Peshawar-Rawalpindi road you will reach it in 1 hour and 15 minutes. 

The road condition is excellent. Additionally, the journey itself can be a memorable experience. There are a lot of orange trees on both sides of the road. You can also visit the beautiful historical places located in Taxila city.

Project Of Khanpur Dam

The  Dam has not only a catchy and wonderful place for tourists but it has a significant effect on our lives too. The Khanpur Dam is 167 feet high. It was constructed in the early 1983s in the era of Ayub Khan(The second President of Pakistan).

The dam aimed to supply water as well as municipal use. Furthermore, it provides water for irrigation and domestic use to nearby cities. 

Activities To Enjoy 

Thousands of tourists visit the Khanpur dam in a month. Additionally, the area around the dam is developed into different adventurous spots. Therefore, it has become an attractive destination for visitors.

The spot is a nice place to visit along with your family. In addition, you will find many tour agencies that offer their services. They provide tickets for the whole tour and different activities of the Khanpur dam. You can easily make your 

one-day tour plan for fun adventures.

The adventures that you can enjoy at Dam are water sports, air-ground adventures, and shooting adventure 

Water Sports Activities

During a Summer visit to Khanpur Dam, water sports adventures are sure to entertain you. The place is a great spot for every aged person. Moreover, you can go boating and fishing here with your family.

There is no need to worry about it if you love adventurous tasks. There are plenty of exciting water activities here.

You can get fun in different water sports activities, which are

  • Cliff diving
  • Boating
  • Jet Ski
  • Snorkeling

Cliff Diving 

Cliff diving is the sport of diving into water from the edge of a cliff. People who love swimming always give priority to this adventure. Mostly, youngsters love to do this activity. 

Note: “If you have an asthma problem, avoid cliff diving”.


The most adventurous sport is Parasailing at Khanpur Dam. Moreover, it is the favorite recreational activity for women and adult children. This activity, however, involves a person attached to a parachute while towed by a water vehicle. Mostly, a boat is used for this activity.

Caution: Wear a helmet and life jacket to avoid any injury.

Jet Ski

Jet skiing is one of the recreational sports at Khanpur Dam. Moreover, in this activity, the riders complete a round on a powerboat. This activity is super entertaining for adventure lovers.

Note: This sport improves your blood circulation around the body.

Snorkeling/Scuba diving

Snorkeling/scuba diving is for the ones who love swimming. In this activity, a person swims using a diving mask. In fact, It is an accessible and enjoyable activity for all age groups. People love to do snorkeling in Summer.

Note: If you are a regular smoker or doing snorkeling for the first time, be careful

In the same way, you can do other adventurous activities like ziplining (the activity of sliding down a zip line from height for fun) and camel riding. In addition, people get pleasure from camping and BBQs with their loved ones.

Spots Near Khanpur Dam

If you want to expand your tour as well as plan to stay a night here, there are plenty of spots near Khanpur Dam. You can spend your time in these beautiful and memorable places.

Some spots near Khanpur Dam are

  • Mbali Island
  • Orange lake resort
  • Rajghan Mosque
  • Ghandhara castle resort

Mbali Island

Mbali Island is the most crowded place in Khanpur Dam. The place offers plenty of adventurous activities. However, if you plan to stay a night, the island provides you with camps and huts. You can specifically enjoy a bonfire and BBQ party with your family and friends here.

Orange Lake Resort

Orange lake resort is the most beautiful and refreshing spot near Khanpur Dam. The resort provides food, sports, and air conditioner rooms for staying. Moreover, the spot offers various trip packages that include breakfast and lunch at Monal Restaurant.

In addition, the resort offers a package of visits to the Taxila Museum.

Rajgan Mosque

Rajgan mosque is a historical mosque located near Khanpur Dam. The spot is locally known as Rajon ki Masjid because it was built in 1872 in the era of Sultan Jahnded Khan.

The interior of the mosque is beautifully designed by historical architects. Thus, people who love historical architecture must visit this mosque.

Gandhara Castle Resort:

Gandhara Castle resort is one of the famous spots near the Dam. The resort provides services of parasailing, scuba diving, and boating sports. 

Moreover, the resort offers food and comfortable rooms that are fully furnished to meet your all needs.

Note: Please take care of your environment and don’t pollute the water.

Best Time To Visit Khanpur Dam

Tourists visit the Khanpur Dam in all seasons. Additionally, the dam’s cool water and the breezy surroundings make it an ideal Summer destination spot for you.

However, it all depends on the person’s choice whether they want to go in winter or another season. 

Note: Women should take a tour guide with them. Moreover, be aware of scammers around you.

Food And Refreshments

You can get refreshments with adventurous sports too. There are several refreshment stalls located here offering snacks and drinks. On top of that, the tour can be an opportunity to try new food. In addition, you will find vegetarian and fast food options at most food stalls. Visitors can enjoy picnics with their families and loved ones.


In short, Khanpur Dam is a place you should take advantage of with your tour. Tourists from all over the world love to visit this catchy place. The Dam surrounded by different eye-catching spots and is an ideal spot to spend your weekend. You can make your day fantastic and joyful with your loved ones by visiting this place.

Amazing Viral New has shared all the experience and safety measures with you. So that, you can be precautionary while enjoying your tour and can make your weekend memorable.


Why is Khanpur Dam famous?

The Dam not only offers a variety of facilities for domestic use but also provides adventurous activities for tourists. Therefore, the Dam is getting popular.

What things should we carry while touring Khanpur Dam?

Although you can get plenty of facilities on the spot, you should take some necessary things with you. Keep extra clothes, shoes, and some snacks with you. 

Are there any age or health restrictions for adventure sports activities?

Yes, there are some restrictions for children and old people. Moreover, asthma patients should avoid those activities which don’t suit them.  You should inquire about the restrictions before participating.

What are the charges for parasailing at Khanpur Dam?

They take 4000 per head for parasailing. However, the charges may increase with time passage.

Do tourists go to Khanpur Dam in winter?

Tourists visit here in all seasons but the place gets more rush in the Summer season. However, if you are a super adventurous person then the spot can be the winter destination for you. 

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