When Do Babies Learn to Drink From a Straw?

One of the most common questions for new parents is when do babies learn to drink from a bottle or straw? It is a normal part of a baby’s development to be finicky, so giving up won’t help. But if you persist, the process will become more natural for your child. If you haven’t tried yet, try these tips to help your baby learn to drink from a straw:

The first step in teaching your baby to drink from a straw is to make sure that they’re sitting up straight and have good neck control. It’s not helpful if they’re wobbly, as they could end up hurting themselves. Another good sign is that they’re feeding themselves, as it shows good coordination. The next step is to introduce a cup with a recessed lid and let them gradually wean themselves from the bottle.

To begin with, hold a straw over your baby’s mouth and try sucking on the straw. While holding the cup, put a finger over the end of the syringe and let them try to drink water through the straw. When the child has the skill to suck the liquid from the straw, they’re ready to use a cup. The first time your baby tries a sippy cup, try holding it over his or her face, or even trying it with a spoon.

After you’ve introduced the cup to your child, it’s time to introduce the straw. If you’ve been breast feeding for six months or so, you’ll need to introduce a recessed lid cup. By 12 months, most children will be weaned from the bottle and will be able to use a straw. You may choose to continue breastfeeding your baby longer if you’d like.

When do babies learn to drink from a straw? They will need to learn to suck the straw. It’s best to wait until your baby has developed the habit of sucking on the straw. If your baby doesn’t like the taste, you can offer the same flavor to the child. By allowing your child to suck on a straw, your baby will be able to accept it and start drinking from it.

When should your baby learn to drink from a straw? By 6 months, your baby should be able to sit up and control their neck. If your baby still clings to your fingers, you should gently hold the straw over the baby’s mouth. After a couple of months, your child should be able to drink from a cup as well. If you have a baby who is only six months old, you can hold the straw over their mouth and squeeze the straw.


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