Tour Guide to Noori Waterfall Haripur

Pakistan is the land of beautiful treasures across the world. It is blessed with the most beautiful places like streams, mountains, lakes, and waterfalls. Therefore, tourists love to visit these natural spots of Pakistan.

However, the Noori waterfall is the most popular tourist destination here. It is a hidden gem located in the northern region of Pakistan.

The Noori waterfall in Pakistan is also named Noreen De Than. This waterfall is a must-visit place for those who love nature and outdoor adventures.

Amazing Viral New will share all the information related to the Noori waterfall. So, you could find ease whenever you have to go there.

Where Is Noori Waterfall Located

The Noori Waterfall is located in the village of Tial, District Haripoor, and the province of Khyber Pakhtun Khan. Furthermore, it is located on the Haro River. 

The waterfall is a popular catchy point for tourists in Pakistan. Thus, you can easily find the place. However, the journey itself is a treat for nature lovers. Amazing Viral New provides information about the distance from different cities to reach the required destination.

Distance From Islamabad 

If you are in Islamabad and want to go to Noori waterfall, you can follow the roots of Pir Sohawa Road. Moreover, the waterfall is approximately 54 kilometers away from Islamabad. Finally, you will reach your destination in 2 hours

Distance From Abbottabad

If you are in Abbottabad you have to go from Hazara motorway/M15. Finally, you will follow the Jabri road to reach Waterfall. The distance from Abbottabad to Noori waterfall is 65 km.  It will take more than 2 hours to reach there.

Appearance Of Noori Waterfall

A variety of plants, towering trees, and lush green mountains surround the Noori Waterfall. The clear blue flowing water creates a mesmerizing atmosphere.

The waterfall is located on the side of a hill like an open cove formation which makes the view fascinating.

Height And Depth Of  Waterfall

The waterfall is not much higher in height but it is deeper in depth. Moreover, the cove has a deep water sandy floor which gets deeper on the edge. Additionally, the waterfall height is 10 feet.

If you decide to swim in the waterfall, you should take precautions. Additionally, in 2020, an 18-year-old boy drowned while swimming. He got stuck under a deeper part of the waterfall. Therefore, children should not swim here.

Note: Females and children should avoid swimming in the waterfall. 

Best Spots to Visit  Near Noori Waterfall

There are plenty of spots on your journey while traveling to the waterfall. In addition, you can visit these eye-catching places and make your tour memorable. 

Some spots near the waterfall are

  • Seven Sister Waterfall 
  • Black Waterfall 
  • Jabri Forest Rest House
  • Sangam Waterfall

Note:  Female travelers should take a tour guide with them.

Seven Sister Waterfall

There are seven sister waterfalls on the Haro River which expands the size of the Noori De Than thrice. Simultaneously, the five waterfalls flow on the side of the Noori waterfall. However the other two flow on the opposite side of the Haro river. Visitors can enjoy stunning views here.

Black Waterfall

The Black Waterfall is located above the Noori Waterfall. The color of the water seems black because the area is surrounded by big rocks and the depth of water is very deep. It takes 10 minutes of hiking from Noori waterfall to reach here.

Sangam Waterfall

The Sangam waterfall is a peaceful and beautiful place across the Haro River. The waterfall is covered with tall trees and lush green hills. Moreover, it takes 30 minutes of hiking from Noori waterfall to reach here. 

You have to be precautionary while swimming here because the depth of the water is very deep.

Jabri Forest Rest House

Jabri forest rest house is a beautiful spot for tourists. The rest house has a clean environment and all the facilities for cooking. 

Furthermore, there is a Jabri bridge KPK which attracts the tourist’s attention. The view of the surrounding area is fabulous. You can enjoy BBQ here with your family and friends.

Activities To Enjoy On Waterfall

Visitors can enjoy a variety of activities at the waterfall. Moreover, you have to take care while doing those activities as well as make sure you follow safety measures. 

Some activities you can enjoy at Noori Waterfall are

  • Hiking
  • Picnicking
  • Camping
  • Swimming
  • Photography

 As the surrounding area of the waterfall is rocky, you must be cautious while hiking. 

Note: Wear life jackets while swimming because the waterfall has a very deep depth

Parking Area

The road after Jabri Road is not in good condition. It gets tricky and rough. Therefore, it is good to go on a bike or SUV. 

When you reach near to Noori Waterfall, you will look for a parking area. However, there is a parking area near the waterfall. You can park your vehicles here. 

They take 50 rupees for bike parking and 100 rupees for car parking. Prices can be increased over time passage. After parking the car or bike, you have to hike for 20 minutes. Finally, you will reach your destination.

Noori Waterfall Weather

The waterfall is an excellent spot to beat the heat in Summer. Moreover, the weather gets colder when you reach near it. Tourists visit here most in the summer season. During the monsoon season, heavy rain makes the water flow stronger. It creates an eye-catching view. 

Furthermore, the best time to visit the waterfall is from June to October. It is the time when the weather in Pakistan is warm and the waterfall is in full flow. Thus, it is the best summer destination place for tourists.

Things To Carry 

Visitors from different parts of the world come to Noori Waterfall for adventure. However, some tourists forget to carry the necessary belongings with them. Make sure you take the things that you need the most.

Some basic and mandatory things that you should carry while traveling are

  • Raincoat
  • Water Bottle
  • Hiking stick
  • Swimming Jacket
  • Power Bank
  • Hiking Shoes
  • First Aid Box
  • Waterproof Bags
  • Extra Pair of Shoes and Clothes
  • Snacks
  • Life Jacket

Caution: Please take care of the environment while having enjoyment. You should not spread trash around the waterfall. 


In conclusion, the Noori waterfall is the best place for nature lovers. If you want to do adventurous and fun activities, the waterfall is the best option for you. You will see many tourists enjoying themselves with their loved ones.

Travel blog ideas have given you all the information related to the waterfall. You should come here with all the safety measures. Moreover, if you have a tour for more than one day you can visit nearby spots too. 


What is the best time to visit Noori Waterfall?

The best time to visit Noori Waterfall is from June to September. However, you should visit on weekdays as there is so much rush of people on weekends.

Can we swim in the waterfall?

Yes, you can swim in the waterfall. However, you should wear a life jacket for swimming because the depth of water is very deep.

Is there any parking area near Noori Waterfall?

There is a parking area near Noori Waterfall where you can park your cars or bike. They take 100 rupees charge for parking. Furthermore, a general store is located with a parking area.

Is Noori Chamb the 2nd name of the Noori waterfall?

No, Noori Chamb is different from Noori Waterfall Pakistan. The Noori Chamb is located in occupied Kashmir.

Is the Visit to Norri Waterfall safe for the family?

Noori Waterfall is safe for families. However, they should take care of safety measures during hiking, trekking, and swimming. 

How much time is required to reach Sangam Waterfall from Noori Waterfall?

It will take 30 minutes of hiking to reach Sangam Waterfall from Noori Waterfall.

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