Shangrila Lake Skardu – Lower Kachura Lake

Among many amazing places to visit in SkarduShangrila Lake is the most famous one. It is one of the reasons why Skardu has a lot of tourists coming throughout the year.

The lake is originally called LowerKachura Lake, however, with the construction of Shangrila Resort Hotel Skardu around the lake, the name of the lake also changed to Shangrila Lake.

Looking at Shangrila Lake, it would be fair to call this place a gem of Skardu. This heart-shaped lake has gained popularity with time and is now among the best places to visit in Gilgit Baltistan.

I will walk you through everything you need to know about Shangrila Lake and Shangrila Resort Hotel Skardu. Have a read and decide whether this place is worth paying a visit to or not.

The Name Of Shangrila Lake

The Name Of Shangrila Lake

Although the lake’s real name is Lower Kachura Lake, it has been famous by the name Shangrila Lake Skardu. The word Shangrila is derived from the Tibetan Language.

The word Shang means Place, Ri means Mountains, and La means Pass

Back in time, an English novelist, James Hilton, narrated the place in his novel “The Lost Horizon”. Additionally, with his charming description of the place, he called it Shangrila.

According to him, it is a kind of place that rests near the lake and is a magnificent splendor of nature. Furthermore, he stated that it has a refreshing air and a beauty beyond words.

With his description of the place, and the construction of Shangrila Resort Hotel Skardu, Lower Kachura Lake slowly became Shangrila Lake Skardu.

How To Reach Lower Kachura Lake

How To Reach Lower Kachura Lake


Reaching Lower Kachura Lake is not a tough task. It can be accessed easily by car, thus anyone can have the fun of staying in the resort here. The lake is approximately 18.1 km away from Skardu and takes around 30 minutes to reach.

Activities To Do

Apart from enjoying the place and soaking in the cold breeze, there are several other activities that you can do. If you are planning a perfect family holiday, Shangrila Lake Skardu is a perfect place to go.

I have mentioned a few additional activities to do on your trip.


Shangrila Lake is a perfect place to do fishing. There is a good amount of trout fish in the lake. Moreover, you can bring your fishing gear or can rent them from Skardu.

Either way, you will have a great holiday while enjoying fishing.

NOTE: Do not let small kids get too close to the lake.


All hiking lovers should be happy to be at this destination. Being surrounded by the mountains, there are several options you can choose to start an easy or a tough hike.

Furthermore, you can also hike to Upper Kachura Lake. In Addition, you can roam around and who knows you will discover something new.


This heart-shaped lake attracts a lot of visitors to boating. Wandering in the middle of the lake with a boat might be one of the best experiences you have here.

However, the surrounding scenery of the lake is breathtaking. When you are boating, you get to see the scenery around you in a better setting. Therefore, the experience is nothing like walking around the lake.


Another amazing way to spend your time on a trip to Shangrila Lake Skardu is a picnic. There is no need for you to spend your night at Shangrila Resort Hotel Skardu when you can simply come back after a good time.

Moreover, you can take your food or sit in the plane hotel in the area. The plane is said to have crashed on the ground. However, it is turned into a hotel. Many people love going to this unique place.

Besides, who does not want to have good food?

Shangrila Resort Hotel Skardu

Shangrila Resort Hotel Skardu

The most famous place in Skardu and around Lower Kachura Lake (Famous enough to give it its new name) is Shangrila resort hotel Skardu. Anyone who has the budget and the time would be a fool not to stay here.

The resort was constructed by Muhammad Aslam Khan along Kachura Lake. It is famous that he got his inspiration for the resort from the famous Hilton-described Shangrilla.

The resort is a perfect place for all those looking for a calming view on their holiday. Moreover, surrounded by the splendid Himalayas Mountains, the red huts of the resort are a site to see once in your life.

The best part about being here is that almost every room sees the view of beautiful Kachura Lake. Moreover, the fruit trees surrounding the resort make the view more beautiful.

The Shnagrila Resort is almost 14-18 km away from the main town of Skardu. Therefore, it is easy to access. To anyone feeling like having a peaceful weekend in Skardu, this resort is not a place to get disappointed.

Restaurant of Shangrila Resort

Restaurant of Shangrila Resort

One of the most famous restaurants in the Shangrila Resort is on an abandoned airplane. The authorities have turned the interior of the plane into a restaurant where you can enjoy the delicious food and have more fun.

Room Options 

The room options in Shangrila Resort vary from your preference to your budget. Some rooms might be expensive, however, the view from these rooms is better than the others.

I have mentioned the room options you can avail of here.


As the name suggests, these rooms are better than any rooms with a breathtaking view. Moreover, the facilities in these rooms are better than the others.

You can have different bedroom options here. The three-bedroom suite has the facility of accommodating 6 adults and 2 children (maximum). However, the two-bedroom suite has the accommodation of a maximum of 4 adults and 2 children.

In addition, there is a suite for a small family as well that allows a maximum of 2 adults and 1 child.


These are the standard rooms where you can get to have 2 adults accompanied by 2 children. Moreover, the room is full of facilities like basic toiletries, tours for in-house guests, and much more.


The view from the rooms is what makes Swiss Cottages the most famous ones in Shangrila Resort. From the terrace, you can see a clear view of Shangrila Lake Skardu.

The cottages allow the accommodation of 4 adults accompanied by 2 children maximum. However, you can also ask for an extra mattress upon paying money.


If you are on a solo trip or accompanied by one person, these rooms are the most suitable and budget-friendly options for you. The rooms are in a VIP area with a clear view of the lake.

Although the rooms are called standard, they hold the facility of any luxury room.


Visiting Lower Kachura Lake with your family is a fun thing to do. If you are planning on spending a night, the Lakeside Deluxe Rooms are brilliant options to choose from.

These rooms in Shangrila Resort Hotel Skardu are made for families to stay with a breathtaking view of the lake.



Another option to choose from when on a visit to Shangrila Resort is the Swiss Villa. Here you can easily accommodate 4 adults at a time. Moreover, it is a perfect destination for having a nighttime walk.
The trees around the villas give breathtaking scenery, and therefore, are perfect for a nighttime walk.


If you want to enjoy the amazing night view of Shangrila Lake Skardu, book the Lakeside Room. You will be able to see the lake clearly from your terrace. Moreover, these rooms are close to the lake so it is easy to walk around the lake and enjoy yourself with your friends and family

Room Facilities

The Shangrila Resort Hotel Skardu comes with a lot of facilities you can enjoy in your rooms, thus there is a good reason for booking a room here. Some of the main facilities you can enjoy while on your stay here include:

  • Breakfast Buffet
  • Extra Mattress
  • Laundry Services
  • Housekeeping Services

Other Services

Several other services come with your stay at Shangrila Resort. These are the main reasons why you would not be wasting any money on your stay here.

I have mentioned some of these services below.

  • Pick and Drop service from Skardu Airport.
  • Free Wifi
  • Gift Shop
  • Hiking Trails
  • Boating
  • Duck Pond
  • Snack Bar and Rock Lounge
  • Birds Zoo and ViewPoints

Ending Remarks

Being the first resort in the area,Shangrila Resort Hotel Skardu is one of the most famous places. Its influence can be seen in how it changed the name Lower Kachura Lake to Shangrila Lake Skardu.

I have mentioned all the necessary details about the lake as well as the Resort. Whether you are on a trip to the Shangrila Lake Skardu or wish to spend a weekend at the resort, this blog is going to be of great help.

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