Best Places To Visit In Azad Kashmir Pakistan

The wonders of nature have blessed Pakistan with a place like Azad Kashmir. The beauty of mother nature is at its peak and thus the tourists here are blessed with the best scenery.

Kashmir is known as Heaven on Earth for a very good reason. The scenery of the place is beyond words. With majestic mountains, green valleys, lakes, and waterfalls, it is the land of your dreams.

Before going, you need to set a proper plan. To help with that, I have written the best places to visit in Azad Kashmir. This guide will help you choose which places to go and what to expect.

How To Reach

The first step towards your journey to Azad Kashmir is reaching there. The place is easy to access. The first thing you would want to do is travel to Muzaffarabad. Since it is the capital of Azad Kashmir, all the main tourist attractions can be accessed from here.

By Air

In case you want to have a short journey, there are no direct flights to Azad Kashmir. However, you can have a direct flight to Islamabad, from where you can journey to Muzaffarabad.

By Road

The next option is choosing a car or a bus. Several buses go to the different parts of Azad Kashmir. Moreover, you can bring your car as well.

Local transport, however, will be a more affordable option.

Azad Kashmir Best Places

Azad Kashmir Best Places

As mentioned before, this area of Pakistan has been blessed with immense beauty for its visitor to see. Although there are a lot of places one can visit, I have mentioned a few below.

These places are a perfect example of what the beauty of nature looks like, therefore, a good option for your trip.


One of the most famous towns in Azad Kashmir, Rawalakot, is a town you must visit. Being the headquarters of Poonch, it is a busy town. Therefore, you can have a lot of shopping opportunities here.

However, it is advised that you visit the place during summer. Winter here is harsh and there is heavy snowfall, thus it would not be a great idea to visit in winter unless you are a snow fan.

Some of the major tourist attractions in Rawalakot include Toli Pir, Tatta Pani, and Sudhngalli.

Neelum Valley

Neelum Valley

Almost everyone who has heard about Azad Kashmir is familiar with the name Neelum Valley. It is one of the most famous and magnificent places in Azad Kashmir.

It would not be wrong to call this valley a gift of God. This tourist destination is without a second thought one of the best places to visit in Azad Kashmir.

The valley is full of tourist attractions to see. Whether you want to visit small villages and learn about the life of locals or wish to witness the amazing lakes, it has all for you.

Furthermore, it is also an amazing site for all trekking lovers since there are a lot of mountain peaks that you can hike.

Banjosa Lake

Banjosa Lake

Talking about the lakes, one can never get enough of Banjosa Lake. It is one of the most brilliant and best places to visit in Azad Kashmir. With a decent proportion of greenery, this lake is a site worth seeing.

Although many people prefer visiting during summer, winter is not such a bad idea as well. The entire lake, covered in snow, is some of the most amazing scenes to witness.

The autumn season is also a favorite to visit, The green trees turn reddish and therefore enhance the beauty of the site.

Banjosa Lake is a perfect place for all boating lovers. While surrounded by the green scenery, boating in the lake is worth your experience. Moreover, there is always the option of a picnic under a tall pine tree.

Ramkot Fort

Learn a little about the history of Kashmir by visiting the ancient Ramkot Fort. Being bordered by the Jhelum River, the fort gives a breathtaking view from the top.

Although the fort was constructed somewhere between the 5th and 9th Centuries, it was discovered by Muslim leaders in the 17th century. Furthermore, the architecture of the fort depicts the ancient military design building by the Muslims.

It is one of those places where you will need your camera the most since there is so much to capture.

Pir Chinasi

Have a nice and exciting journey to the top of Pir Chinasi in Azad Kashmir. It is an outstanding tourist destination for all nature lovers and adventure seekers.

The area has a shrine of the famous Hazrat Shah Hussain (a Saint of Greater Kashmir). Many people go there to pay a visit to the shrine. However, many go there to enjoy the amazing scenery and top view.

When here, taking care of your safety is your concern. In addition, when the entire area is covered in snow, you will need to take extra care of yourself.

Apart from that, the place is truly a wonder of nature. The greenery during the summer and the snow-covered mountains during the winter gives peace of mind to anyone in love with nature.

Moreover, you get the chance to hike here as well. The track, covered in oak and pine trees, is some of the best hiking tracks in Pakistan.

Red Fort

Another fort to visit in Azad Kashmir is Red Fort. This place is heaven for all the sorry lovers and archaeologists. Moreover, this first is a true picture of the historical architecture in Kashmir.

Although the fort has been damaged with time and many people think of it as a ruin, the seekers of historical knowledge will still find it an amusing place to visit.

The fort is also famous by the name of Muzaffarabad, therefore, do not get mixed up in the names.

Arang Kel

Arang Kel

If you want to visit the most beautiful places in Pakistan, we suggest you add Arang Kel to the list. It is without a doubt one of the best places to visit inAzad Kashmir.

If you want to see the magnificent Nanga Parbat peak, Kel is a good option, however, if you want to go on a trek to the Nanga Parbat Base Camp, there is a trail leading from here.

From Kel, you can hike to Arang Kel, which is one of the most exciting hikes to have. There is no need to be worried as anyone in good health can do the hike.

In addition, the hike is accompanied by a view every eye would love. Tall trees and lush green mountains are the best partners you will have throughout the journey.

It will take almost 3 hours for a normal person to do the hike.

Shounter Lake

Shounter Lake

Another wonder of nature that has blessed Azad Kashmir with its presence is Shounter Lake. You can get a jeep from Kel to travel to this breathtaking lake.

The best time to visit the place is from May to August. In addition, these months come with a chance of camping, thus you can enjoy the night view of Shounter Lake.

Although the lake is not as grand as other lakes, this small lake holds the beauty of any other large one. The green surrounding the lake will brighten up your day as soon as you lay your eyes on the lake.

Ratti Gali Lake

Are you willing to see one of the most beautiful lakes in Pakistan?

If yes, Ratti Gali Lake is an amazing stop on your trip. The lake is said to be the most precious jewel of Azad Kashmir. Being at an elevation of 3,700 m, it is also among the highest lakes in the country.

If you are visiting Neelum Valley, going to Ratti Gali Lake is not a hard task. You can access the lake via a small village in Neelum Valley named Dowarian.

Apart from enjoying the amazing scenery, you can also hike around the areas of the lake. Hence, the lake is a complete package for anyone who visits it.


Taubat is among the most famous places people visit in Azad Kashmir. This small yet beautiful place is blessed with several beautiful sites, along with an amazing view of the Neelum River.

The scenery of this place is beyond explanation. Whether it is the view of the river or the towing mountains, Taubut has it all. Moreover, there is lush green scenery that lifts the spirit of the place.

Leepa Valley

Leepa Valley

Have a look at this exceptional valley of Azad Kashmir Pakistan. You might want to pinch yourself to realize that this beautiful valley is not a dream. Leepa Valley is the place that gives the claim of “Heaven on the Earth” support.

The valley is easy to access from Muzaffarabad, thus you will not have any trouble reaching there. In addition, the beauty and peace of the place will cancel out any trouble, in case you have it.

The high mountains covered in tall pine trees surround the valley like a protector of beauty. During summer, the greenery is at its peak, thus making it the best time to visit.

Furthermore, you can visit the place on a jeep as well.

Dhani Waterfall

Dhani Waterfall

Waterfalls are a wonderful gift of nature to humankind which enhances the beauty of any place. One such waterfall is Dhani Waterfall which is attracting tourists towards it.

It is among the most beautiful waterfalls in the area that is at its fullest during mid-June. However, it is also easy to access, thus you will find no difficulty in enjoying the amazing scenery of the waterfall. l Stay here for a few hours to relax your mind.

Toli Pir

If natural beauty and greenery are all you want to see, there is no better place in Azad Kashmir than Toli Pir. The place can be accessed via Rawalakot.

Toli Pir is almost 9000 feet above sea level. Therefore, it gives the vibes of being on top of the world. It is also the kind of place you go to if you need peace and calm.

Furthermore, the best time to visit Toli Pir is during the end of the Spring season. During these months, the weather is best and the beauty is doubled.

Moreover, Autumn is also a good time to plan a visit. The leaves, turning red and brown, make the scenery more beautiful.

Things To Do

Apart from enjoying the beauty of nature, there are several other things that you can do on your trip to Azad Kashmir. I have made a list of activities to enjoy on your trip.

  • Mountain Climbing
  • Trekking
  • Paragliding
  • Camping
  • Picnic
  • Boating
  • Fishing
  • River Rafting
  • Photography

Safety Concerns

Azad Kashmir has been in question regarding safety for some time, however, the place is now safe for all locals and foreigners to visit. Additionally, every year, thousands of people pay a visit to this place and enjoy its beauty.

Although safe, there are some areas that you must avoid going to. The area near the Line Of Control is off-limits for all civilians.

Best Time To Visit

Considering Azad Kashmir is a cold region and has a lot of snowfall during the winter, Summer is the best time to plan a visit here. Moreover, it is also good since the place is best regarding greenery during summer.

We suggest you plan a trip from March to September. There will be no blockage of roads during these months, and hence your trip will be all amazing.

NOTE: It is suggested to check the weather forecast before the journey to avoid any issues. 

Tips For The Trip

Trave; Guide Ideas has gathered a few tips that will help you to have a good trip.

  • It is wise to pack warm clothes even when it is summer.
  • If hiking is your goal, you might want to pack some nice hiking boots.
  • It is advised to always carry your identification card with you, and in the case of foreigners, their passports.
  • Although there are several hotels on your way, it is suggested to keep some snacks and a water bottle with you.
  • In case you have ever suffered motion sickness or high altitude sickness, it is better to keep medicine.
  • There are no signals of your normal sim card in Kashmir. Therefore, you will need to purchase the sim that works there.
  • You might not be able to call your family/friends for some days, therefore, keep yourself and your loved ones prepared for that.

Final Words

You might have heard people telling you not to go to Azad Kashmir Pakistan due to the rift between Pakistan and Idea, however, do not let the fear of others stop you from visiting this heavenly place.
In the blog above ,I mentioned the best places to visit in Azad Kashmir this year and have the holiday you have always wished for. Let this amazing place take away the worries of your busy life and let you have a relaxed holiday.

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