Trek To Rakaposhi Base Camp – A Tour Guide

Pakistan is a treat for all the hikers in the world. If you doubt it, the trek to Rakaposhi base camp will clear it all for you. Being the 27th highest peak in the world, the trekking trip here is no less than walking to the world to beauty.

Adventure indeed follows you everywhere you go in Pakistan. The high peaks, the green land, the sparkling lakes, and the entire country gives the image of your imagination.

Rakapposhi is also one of these images you had in your mind. The base camp is among the best hikes you will have in Pakistan. Moreover, this giant peak also gives you a view of the Minapin and Diran Glaciers.

Although the track is well-marked, you still need to have enough knowledge to trek to the Rakaposhi base camp. Ihave compiled all the necessary information in one blog.

Rakaposhi Base Camp Altitude

This basecamp stands tall at the height of 2,814m in Minapin Valley, Pakistan. This tourist destination lies in the Karakoram Range, Gilgit-Baltistan Region of Pakistan.

Map To Rakaposhi Base Camp

Stats of Rakaposhi Base Camp Trekking

I have mentioned all the necessary stats you need to know before going on adventure travel.


The average hike time to reach Rakaposhi Base camp isapproximately 1-2 days. However, this entirely depends on your hiking speed and the time you spend in resting areas.


There is a total of two camps on your way toward the top.


The distance of Rakaposhi base camp from Minapin is approximately 13km.

Rakaposhi Base Camp Trek Details

The trek toward Rakaposhi is among the easiest multi-day treks in Pakistan. Though the track is steep, you can easily reach the top if you are physically fit.

The path towards the main point is well marked and therefore can be approached easily. I have mentioned the path to the base camp so you know what you will be expecting.

NOTE: Camping and sleeping bags are available at Hapakun and Rakaposhi, therefore you do not have to carry your gear.

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Minapin to Hapakun

The hike to Rakaposhi base camp starts from Minapin Valley. After traveling for approximately 3 hours, you will reach Hapakun. This place can be called the first stop on your way to Rakaposhi.

The Village of Minapin is known as the best stop near Hunza Valley. The lush green village can be an exciting place to visit on your trekking tour. Moreover, one must remember that Minapin will be the last stop to have luxurious hotels and restaurants.

Hapakun to Rakaposhi Base camp


After Hapakun, you will start your journey toward the base camp. The rest hike will take approximately 3 hours as well. However, the path is steep. Your speed might be slow and take more time.

This path will lead you to the Rakaposhi Base camp. You will be surrounded by lush green fields with animals gazing on the hiking track.

Rakaposhi Base Camp to Diran Peak Base Camp

Hiking to Rakaposhi comes with further adventures too. You can further go to Diran Peak Base camp if your adventure soul is not satisfied by one hike. It can either be a one-day trip or longer (depending on your choice).

Diran Peak is approximately 7266 meters and forms a shape of a pyramid. This unique shape gives it more beauty and makes your adventure more interesting. Furthermore, the peak lies in the east of Rakaposhi.

The adventure does not end here, as you will be crossing Minapin Glacier to reach this amazing site. Moreover, you get to see the Diran Glacier on your trek.

NOTE: You might want to be accompanied by a guide if you have never been to Diran Glacier.

Is There A Need For A guide?

Although you might find the hike tiring and a little difficult, we can assure you that there is no need to hire a guide. Whether you are an international tourist or a local, there is no need for a guide.

The track is well-marked and contains many resting areas. Therefore, you will be great on your own. However, you might want to get some prior knowledge and a little experience in hiking before leaving.

Different Options For Rakaposhi Basecamp Hike

Being one of the best hiking places in Pakistan, many people want to spend their holidays at this destination. However, there are three options for hiking toward Rakaposhi Base Camp. As the season of the hike is about to start, has mentioned a few options.

Two Nights And Three Days

One of the best choices and a personal recommendation is to go for a three-day trip. It is the most convenient trip where you get to see everything at its finest.

In this option, you can camp the first night at Hapakun and the next night at Rakaposhi. In this pattern, you will get to see the night view of Rakaposhi base camp as well as Hapakun.

NOTE: It is considered among the best ways to trek. 

It might take approximately 3 hours to reach Hapakun, however, from here you will need a further 3-hour hike.


  • You get to enjoy two campsites.
  • You get to see Diran Glacier along with the base camp.
  • Dividing the trek into three days makes it easy
  • You can spend more time in Rakaposhi


  • You might need to carry your food and equipment
  • It will be a three days long trek with no internet and some basic facilities

One Night And Two Days

Another option is reducing the trip to two days. On this trip, you can either camp at Hapakun or Rakaposhi. Many people prefer to spend their nights at Rakaposhi.

However, some people suggest doing a direct hike to Rakaposhi and enjoying the night there. This way might be hectic but you will get to enjoy the night view of this beautiful base camp.


  • You can witness the sunset and sunrise at the base camp.
  • There is no need to carry big bags for food.
  • You can return to your hotel room quick


  • You might feel a little bit of rush
  • You will have to skip seeing Diran Glacier

One Day

The last and least recommended option is a one-day trip to Rakaposhi Base camp. Although it might sound like a fun one-day trip, it is among the most hectic options.

You will be leaving early in the morning and will be rushing to the top. Since you need to come back the same day. You might not be able to make a stop on any other camo site.

You need to be a fast trekker to come back to Minapin during light.


  • It will be a one-day short trip.
  • You will not need to carry big bags or rent camping gear.
  • It is among the cheapest options available.


  • There is a high risk of altitude sickness.
  • The trekking will be extremely long and tiring.
  • You will miss the mesmerizing sunrise and sunset at the top
  • There would not be much time to enjoy the beauty of Rakaposhi and its surrounding.
  • There is no way you can visit Diran Glacier or Base Camp

Tour Plan For International Travelers

Rakaposhi Base Camp is one of the main attractions for all international tourists. Climbers and hikers from all around the world come to the base camp. A few of them even manage to go further.

Being an international traveler, there are a lot of things you need to consider. The most important thing is how to plan a trip.

Luckily, Pakistan has progressed enough to support all international tourists. There are plenty of tour guides that will take you to your destination. Now, you might not need a tour guide, but it is still good to have.

Plan Your Trip With Registered Tour Companies 

Furthermore, there is an option of joining some tour company and planning a trip with them. During the season of the hike, there are a lot of tour companies offering trips to Rakaposhi Base camp.

These tour companies will plan everything for you. From food to accommodation, everything will be sorted out for you.

However, if you are not a big fan of tour companies, several people are visiting the base camp in the form of groups. These groups are more than happy to accommodate you and take you along with them.

Best Time To Plan A Hike

The best time to plan a hike to the base camp is from May to September. During August, however, there are high chances of rain. You might want to avoid August.

Winters, however, are the worst time to have a trip. The snow won’t let you do the hike on this steep path.

Accommodation And Food Options At Rakaposhi Base Camp

When one plans a trip, the first thought that comes to mind is regarding accommodation. You need to remember that luxury is left behind at Minapin.

The route following the Minapin would not have lavish restaurants or five-star hotels, rather you would be sleeping in camps. The best idea is to purchase a camp from either Gilgit or Aliabad.

The camping gears here are not expensive and therefore would not be affecting your budget.

The other option is to rent a camp. You will be released from the burden of carrying camping gear on a steep track.

As much as the food is concerned, the best option is to carry your food items. You might find a few canteens on your way, it is wise to have your food with you.

Can A Female Solo Traveler Do The Hike? 

With the increasing trend of female solo travelers, there is a question of whether Rakaposhi base camp is a good place for them to plan a trip. The answer to this question is very simple, YES!

Pakistan (especially the northern side) is quite safe for females, as long as they follow the dress code and respect the social restrictions. Moreover, it is wise to stay close to the tour guide.

In my opinion, the hike to Rakaposhi Base camp is among the safest hiking options for female travelers in Pakistan.

Why Visit Rakaposhi Base Camp

The beauty, the charm, and the adventure, everything makes Rakaposhi base camp a place worth visiting. It is a perfect destination for all those who are in love with hiking.

Besides, who wants to skip the chance to visit the base camp of one of the highest peaks in the world? You might come across a few challenges. However, it is all part of a fun and adventurous trip.

What People Ask The Most

Do I need a permit to visit Rakaposhi Base Camp?

Yes, a trekking permit is required to visit Rakaposhi Base Camp. This can be obtained from the Gilgit-Baltistan tourism department or through a registered tour operator.

What are the facilities available at Rakaposhi Base Camp?

There are no permanent facilities available at Rakaposhi Base Camp. Trekkers are advised to bring their camping equipment and food supplies. There are also local guides and porters available for hire.

What kind of equipment do I need for a trek to Rakaposhi Base Camp?

You will need basic trekking gear, such as sturdy hiking boots, warm clothing, and a sleeping bag. You may also need climbing equipment if you are planning to climb Rakaposhi or any other nearby peaks. It is advisable to hire a local guide or porter who can help you with the equipment and navigation.

What are the highlights of the Rakaposhi Base Camp trek?

The highlights of the trek to Rakaposhi Base Camp include stunning views of Rakaposhi and other nearby peaks, crossing several glacial streams, and experiencing the local culture and hospitality of the people of the Nagar Valley.

Is Rakaposhi Base Camp suitable for beginners?

The trek to Rakaposhi Base Camp is moderate to difficult and requires some level of physical fitness and hiking experience. However, with proper preparation and a good guide beginners can complete the trek.

Are there any cultural attractions near Rakaposhi Base Camp?

Yes, there are several cultural attractions near Rakaposhi Base Camp, including the nearby village of Minapin. It is known for its traditional architecture and cultural heritage. The village also has a small museum that showcases the history and culture of the area.

Can I see wildlife near Rakaposhi Base Camp?

The area around Rakaposhi Base Camp is home to a variety of wildlife, including Himalayan ibex, snow leopards, and brown bears. However, these animals are rarely seen by trekkers and mountaineers, as they tend to avoid human contact.

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