If you are searching for top places to see snowfall in Pakistan,  you are in the right place. The northern region of Pakistan and the mountain area is covered in caps of snow throughout the winter season. All the adventure seekers turn to the mountain area of Pakitan to enjoy the snow and adventures that come along with it. 

It is not a secret that the northern part of Pakistan is a site worth admiring. If you can not decide where to go for winter vacation, Travel Guide Ideas has you covered! The list of top places to see snowfall in Pakistan here will guide you about the main things you need to know. 

Top Places To See Snowfall In Pakistan

The season of winter in Pakistan is like a scenery straight out of your favorite fairytale. The forests and mountains covered in snow feel too good to be real. Since the options to explore are too many, a guided list by Travel Guide Ideas will make it easy for you to choose the one you feel like visiting this year. 

Kalash Valley 

One of the most beautiful cultural places in Pakistan is Kalash valley. It is a comforting place to visit regardless of the season. Winters, however, are the most admirable time to be here. Though the temperature drops below minus 12 degrees, there are no stopping people from visiting  Kalash. 

The people who live here are known as Kalashas. The locals are welcoming and facilitate all that visit Kalash Valley. To make your winter vacation memorable and see the best of the snow-covered Kalash, plan a visit in December or January. 

Famous Places in Kalash Valley

Although the entire valley is worth the visit, some places stand out more than others. Adding them to your plan can make your trip better. 


It is the largest and most developed valley in Kalash. The unique culture and tradition of this place are what attract most of the tourists here. Finding hotels and guest houses here is relatively easy. 


It is a combination of small villages. The valley is not as developed as Bumburet, however, is no less in beauty and charm. It is one of the major tourist attractions for foreign travelers. 


This is probably one of the least developed valleys in Kalash and not many people visit it. But when it comes to visiting the top places to see snowfall in Pakistan, it is no less than Biri or Bumburet. 

Major Festivals 

Hoshi (12th – 16th May), 

Uchaw (20th – 22nd August)

Chawmos (7th – 22nd December).

How to Get to Kalash Valleys


By Road: If you are traveling from Islamabad, it might take an 8 to 10-hour drive via the N-45 highway to reach Kalash Valleys. 

By Air: You can get a direct flight to Chitral. The airport is 10 minutes away from Kalash Valley. 

Note: The availability of the flights depends on the weather. Since the area witnesses heavy snowfall, there are chances of a schedule change. Therefore check the flight schedule before leaving. 


When one thinks about the top places to see snowfall in Pakistan, the first name that comes to mind is Murree. Unlike other northern areas, the winter is not that harsh. What makes it one of the most famous winter vacation destinations in Pakitan is its easy approach. 

Being only 70 km away from Islamabad (The capital of Pakitan), people turn to Murree as soon it starts to snow. If one talks about the beauty and landscape of the place, it is   Malika-e-Kohsar (the Queen of Hills) for a reason. 

Murree is situated at an altitude of around 7,000 feet, which is a safe height to admire snow and have a vacation, especially if you are with kids. It is also the most budget-friendly winter holiday destination in Pakistan.


Famous Places in Murree

Below are a few places you can turn to in Murree to enjoy the snowfall at its best. 


Patriata Chairlift

Observing the snow-covered mountains from a good height can be a lifetime experience. Visiting Patriata Chairlift can be a good way of doing so. It is approximately 4km long and can cost RS. 750 – RS.  950 PKR 


Mall Road

There are many things to appreciate about Murree. Mall Road is one of them. No matter what the season is, this area of Murree is always full of crowds. Whether you want to eat good food or buy some gifts, Mall Road of Murree is the perfect place


Another palace you can visit on your trip to Murree is Ayubia. The place has been gaining popularity recently due to the pipeline track.  The track is all covered in snow this you won’t get a chance to see it, but the Ayubia chairlift is always a treat. 


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How to Get to Murree

By Road:  It is a 1.5-hour drive via Murree Expressway if you are traveling from Islamabad. 

By Air: There is no direct flight to Murree. You can get a direct flight to Islamabad. From the Airport, it is a 2-hour drive via the route of Murree Expressway and Kashmir Highway

Malam Jabba

A famous hill station situated in the mountain range of Hindu Kush has been among the top places to see snowfall in Pakistan for a long time. Many people go there for more than one reason. The scenery and the facilities here are among the top reasons. 

Malam Jabba is 50 Kilometers from Saidu Sharif. The place sees snowfall from November to March. Seeing the beauty of the place, many foreign tourists also travel here and enjoy the winters of Pakistan. 

Famous Places in Malam Jabba

If you are going to plan a winter vacation to Malam Jabba, mentioned below places can be a good option. 


Once captivated by the Taliban, the place is now freed from them by the army and is safe to go. People go to Jehanabad to enjoy the snowfall and admire the spectacular scenery. 


Ski Resort 

The most famous tourist spot in Malam Jabba is the ski resort. It is the only Ski resort in Pakistan and therefore is crowded throughout the year. The resort is owned by Pakistani Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC). Although there are many activities here,  the ice-skating is the most famous one. 

How to Get to Malam Jabba

By Road: From swat, Malam Jabba is approximately a 2-hour drive.

By Air: There is no flight to Swat. You can land at Islamabad International Airpor:. From there you can drive to Malam Jabba. 

Kaghan Valley

Naran Valley is not accessible during winter due to heavy snowfall. However, the Kaghan Valley is accessible and is among the top places to see snowfall in Pakistan. The Valley is approximately 160 km away from Mansehra District, 

Kaghan Valley is said to be the jewel of Pakistan and therefore welcomes a lot of tourists throughout the year. Winters here are exceptional as people come to witness the magical scenery after snow. 

Famous Places in Kaghan Valley 

Being at a high elevation, the valley is a beautiful site to see. Among many places, mentioned below are places you should visit for the best scenery. 

Noori Valley 

At a height of 12,956ft above sea level, this valley is the most beautiful palace to see in Kaghan valley. The road here is a little rough and therefore can be closed during heavy snowfall. 


Lalazar is around 21 km away from Naran Valley. The meadows here are the top attraction for every eye. Winters here can also be beautiful with all the forest covered in snow. 

Purbi Valley

Another famous valley to add to your list is Purbi Valley. The snow-covered mountains here can be a charming site to see. There might not be many tourists during winter because of the temperature, but snow lovers still go and visit. 


Quick Fact: Being rich in some rare natural habitats, the northern areas of Pakistan are home to incredible national parks and wildlife sanctuaries. 

How to Get to Kaghan Valley 

By Road: The valley is almost a 3-hour drive from Islamabad if you are taking the route of E-35 and Hazara Expressways


When talking about the top places to see snowfall in Pakistan, the most common opinion is northern  Pakistan. Balochistan is somehow not the first choice of people. However, if you see Ziarat covered in snow, your opinion might change. 

It is one of the most beautiful places in Balochistan and also witnesses the longest snowfall in Pakistan.  The snow starts falling in the mid of December and keeps on falling till the end of March. The destination is also home to juniper trees. Some of the trees are said to be 7000 years old too. 

Famous Places in Ziarat

The top winter destination in Balochistan, Ziarat, is full of tourist attractions. Some of these sites are mentioned below. 


Ziarat Residency

This place has a special love for all the Pakistanis as it was once the residence of Quaid E Azam. People from all around the country (Even foreign tourists) come to see how Quaid e Azam used to live. 


Prospect Point

This beautiful point is approximately 6km away from Ziarat. Being at an altitude of approximately 2,713 meters, the place is best to get a beautiful view of the surrounding. When covered n in snow, the beauty of the place doubles. 


Juniper Forest

Spread across the mountain area of Ziarat, Juniper Forest is the most famous place here. The covered area of this forest is 110,000 hectares, making it the largest Juniper Forest in Pakistan. 

How to Get to Ziarat

By Road: It is approximately a 3-hour drive from Quetta via Ziarat Road

By Air: You can land in Quetta and can have a 2-hour drive via N-50 Highway and Ziarat Road


Being at a height of almost 4.900 feet above sea level, Chitral is the best place to see snowfall in Pakistan. The landscape, the culture, the people,  everything is attractive in this region of Pakistan. 

The entire region is surrounded by the glorious Hindu Kush Range. When visited during snowfall, the beauty of the mountains increases. Although trekking and hiking are not possible due to heavy snow, you can still enjoy skiing. 

Famous Places in Chitral

Apart from the scenery, there are places that you can visit on your trip to Chitral. 


Chitral Fort

A magnificent historical site, Chitral Fort was built in 1774. The fort is said to be built during the reign of Mohtaram Shah Katur II. After a long history, the first was declared the personal property of the last ruler of Chitral in 1969. 

The place is still a great historical site to visit. 


Chitral Polo Ground

One thing that Chitral is most famous about is Polo. The passion for polo among the people here can be seen through the Polo Ground of Chitral. The ground witnessed the best polo matches in Pakistan. 

Note: If you want to enjoy the polo match here, plan a trip from mid-march to the first week of November


How to get to Chitral 

By Air: The most convenient way to travel is to book a flight from Islamabad or Peshawar to Chitral.

By Road: Drive around 7 hours from Islamabad to Dir. From here, you can use the Lowari Tunnel and reach Chitral in about 3 hours. 


Although Pakistan is blessed with all four seasons, most people from the landside visit the mountain areas to see the snow. The country is also famous for facilitating foreign travelers during the winter seasons. Due to excessive snow, most of the northern areas are closed to the public. However, there are a few destinations you can travel to and enjoy the snowfall. 

As much as snowfall sounds interesting, it is very important to take good care of yourself 

Tip: Check the weather forecast before going to save yourself from getting stuck in the snow.

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