InVideo: Best Video Editing tool for Creators 2024

Videos are the best way to create advertisements and increase brand awareness. Editing plays the most crucial role in creating videos. The advance in current technology has made editing videos much more effortless.

Nowadays, video editing isn’t limited to software present on PCs and laptops; online video creation has become the norm. The Internet is flooded with websites for editing videos online, some free and some paid.

Most websites offer essential editing tools for free. These tools have helped small businesses effectively create video content for their blog, website, and everything else. People prefer those platforms that are easy to use and provide quality output in less time.

One of the preferable online video editing tools, InVideo, has recently gained popularity. Video creators can use InVideo’s web platform to edit YouTube videos, Intro videos, Invitation videos, and much more.

What is InVideo?

InVideo is one of the best online video makers available on the Internet, suitable for business and personal uses. The video editor packs advanced editing features and free and paid versions.

The free version is particularly well-suited for beginners. After creating the account on the InVideo platform, one can choose any of the three plans (one free and two paid) and start editing videos.

Apart from getting excellent video tutorials, users can join the InVideo creators’ club. The creators’ club allows users to interact with other video editors on the platform.

Best Features of InVideo Online Video Editor:

  • Pre-made templates:

The InVideo video editor has more than 5000 templates that can cater to any video needs of users. These pre-made templates provide a great look to videos as per content. Apart from this, templates also make the work for amateur editors much easier.

  • Powerful iStock media library:

The media library helps users pick quality images and photos to give a professional look to videos. Apart from iStock, more than 8 million videos, photos, and music tracks are available from different repositories like Storyblocks Shutterstock.

  • Multi-language support: 

Users can use any language of their choice for videos. They are also free to choose any language for displaying messages on screen.

Moreover, users can also use the text overlay feature to superimpose multiple text elements of different colors and fonts in a single video. The online video editing tool has over 50 AI-powered themes to convert text content into videos. Users can create text-to-speech videos in three simple steps.

  • Supports a wide range of video formats and effects: 

This online video editor supports various video formats and FHD video editing. The web app has more than 40 fluid animations such as slide, blur, bounce, spin, and disco, among many others.

  • Video reselling rights: 

Videos made through the paid version are free of the watermark. Interestingly, InVideo also gives reseller rights to creators. It means creators have the right to resell and monetize the video.

  • Social media calendar:

The web app also features event-specific templates throughout the year. Using these templates could generate maximum engagement on a given day. Besides,  you can easily cross-share your content to major social media channels without damaging video quality.

  • Unlimited teamwork:

Users can collaborate and add unlimited team members to a project and work simultaneously. Furthermore, the entire team would access comments, edit, and share the project without any hiccups. The sharing features are available to every user irrespective of the plan purchased.

  • Round the clock customer support: 

One of the best features of the InVideo web editor is that its customer support is available 24×7. It makes it easier to solve queries and satisfy customer needs. Likewise, the company provides priority support for business and unlimited plans.

InVideo is Best for:

As the video marketing industry grows significantly, there is increasing demand for professional video editors.

Online video editors are the best alternatives for small businesses that may find it expensive to hire professionals. These businesses can use online video editors for making advertising videos consistently while keeping up the quality. Similarly, it can also help social media influencers create short videos capturing special moments.

The user interface of this video editor is immaculate and smooth, which makes it hassle-free to use, even for beginners. In the hands of professionals, this cloud-based software can do wonders in video editing.

Whatever the case, remember to keep the videos concise and deliver a message or include a call to action in the video.

Plan and Pricing:

At present, the platform has three plans, namely the free plan, business plan, and unlimited plan. The Business and Unlimited plans are available for both monthly and yearly subscriptions. Let’s see what all these plans have to offer.

The Free plan: 

As evident from the name, you don’t need to pay anything. However, there are limited features, some of which are as below.

  • All videos will contain a watermark.
  • More than 5000 video templates
  • Over 3 million standard media in the library
  • Automatic Text to speech feature
  • Video duration is limited to 15 minutes.

The Business plan: 

As the name suggests, this plan is best for small businesses, entrepreneurs, teachers, and social media influencers. The plan costs $8 per month or $90 annually. Apart from everything included in the free plan, users get:

  • Videos without watermark
  • Ten iStock media every month
  • Over 1 million premium media
  • Can export up to 60 videos per month

The Unlimited plan:

This plan is best suited for agencies and large teams having advanced storage and tea sharing. It is billed at $15 monthly and $180 annually. In the unlimited plan, users get everything included in free and business plan plus:

  • 120 iStock media per month
  • Unlimited video export per month

Does InVideo Have Any Cons?

There are just minor disadvantages.

  • The 15-minute video limitation applies to all users. While it may not bother many users, this restriction is a downside for professionals working on larger projects.
  • The text-to-speech feature has some bugs that the company can rectify in future updates.


This video editing tool is a great cloud-based option for social media influencers and small businesses. Its tool features help add brand logos in the video, making the reach better. Though it has some bugs and glitches which should get fixed in the coming days, overall, it is a great tool to start editing videos.

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