Holi Festival India: Joyful and Colorful Festival

Holi is the most important and joyous festival for Hindus. It is celebrated all over the world but specifically in India. Moreover, Holi Festival is also known as the festival of colors and the Hindu spring festival.

On this day Hindus spread colors everywhere. They throw Holi powder as well as colorful water on each other. Moreover,  the Festival signifies the victory of good over evil in the memory of Prahlad’s victory.

Holi is the Festival of colors and love that brings people together. It spreads love as well as unity in the world. Amazing viral new has elaborated below all information about the Holi celebration.

Significance And History Of Holi

The legends associate the Holi festival with a devil king named Hiranyakashyap. He believed that no man, animal, or weapon could hurt him. Moreover, the king wanted people to worship him because his power made him arrogant.

The king had a sister named Holika and a son who always played a role against his father. The son named was Prahlad. However, when the king ordered people to worship him, his son denied him. He worshiped Lord Vishnu.

This made the king furious. He made a plan with his sister to kill Prahlad. Holika had a cloak that could prevent her from any kind of fire. The king ordered his son and sister to sit in the fire. They obeyed him but the fire burnt Holika. However, Prahlad came out safe from fire.

Thereafter people started to celebrate Holi in remembrance of Prahlad’s victory. The story shows conquest over evil.

Month Of Holi

The festival falls in the Hindu calendar month of Phalguna (the 12th month of the Hindu calendar). Moreover, the Hindu month corresponds to February or March. The date of Holi changes from year to year according to their calendar. However, Hindus will celebrate Holi this year on the 25th of March 2024.

The Holi starts on the evening of Purnima(Full moon night). However, the festival lasts for a night and a day. The first evening is known as Holika Dahan. The second day is the Holi festival day.

Holika Dahan

Holika Dahan is a ritual. Hindus start it in the evening one day before Holi. The event is a kind of bonfire. Moreover, people from different cities specifically burn a heap of wood in a public area.

In addition, the burning heap of wood symbolizes the vanishing of evil powers. Hindus prepare themselves to start a fresh day. Furthermore, they paste ubtan on their bodies because they believe that ubtan will keep them healthy.

Activities Of Holi Festival:

There are many activities that Hindus love to do during the Holi Festival. Furthermore, a few countries announce a Public holiday for people. Thus, they can enjoy their celebration with full zeal and zest.  Some activities which most people do are here

  • Throw Holi Powder
  • Kavi Sammelan
  • Singing and Dancing
  • Matki Phod
  • Feasting

Holi Powder

Holi is the festival of colors. Thus, colorful powders are the central part of the Holi celebration. Furthermore, without this activity, Holi has no charm.

Hindus throw Holi colors and water everywhere. They apply it to the faces of each other. Children and adults also use water guns and balloons to wet each other.

Whereas, Spreading color everywhere symbolizes love, happiness, and unity for others. The colors used at this festival are called Abeer or Gulul.

Kavi Sammelan

Some cities in India organize an event called Kavi Sammelan. It is part of the festival celebration. Moreover, this event starts in the evening. Many poets get together here. They recite their poetries in front of a crowd of people. The poets receive appreciation for their performance.

Singing And Dancing

People love to sing and dance during the Holi festival with the beat of their traditional songs. Moreover, loud music, folk dance, and drums play all around the festival.

Hindu show their excitement and happiness while dancing and throwing colors everywhere. They shout, laugh, and sing songs with others.

Matki Phod

In some cities, people celebrate the Matki Phod tradition. Hindus do this fun activity in memory of their Lord Krishna. Krishna was called Makhan chor. Moreover, in this activity, a pot is hung at a height. A group of people gathers to make a pyramid shape. They try to break the matki. Whereas, the one who breaks the pot, he will win. 


After a full hectic day of Holi, people do feasting. They like to go to their relative’s homes. Moreover, they wear traditional dresses. The ladies get fully prepared with fancy dresses and jewelry in feasting. 

Some famous Holi dishes which Hindus love to enjoy during their festival are.

  • Gujiya
  • Mathri
  • Malpuas
  • Bhang 
  • Briyani
  • Kachori

Gujiya, Mathri, and Malpuas are kind of sweet and savory pastries. They are filled with dry fruits. However, Bhang is a type of homemade wine. It is mostly used in Indian events.

Best Places To Travel Holi Festival In India

Holi is celebrated all over India with full excitement. Moreover, some cities in India always grab the attention of the world. Travelers from outside of India come here to enjoy this festival.

Some best places for the Holi festival to celebrate in India are

  • Pushkar
  • Agra
  • Mathura
  • Jaipur
  • Delhi
  • Barsana
  • Goa

Holi Celebrations Around The World

Hinduism exists over the world. Therefore, Holi is not only celebrated in India but all around the world. Hindus from different areas enjoy their event with full zeal and zest. They love to make their festival memorable.

The countries with large celebrations of the festivals are Canada, Nepal, Srilanka, the United States, Jamaika, South Africa, and the United Kingdom. However, non-Hindus such as Jains who are basically from Nepal also celebrate the Holi festival.

Holi In Pakistan

Pakistan has a minority of Hindus. The Hindu community in Pakistan celebrates Holi in various cities such as Lahore, Cholistan, Sindh, Multan, and Hyderabad. Moreover, there is a public holiday at this festival. Pakistan considered this holiday after the 2016 resolution.

The Hindu tribe in Pakistan plays different joyful activities.  They play all activities in memory of their Lord Karishna and Prahlad. 

Tips To Make Fun Holi Festival Safe

Holi is no doubt a joyful festival. People come from different places to enjoy this festival of colors. However, they should take some precautions. In today’s era, it is common for women to travel alone. Therefore, especially women should take care of some safety measures.

 Some safety tips which people should follow while enjoying the festival are

  • Use good-quality of colors
  • Protect your eyes from Holi colors and use sunglasses
  • Do not drive while drinking bhang
  • Use sunscreen to protect yourself from sun rays
  • Keep children away from bonfires
  • Do not run on wet floors 
  • Keep your environment clean after the festival
  • Women should take a tour guide while traveling
  • Women should be aware of the location of emergency services.


In conclusion, Holi is not only about playing and throwing colors at each other. It symbolizes spreading love, care, and unity to the world. Holi is becoming a diverse celebration. It welcomes people from different cultures, backgrounds, and religions. 

However, while enjoying the festival people should also take care of some precautions. Moreover, they should take care of getting injured as well as avoid the spreading of infections. Last but not least, people should take care of the impact on the environment. 


When will  Holi Festival 2024 be celebrated?

Holi is celebrated in the Hindu month of Phalguna. However, people will celebrate Holi 2024 on the 25th of March this time. The festival starts at the end of winter.

What is the significance of the Holi Festival?

Holi is the festival of love, friendship, and unity.  It brings people close together. However, the festival signifies victory over evil.

Is Holi a Public Holiday?

There is a majority of Hindus in India. Thus, Holi is widely celebrated here. Therefore, it is usually a public holiday there. However, some countries don’t have it. It all depends on the law and customs of the area.

Why do people throw colors at each other?

The use of Powder shows spreading happiness and love as well as getting victory over evil. Moreover,  the Festival signifies the victory of good over evil in the memory of Prahlad’s victory.

What Hindus do in Holika Dahan?

Hindus burn a heap of wood in the evening (one day before Holi). However, it symbolizes the burning of evil powers. They do religious activities this evening and prepare themselves for the coming fresh day.

What is the famous traditional meal of Holi?

The famous meals of Holi are Gujiya, Mathri, Malpuas, Bhang, and, Briyani

Is Holi celebrated outside of India?

Yes, Holi is celebrated by Hindu Community. They exist all around the world like Nepal, Sri Lanka, and the United States. Moreover, some people from different cultures and religions also celebrate Holi.

What is Phoolon Wali Holi?

In some places, people use to play with flowers on Holi. It makes the festival more beautiful. The flower signifies connecting with their God and to make him happy by showering flowers.

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