Winter Festival On Ganga Choti Azad Kashmir [2024]

The Northern area of Pakistan is known to host the best festivals in the World. The Winter Festival on Ganga Choti, Azad Kashmir is among the most famous ones.

This peak is famous for the 360-degree view of nearby areas of Pakistan and India. If you are looking for a place that is exceptional in its beauty, Ganga Choti is the right place for you.

Who does not want to enjoy snow sports on the highest point of Bagh District?

It is surrounded by some of the highest peaks in the world. Therefore, people consider Ganga Choti as a base camp for hiking. From here, you can continue your journey to 3045 meters high peaks.

Although the beauty and charm of the place are outstanding, the winter festival gets its fame. I have compiled the information you need to know before going to the Winter Festival on Ganga Choti, Azad Kashmir.

Height Of Ganga Choti

The Ganga Choti is at a height of 10,000 feet above sea level. It is at a great height, therefore the view here is breathtaking.

Where Is Ganga Choti

Ganga Choti can be located in Azad Kashmir. According to the locals, the peak has its parts in Jammu Kashmir too. You can see the Indian side of Kashmir from Ganga Choti.

This place is easy to access. Being approximately 50 minutes drive from Bagh, this region is a popular tourist destination in Pakistan.

How To Reach Ganga Choti

Reaching Ganga Choti is an adventure in itself. Although there is a jeep track, hiking has its charm. Many people prefer hiking over jeep tracks. However, you must avoid hiking at night.

Initially, you will be hiking for almost two and a half hours from Sudha Gali. You can rest in the base camp there for some time. However, you further have to hike for almost 2 hours to reach Ganga Choti.

The hike from base camp to the top is tricky. The path is steep and therefore slippery. You need to be extra careful, especially when it is covered in snow. Take proper hiking gear with you in the snow. 

Ganga Choti is approximately 175 kilometers from Islamabad and can take almost 5 hours to reach. However, the route is so beautiful, you will not even realize you traveled for 5 hours.

About Winter Festival

Winter Festival is the most famous thing about Ganga Choti. Tourists from all around the world gather here to witness the amazing snow sports and competitions. I Have listed down all the details about the festival you need to know.


The games usually start at 11 am and end at 3 pm. The most preferred month for the hike in February. Tourists from all around the world gather at Ganga Choti to enjoy these games.

We have mentioned a few of the most famous games played during the winter festival on Ganga Choti Azad Kashmir.

Snow Hike

One of the most famous games you will see during the festival is snow hike. Mountain climbers and hikers from all around the world gather to participate in this.

The challenge is to hike a 10,000 feet tall peak covered in soft and slippery snow. It might sound challenging, however, the enthusiasts find it amusing. Therefore, you will see a large number of people participating in this game.

Snowcross Jeep Rally

It was surprising to see a huge number of participants in the snowcross rally last year. Most of the people entered the competition along with their families.

This positive response of people is making authorities organize a rally this year as well. The snowcross jeep rally is fun therefore you will find many adventure seekers in the rally.


No winter festival is complete without skiing. Last year, the skiing event was inaugurated. Professionals from around the world came to this event.

The best part about this event is that a team of professionals participated in the event. They set up a training camp for the participants. These people are experts and therefore train others too.

Training camp is not just a fun activity but informative. You get the chance to learn from a team of professionals.


There are a total of 9 teams that participate in the winter festival on Ganga Choti. Boys are divided into 6 teams. However, there are 3 teams of girls as well.

Having teams of girls send a positive message all around the world. They get to show their expertise to the world.

The teams belong to the people of nearby areas, experts from all around Pakistan, and Afghanistan.

Additional Activities

Apart from snow games, there are additional things that you can do during the winter festival.

  • You can camp there with your friends/family. However, you will need to bring your camping gear along with you.
  • You can have a BBQ party with your friends here. In addition, you can enjoy the night view of this breathtaking place.
  • Plan a bonfire here and enjoy the amazing place. Make memories that will last with you forever.
  • Explore the nearby villages and areas. Interact with the welcoming locals here and learn about their culture.

Where to Stay?

Staying in Ganga Choti can be a problem if you are looking for luxury. There are a few guest houses. However, these guest houses are in Sudhan Gali. These rest places have very limited facilities and food items.

Although there are not many facilities, the charges are low. Therefore, you will be spending a very little amount on food and hotel.

Who Organizes The Festival And Why?

Pakistan’s tourism department organizes this festival. However, they collaborate with MTBC (American Healthcare Information Technology Company)

These two work together to spread awareness of winter tourism and climate change. Moreover, the purpose of this festival is to promote winter tourism in this part of Pakistan.

This event will play a positive role in clearing the international image of Pakistan. It is a great way to inform the world that Pakistan is a safe place for tourism.

Security And Safety Of Participants/Tourists

The safety of the people who come to the festival is a priority. The locals and foreigners are given equal importance and therefore are made secure throughout the festival.

The CS director of the tourism department, along with other authorities, work together to make this festival safe and secure for the participants and tourists.

The NOC is issued by the authorities. Moreover, security is arranged to make games safe. The authorities are aware of the need to rest, therefore, they arrange resting and lodging places for everyone.

An easy approach is also a great concern. Therefore, the roads are cleared before the event starts. Transport is also arranged for all. Hence, no one has to face any trouble reaching the area.

Final Thoughts

Ganga Choti is among those few places in the world where nature has preserved its true form. Being at a height, the place is the perfect destination for all nature lovers.

During winters, when mountains are covered in a layer of snow, the place is heavenly. You do not want to miss the beauty this place becomes during winter festivals.

Ganga Choti is a miracle of nature that becomes unbelievably beautiful during winter. Since the festival is going to start in a few weeks, it is better to plan a trip now.

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