Best Sehri And Iftar Buffet Places In Lahore (Updated 2024)

When it’s time to talk about the best Sehri and Iftar buffet places, Lahore will always be on top of your list. From luxurious restaurants to simple food points, all of them offer plenty of delicious deals in this Holy month of Ramadan.

If you ever visit this city you will see a lot of the best Sehri and Iftar buffet places in Lahore. However, if you are not familiar with these spots don’t worry!I am going to compile all details of the best restaurants.

NOTE: The expected date of the first fast is 00 March 2024.

Best Sehri And Iftar Deals In Lahore

Whether you like to do Sehri or want to grab your Iftar buffet, we have brought up all details of these places. Also, If you like to explore street food spots, there are many worth visiting places here. where you can relish the taste according to your desire.

Some of the best Sehri and Iftar Buffet Places in Lahore are here

  • Daar Cheeni
  • Spice Bazaar
  • La Atrium
  • Lal Qila
  • Chaaye Khana
  • Cafe Aylanto
  • Bundu Khan
  • Monal
  • Villa The Grand Buffet
  • English Tea House
  • Haveli Restaurant

Daar Cheeni

Daar Cheeni


If you are a person who loves to relish Ramadan with desi cuisines, Daar Cheeni is going to be your favorite one. This desi restaurant serves Pakistani dishes as well as is famous for its organic and healthy food.

In addition, Daar Cheeni offers a Hi tea menu which includes a variety of dishes. You can thus relish a delicious Sehri and Iftar buffet this Ramadan. From traditional lassi to bakery items and BBQ as well as Chinese cuisines you are gonna enjoy it.

The restaurant has a cozy and comfortable environment. So, it is the best place to spend time with your family. Moreover, you can reserve your table before reaching the spot.

Daar Cheeni is located at G87X+R4X, Block C1 Block C 1 Gulberg III

NOTE: Do not waste food after breaking your fast.

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Spice Bazaar

Spice Bazaar

For a wide variety of deals and platers this Ramadan, Spice Bazaar is a must-try. Although the spot offers different deals in Ramadan you can also grab the opportunity to enjoy their Sehri and Iftar buffets.

From hot drinks to a variety of juices and nihari to halwa puri in the Sehri buffet you will find many unique food items here. Also, you will definitely enjoy their Iftar buffet including almond-stuffed dates, chaat samosas, and pakoras.

Furthermore, this restaurant provides home delivery services. You can find Spice Bazaar on T-01, Block, Gulberg, off MM Alam road.

La Atrium

La Atrium Lahore Sehri and Iftar Buffet

Are you looking for special Sehri and Iftar deals? Then go ahead to La Atrium Lahore. The restaurant is well known for its hygienic food and calming environment.

This spot is one of the best places in Lahore for Sehri and Iftar Buffet. Their Iftar buffet includes more than 50 dishes. In addition, you can also get 25% off on their Hi tea menu.

Moreover, the restaurant provides a takeaway option as well as you can order your meal from your home to enjoy your Iftar in your comfort zone. La Atrium is located at 92 E 1 Hali Rd, Block E1, Gulberg lll.

Chaaye Khana Lahore

Chaaye Khana Lahore

If you are a tea lover, Chaaye Khana is the best visiting place for you. It is one of the best places in Lahore. The restaurant not only offers well-crafted teas but different meals of Iftar deals.

You are surely gonna enjoy their Sehri and Iftar buffet. Whether you are a desi food lover or fast, the restaurant provides all types of cuisines. With the diverse Sehri menu of desi paratha qeema/keema and Chinese American cuisines, you will find all varieties here.

In addition, Chaaye Khana offers up to 25% off on their Buffet menu. Also, you can grab their different deals on the Iftar menu at reasonable prices.

This restaurant is located at 94 MM Alam Road, B1, Pearl One, Gulberg lll.

Lal Qila Lahore

Sehri and Iftar Buffet

With a beautifully designed interior and historical theme of the Mughal era, enjoy your special Iftar deals in Lal Qilla Lahore. This restaurant is well known for serving the best Pakistani food as well as famous for its Mughlai cuisine.

Lal Qilla offers a Sehri and Iftar Buffet menu with a variety of dishes. You can thus relish your Ramazan deals with your loved ones in a beautiful atmosphere here.

From palak pakora to dhaka chicken and shahi jalebi in Iftar and beef nihari to Chinese cuisines and hot drinks in Sehri you will see a variety of delicious dishes here.

The place is located in the garden town of Lahore.

Cafe Aylanto

Cafe Aylanto

Not everyone loves to break their fast with traditional Pakistani cuisines. However, for a different experience, you can try Cafe Aylanto. This cafe provides a variety of food including seafood, italian as well as western meals.

Moreover, during Ramadan, the restaurant offers special Sehri and Iftar deals and boxes to their customers. Their Iftar platters include chaats, desserts, pizza as well as seafood dishes.

If you don’t want to relish your food in indoor seating, this cafe has an outdoor seating facility. Furthermore, the restaurant is located at 12 C1 MM Alam Rd, Block C1, Gullberg lll.

Bundu Khan Lahore

Bundu Khan Lahore Sehri-and-Iftarr-menu-in-Lahore


For desi meal cravings this Ramadan, Bundu Khan is going to be your favorite spot in Lahore. Also, you can enjoy their Iftar buffet menu which includes a variety of delicious cuisines.

Although the restaurant provides an Iftar buffet and not a Sehri buffet, you can grab their Sehri deals from their menu. With a variety of items of dates, chaat, pakoras, wings, samosas, and Jalebi you will definitely like their menu.

Bundhu Khan is located nearby to Allama Iqbal town near Satluj Block.

Monal Lahore

Monal Lahore

With an amazing rooftop view of Lahore city, must visit Monal restaurant. With a beautiful view in a calm atmosphere specifically in Sehri time, you will surely enjoy your time while having a meal.

Their buffet includes traditional cuisine, English breakfast items, Chinese dishes, as well as lassi. You will see a variety of dishes here. Monal offers 40% off their Sehri and Iftar buffet. In addition, the restaurant provides sugar-free desserts. You can thus come with the ones who eat less sugary desserts.

Moreover, you can book a table reservation and get their takeaway option. Monal is located near Plaza Liberty Park and chowk, Gulberg lll.

Villa The Grand Buffet


If you want a special Ramadan meal this year, head over to Villa The Grand buffet. This restaurant is famous for its special buffet menu. Their Ramazan buffet includes desi feasts, a fruit bar, salad bar, and chaats corner.

With elegant decor and beautifully furnished furniture, the place has a fascinating atmosphere with indoor and outdoor seating. You will surely love to enjoy your Sehri and Iftar Hi tea menu.

Overall, the restaurant charges high prices but they offer 50% off on their buffet menu. In addition, people can reserve their table before reaching here. Villa the Grand Buffet is located at 67 MM Alam Rd, Block B1, Gulberg lll Next to Wasabi Gulberg.

Haveli Restaurant 



If you want to enjoy your Sehri and Iftar buffet with an amazing view of the historical sitesHaveli is going to be your favorite place. The restaurant has indoor, and outdoor as well as rooftop seating arrangements.

You will surely relish your meal with a view of the Badshahi Masjid. Moreover, their iftar menu includes Fast Food, Continental, Chinese, varieties of Handies, and much more. It is better to reserve your table because the place is crowded during Ramadan days.

Haveli restaurant is located at Badshahi Mosque, 2170-A Food St Fort Rd, Shahi Mohallah Walled.

English Tea House


For delicious English food in Sehri and Iftar menu, you will love English Tea House this Ramadan. This restaurant is known for its elegant decor and hygienic food. Moreover, it provides indoor as well as outdoor seating.

You will surely relish their amazing Iftar platter deals as well as their chaat, wings, and pakora sections this Ramazan. The restaurant is located at 24-k Gulberg II Lahore.


In conclusion, Ramadan is the month of an opportunity to be together. People like to invite their loved ones and do feasting at Iftar dinner.

I have made it easy for you to find the best places in Lahore. So, you can relish your favorite Iftar meal in your desired place with your loved ones.

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