Best Places to Visit in Galiyat, Pakistan [2024]

Are you looking for the best places to visit with your friends and family? Galiyat in Pakistan is the best tourist spot in Pakistan. Being peaceful, safe, and beautiful, coming here is a good choice.

People from all around the country flee to this region of Pakistan and spend a weekend. Not only do you get a calming weekend, but a bundle of activities to do and enjoy.

Are you a fan of trekking or love admiring the beauty of nature on a hill station? We will let you know everything you know about Galiyat to have the best trip.

It is a supper vacation destination lying between Murree and Abbottabad. If exploring all of the Galiyats is your goal, you might want to extend your trip a bit.

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Brief History Of Galiyat

The history of this amazing holiday destination spot in Pakistan dates back to 1846. The British traveled to this region of Pakistan to have a peaceful time.

Although many Britishers have been to this region of Pakistan, the discovery of Galiyat is said to be by James Abbot. Impressed by the abundance of natural sites, the process of development was started.

Before independence, the Galiyat was home to the Karlal tribe and therefore was named Karal country at that time. Most of the residents here belong to the same tribe.

After partition, the place was not regarded as a famous tourist sport, however, with breathtaking views, it got recognition soon. Today it is one of the most visited tourist spots in Pakistan.

Galiyats In Pakistan

  • Ayubia (Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa)
  • Bara Gali (Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa)
  • Changla Gali (Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa)
  • Dunga Gali (Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa)
  • Khaira Gali (Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa)
  • Khanspur (Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa)
  • Nathia Gali (Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa)
  • Thandiani (Khyber-Pukhtunkhwa)
  • Dagri Naka (Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa)
  • Bagnotar (Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa)
  • Namli Maira (Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa)
  • Jhika Gali (Punjab)
  • Ghora Gali (Punjab)
  • Bandi maira (Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa)

Ayubia (Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa)

At a height of 8,000 feet, Ayubia is among the most famous and visited places in the entire Galiyat region. It has been given the status of a park that spreads over an area of 3,312 hectares

Ayubia gained the status of a national park in 1984 and has been overlooked by The Wildlife and Parks Department of the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

The place is home to some of the best peaks in Pakistan and an abundance of wild animals. Many tourists come here either for picnics or hiking.

How To Go There? 

Getting to Ayubia is easy. If you are traveling to Muree, getting here will take less than an hour. Either bring your car or use any public transport to visit.

There are also a lot of tour companies offering a trip to Ayubia. Moreover, a trip here on a bike from Islamabad is also very common.

Activities To Do

  • Have a pleasant walk on the Pipeline track
  • Enjoy a chairlift ride here
  • Taste the local street food
  • Play games while exploring the market area here.

Places To Sleep And Eat

  • PTDC Ayubia Motel
  • Boutique Inn
  • Umda Hotel Montana
  • Canari Hotel Kashmir View

Distance from Islamabad

Ayubia is 74.1 km away from Islamabad. If taking the route of Kashmir Highway, you can reach here in 2 hr 17 min.

Best Time To Visit

The perfect time to visit Ayubia is Summer. Winters are harsh and cover the entire area in snow, thus it is the worse time.

Plan a trip between May-July

Bara Gali (Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa)

Located at an altitude of almost 7,710 feet, Bara Gali is usually full of tourists. People come here to enjoy the calming weather and fun activities to do.

The greenery here is worth every penny you are spending on the trip. Being safe and peaceful, beginning your family is very easy.

Being in the middle of Abbottabad and Murree road, the place is blessed with breathtaking scenery. It is believed that during British rule, the place was occupied as a small cantonment.

How To Go There? 

If you are traveling from Abbottabad to Murree or vice versa, you can easily stop on your way to Bara Gali.

The most common medium of getting to this region is the car. Many tourists, traveling in their cars tend to stop here to enjoy the scenery.

Activities To Do

  • Have a visit to the University of Peshawar Summer Campus which is ranked among the best Asian universities.
  • Explore the wide range of forests.
  • While in forests, look for wildlife. Seeing rare birds is the most common.
  • Have a picnic with your friends

Places To Sleep And Eat

  • Green Retreat

( There are not many hotels here. You will find most of the hotels and restaurants in Nathia Gali)

Distance from Islamabad

Bara Gali is 166.5 km away from Islamabad. If taking the M-15 route(E35 Expy/Hazara Motorway), you can reach here in 2 hr 42 min.

Best Time To Visit

Bara Gali is a place where there is rain throughout the year. The best time to visit this place is from March to May or from July to November.

This is the time when you will encounter less rain.
(Tips: Keep an umbrella in your bag throughout your visit)

Changla Gali (Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa)

Situated in the North of Pakistan, Changla Gali is a place one must see at least once in their life. It is among many famous Galiyat of Pakistan that attracts thousands of tourists.

This Hill station in the Abbottabad district has a height of 2,804 meters approximately and is cold throughout the year.

Being surrounded by mountains, the place is a perfect holiday destination for family and friends.

How To Go There? 

You can either get local transport from Islamabad or rent a car to reach Changla Gali. The journey here is full of interesting things to see and scenery to enjoy.

You can bring your car as well but if you are not trained to travel on difficult roads, it is better not to bring one.

Activities To Do

There are many activities you can do on your trip here. Apart from hiking, below are a few activities to do in Changla Gali.

  • Visit Thanda Pani waterfall
  • Explore Jiandar Lake
  • Have a picnic at Karimabad Viewpoint

Places To Sleep And Eat

  • Hummingbird Resort and Executive Suites
  • Mayfair Resort
  • Shangrila Hotels & Resort
  • Mahgul Restaurant and Resort

Distance from Islamabad

Changla Gali is 68.0 km away from Islamabad. If taking the route of Kashmir Highway, you can reach here in 2 hr 4 min.

Best Time To Visit

Summer is the most pleasant time in Changa Gali, thus plan your visit in June, July, and August.

(Note: These are the peak months thus book your hotels a month before going.)

Dunga Gali (Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa)

Among the best places to visit in Galoiyat, Dunga Gali has been very famous. This beautiful hill station is a great attraction for all tourists who love hiking.

The place has a special corner for all the mature lovers out there. The beautiful trees and the mesmerizing landscape combine in making Dunga Gali a must-visit place in Pakistan.

(Tip: Check the weather forecast before going in winter)

At an altitude of 2,500 meters, Dunga Gali has a view of paradise. It is among the most beautiful places in Abbottabad District.

It is said that Dunga Gali was a sanatorium for British soldiers during British rule.

How To Go There? 

As visitors leave Ayubia, they return to Murree-Nathiagali Road and reach Dunga Gali after three miles of climbing.

Activities To Do

There are several activities you can perform while in Dunga Gali to make your trip memorable.

  • Walk the breathtaking pipeline track.
  • Go on a Treking to Mushkpuri Top
  • See wildlife in Lalazar Park

Places To Sleep And Eat

  • Hotel Hilla and Apartments
  • Pluto Cottage
  • Mukshpuri hotel
  • Paraline hotels and resorts

Distance from Islamabad

Dunga Gali is 80.9 km away from Islamabad. If taking the route of Kashmir Highway, you can reach here in 2 hr 27 min.

Best Time To Visit

Dunga Gali has high humidity, thus the best time to visit it is during summer. The recommended months to plan a visit here are from March to June.

Khaira Gali (Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa)

At an altitude of 2347 meters, Khaira Gali is among the most expensive and civilized places amongst the Galiyats. For those who want a peaceful vacation in Galiyat, away from all the noise, Khaira Gali is the best destination for them.

The breathtaking views here are not less than any other Gali but resorts being expensive here, people usually skip this amazing holiday destination.

Get a view of Murree hill from Khaira Gali. You do not have to stay here at night if you are on a budget. Murree is not far from here. A day trip is good to explore this destination.

How To Go There? 

You can either rent a car or bring your medium of transportation to explore Khaiea Gali. Ayubia being 15km away and Murree just 12 km, getting a rental car is easy.

Activities To Do

  • Enjoy the hospitality of the locals
  • Observe nature in a peaceful and noise-free setting
  • Visit a local store and eat the local food
  • Plan a picnic while enjoying the view of Murree hills.

Places To Sleep And Eat

  • Mountain Terrace
  • Blue Pine Serviced Residences
  • Sarah’s Lodge
  • Cabrillo VillasOpens in new window

Distance from Islamabad

Khaira Gali is 65.6 km away from Islamabad. If taking the route of Kashmir Highway, you can reach here in 1 hr 58 min.

Best Time To Visit

Khaira Gali is famous for its lush green scenery, and the best time to visit is when you see it clearly. This, going in spring is the best choice.

Khanspur (Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa)

Are you looking for a short trip? Khanspur is just the right place. Being a small place, you can explore almost everything within a day. It is a go-to spot for all one-day trip lovers.

Although a small town, the beauty of this place is no less than any big town in the KPK region. If you want to encounter the true beauty of this place, it is better to visit it during the day.

The landscape of Khanspur is complimented by large pine trees. Watching the landscape while it rains can be a site you want to observe once in your life.

How To Go There?

Khanspur is part of Ayubia National park if one talks geographically. It is only 2.9 km away from Ayubia. You can get there using the same medium you used to travel to Ayubia.

Activities To Do 

  • See the different species of birds here
  • Have a picnic in the Park here
  • Have a walk in the grassland and the forest here
  • Enjoy the view of migratory birds here

(Note: If you want to observe the migratory birds, it is advised to plan a trip in the Spring season.)

Places To Sleep And Eat

  • Breeze Inn Guest House Khanspur Ayubia
  • Mount View Hotel Khanspur
  • Rosewood Lodges
  • Green Retreat

Distance from Islamabad

Khanspur is 76.5 km away from Islamabad. If taking the route of Kashmir Highway, you can reach here in 2 hr 22 min.

Best Time To Visit

The weather in Khanspur is pleasant almost throughout the year. Summer can be a little harsh, however, Autumn is pleasant.
Plan your trip between October and December

Nathia Gali (Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa)

Among all the Galiyats in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, Nathia Gali is the most favorite and loved one. People from all around the world keep on visiting this place throughout the year.

The peace and tranquility are something worth admiring. Not to skip the landscape of the place makes it a must-visit place in Pakistan.

Being almost 7,900 feet above sea level, the place has a spellbinding landscape. Once here, it is difficult for you to find anything less than a scene out of a fairy tale.

Nathia Gali is famous for large walnut, oak, and pine trees. It is also a good spot for all hiking lovers. You can either hike to Mushkpuri Top(2nd highest peak), or Miranjani Top(The highest peak in the Galiyat region).

How To Go There? 

The best way to get here is by road. One can either get here on local transport or bring their car. The road to Nathia Gali is well made and therefore any experienced driver can drive here.

Activities To Do

  • Visit the famous Saint Mathews Church
  • Go on a hike on all the tracks available here (Mushkpuri track, Miranjani track, Dagri Bangla Trek)

Places To Sleep And Eat

  • Bellevue Luxury
  • Hotel Hilla and Apartments
  • The Cloud Resorts
  • Qubed

Distance from Islamabad

Nathia Gali is 86.4 km away from Islamabad. If taking the route of Kashmir Highway, you can reach here in 2 hr 39 min.

Best Time To Visit

Nathia Gali is open for tourism throughout the year. The best months to visit, however, are from April to October.

(Note: You might need a shawl at night)

Thandiani (Khyber-Pukhtunkhwa)

The literal meaning of Thandiani is ‘very cold’. The name of the place truly represents the weather of this tourist destination. The weather here is cold, rather pleasant, even during summer.

The place is famous among hiking lovers. The trek to the top of Thandiani is known as the ‘Dugri Trek’. Among all the trails in Galiyat, Thandiani is the longest mountain trail.

Although the trek is long and hard, all the adventure seekers find it worth the visit. You will find many people here, especially during summer.

If trekking is not your favorite activity, worry not because vehicles can go to the top as well. Enjoy the top of this amazing holiday spot without investing your energy in hiking.

beauty surrounded by thick pine forests

simply book a jeep or a car and take the scenic road from Nathia Gali to Thandiani through Abbottabad.

The Trek To Thandiani

Surrounded by the thick pine forests, the trek to Thandiani is among the most famous and loved ones. The trek starts at the Miranjani Top. From there the path leads to Dungri.

Once you arrive in Dungri, the path leads to Beran Gali. Reaching Beran Gali takes approximately 6 to 8 hours. Beran Gali is a perfect place to take some rest before going further.

It takes about two days to complete the trek to the top of Thandiani.

How To Go There? 

There are two ways of getting to Thandiani. You can either get here through the hiking route explained above or through the car. Getting a rental car is easy.

The top is steep therefore it is better t rent a jeep instead of bringing your car.

Activities To Do

  • Enjoy horse riding under the guidance of a professional
  • Explore the natural beauty through hiking
  • Have fun observing wildlife from close.

(The common animals you’ll see here includes pine martens, squirrels, pheasants, and monkeys)

  • Get a scenic view of Kashmir, Swat forest, Chitral, and Galiyat region
  • Camp in Thandiani or have a small picnic.

(Since bringing cars to the top is easy, you can bring all the camping and picnic stuff in it as well)

Places To Sleep And Eat

  • The Point by Roomy, Thandiani
  • Stargaze Hotel & Apartments
  • Green Hill Restaurant And Hotel
  • Hassanparagon Hotel

Distance from Islamabad

Thandiani is 161.1 km away from Islamabad. If taking the route of M-15 (E35 Expy/Hazara Motorway), you can reach here in 3 hr 15 min.

Best Time To Visit

The weather in Thandiani is pleasant even during summer. It is okay to visit this place throughout the year.

Dagri Naka (Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa)

Another famous place in the Galiyat region is Dagri Naka. It is also known as Dugri among the locals. Being approximately 8924 feet above sea level, this destination is a perfect family vacation spot.

This hill station is situated between Nathia Gali and Thandiani mountains. The name of this Dagri Naka means ‘The home of Lepords’. As suggested by the name, you are prone to find some wildlife here.

The area of Dagri Naka is almost inhabited and therefore lacks major facilities. Regardless, the trip here can be a mind-soothing experience for you as you get to enjoy nature in its original form.

The Trek to Dagri Naka

There are two main paths to trek to Dagri Naka. The longest one will walk you through Namlimera and take you straight to Dagri Rest House.

If you want a shorter trekking route, you must walk through the pine forest toward Miranjani Hill Station. On your way, you will pass through Dagri Naka.

The hiking from Nathiagali to Dagri Naka takes approximately 10 hours to complete. Worry not because you find enough places to rest here. There is also a 10km hiking track that leads to Meranjani.

takes 9 to 10 hours to trek from Nathiagali to Dugri.

From Dugri, a 13-kilometer trail leads to Beerangali, and from there, it is another 10 kilometers to Thandiani.

(Note: The hike is very easy and can be completed by anyone.)

How To Go There? 

Getting to Dagri Naka is not hard. You can easily take your car to the top. However, if you are not comfortable taking your car, many tour guide companies will take you to the top.

To all those hiking lovers out there, trekking is another way of reaching Dagri Naka. It is a much more adventurous and fun way to read than by car.

Activities To Do

  • Explore the Gagri Bungalow and know its history
  • Feel close to nature by visiting Dagri Forest
  • Have a picnic while enjoying the breathtaking scenery of the mountains.
  • Know about all the water resources in the place

Places To Sleep And Eat

  • Karnak House NG
  • Rosewood Lodges
  • Panorama Penthouse
  • Hidden Heaven Cottage

(Note: You will find hotels either in Nathia Gli or Dunga Gali)

Distance from Islamabad

Dagri Naka is 116.7 km away from Islamabad. If taking the route of E-75, you can reach here in 3 hr 16 min.

Best Time To Visit

Dagri Naka is famous for hiking and therefore is best to visit in summer. During winters, the area is covered in snow which makes it difficult to hike here.

Bagnotar (Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa)

Bagnotar is situated between Abootabad-Nathia Gali road thus there is no doubt that this place is beautiful. The place has been impressing people with its beauty and charm for a long time.

Having an altitude of 1775 meters, Bagnotar makes a good holiday spot. People, especially families, visit this place in the Galiyat region to have a calming vacation, away from the hassle of the cities.

When all the Galiyats turn white due to snow, the weather of Bagnotar remains bearable and therefore welcomes many visitors during the winter season.

How To Go There? 

The location of Bagnotaris not secluded and therefore can be reached easily. The most common medium to go there is via car. People often take their cars here for a vacation.

Another way to reach here is through a tour guiding company. The being will them, you will not have to worry about sleeping places or eating places. Moreover, all the fun activities will be planned out for you already.

Activities To Do

  • Drive a little to see the beautiful Harnoi lake
  • Bring your kids to Harnoi Amusement Park
  • Have a zip-lining experience in Samundar Katha
  • Look around for wild birds and animals

Places To Sleep And Eat

  • Safeer Hotel & Restaurant
  • Grand Shafaat Hotel And Restaurant
  • Eden View Guest House & Restaurant
  • stargaze Hotel & Apartment

Distance from Islamabad

Bagnotar is 156.4 km away from Islamabad. If taking the route of M-15 (E35 Expy/Hazara Motorway), you can reach here in 2 hr 21 min.

Best Time To Visit

Unlike other Galiyats, the weather in Bagnotar is hot during summer. Winters are, on the other hand, pleasant and worth the visit.

Read more: Mushkpuri Top – A Beautiful Hiking track In Pakistan

Namli Maira (Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa)

The name, Namli Maira, is the combination of two large hamlets of the region; Namli and Maira. It is situated approximately 20km away from Abbottabad city.

Being situated in the footsteps of Miranjani (The highest peak of the Galiyat Region), Namli Mera is blessed with natural beauty of all kinds. Many people visit the town to find the calming scenery.

Whether you are going to Abbottabad or coming to Murree/Nathia Gali, you will pass by this place. The beauty of the place will surely make you stop here for a while.

How To Go There? 

It is an alternate route to reach Nathia Gali from Abbottabad and connects Namli Maira with the main Abbottabad—Nathia Gali road near Bagnotar. A three-kilometer drive separates it from Bagnotar.

Activities To Do

  • Have a one-day trip to the famous Namli Maira Waterfall
  • Go on a hike to Miranjani peak
  • Visit the nearby places and try local food
  • Cherish the natural beauty of the place

Places To Sleep And Eat

(Note: There are no hotels in Namli Maira. You can find hotels in nearby areas)

Distance from Islamabad

Namli Maira is 165.8 km away from Islamabad. If taking the route of M-15 (E35 Expy/Hazara Motorway), you can reach here in 2 hr 50 min.

Best Time To Visit

Namli Maira is at its peak during summer. You can see a lot of attractions during this season.

Jhika Gali (Punjab)

Although most of the Galiyats are situated in KPK, Jhika Gali is the charm of Punjab. It is not far away from Murree and can be visited on a one-day trip easily.

The beauty of the surrounding and the peaceful environment of Jhika Gali makes it among the best places to visit in Galiyat. Being at a decent height, the place does not have pollution.

The wooden cottages are also a main source of attracting tourists to this place. However, snowfall in winter is the most common reason for bringing tourists to this place.

How To Go There? 

A road trip is the most advised way of going to Jhika Gali. The road leading to this destination is among the most beautiful ones you will travel on.

Many enthusiasts even bring their bikes to this road. The bike trip is not dangerous as the roads are made well. However, you must have some experience of riding a bike in mountains.

Activities To Do

  • Spend a night in the attractive and unique wooden cottages.
  • Have a peaceful stay in Army Gharial Camp
  • Explore the natural beauty of Shaheedan Park
  • Hike on the towering mountains here

Places To Sleep And Eat

  • Rove lodging
  • The Roomy Lodge
  • Pasha’s Morningside
  • Shangrila hotel

Distance from Islamabad

Jhika Gali is 61.8 km away from Islamabad. If you take the Islamabad – Murree Expy/E-75, you can reach here in 1 hr 26 min.

Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit Jhika Gali is from May to October. The weather here is pleasant and tourism is at its peak.

Ghora Gali (Punjab)

At a height of approximately 5,000 feet, Ghora Gali is among the most visited place in the Galiyat. It has been considered among the best places to visit in the Galiyat region for a long time.

The place is famous for savoring a long history of British rule. The destinations here and the places make it a living example of how buildings were made in hill stations during British rule.

Apart from history, the place is also famous for giving a thrilling experience multiplied by its beauty. The natural beauty and the landscape of the place make it hard to leave once you are there.

How To Go There? 

You can come to this place either by car or jeep. Local transportation is also available to get to Ghora Gali.

You will also find some enthusiasts having a motorbike trip to Ghora Gali while exploring the beauty of the road that leads here.

Activities To Do

  • Visit the historical Tomb of a leader of the Dhond Abbasi tribe, Doomat Khan
  • Have a ride on an 1100 m-long chairlift

(The chairlift goes from Ghora Gali to Pindi Point)

  • Explore the historical Lawrence College and explore its history.

( Lawrence College is situated on the foothills of Pir Panjal and the Himalayas. The approximate height of this college is 6395 feet. The covered area of Lawerence College in Ghora Gali is 150 acres.)

Places To Sleep And Eat

  • Hotel Al Azeem

(Note: There are not many hotels in Ghora Gali, but you can find some easily in Murree)

Distance from Islamabad

Ghora Gali is 47.9 km away from Islamabad. If taking the route of Kashmir Highway, you can reach here in 1 hr 16 min.

Best Time To Visit

If you want to enjoy the sunlight here, the best time to visit is May and June. However, the more pleasant months are September to November.

Bandi Maira (Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa)

At an altitude of approximately 1790 meters lies this beautiful village. Bandi Maira has been famous for its beautiful scenery and sight-capturing architecture.

Since most of the buildings were built during the British rule era, the architecture is eye-catching. Apart from architecture, you can learn about the history of the palace from the locals.

The locals here are warm welcoming and kind people. They are ready to facilitate any tourist in need of help. Their hospitality is famous in the entire Galiyat region.

How To Go There? 

Bandi Maira is close to Bagnotar and Bagh Maira thus you can use the same medium of transportation to reach here. People on a visit to Nathia Gai often take a step ahead to explore this place.

Activities To Do

  • Explore the most famous places of Bandi Maira; Chamm Rajput and Thathi Chathernath
  • Enjoy your day observing the beautiful scenery of this place.
  • Explore the architectural structure of traditionally built houses

Distance from Islamabad

Bandi Maira is 156.0 km away from Islamabad. If taking the route of M-15 (E35 Expy/Hazara Motorway), you can reach here in 2 hr 20 min.

Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit Bandi Maira is from September to November. If summer is your season, you can visit through June and July.

Final Thoughts

Galiyat region is among the most famous tourist destinations in Pakistan. People often turn to this region to enjoy their vacation and have the best time of their life.

It is also among the best places to see snowfall in Pakistan as the roads are not entirely blocked. Many regions are closed during snowfall, however, the Galiyat region remains open.

It is also a budget-friendly place and easy to approach. Being peaceful and charming, it is also a perfect destination to come on vacation with your family.


How many Galiyats are there in Pakistan? 

There are more than 11 Galiyat in the Northern area of Pakistan. WEWWach is famous for its breathtaking views and hiking tracks.

What is Galiyat?

The Galiyat region is a small territory that stretches between Abbottabad and Murree on both parts of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa–Punjab border. It is located 50–80 kilometers to northeast of Islamabad, Pakistan.

What is the weather of Galiyat?

The weather of the Galiyat remains cold throughout the year. In winter, there is heavy snowfall.

Is it safe to go to the Galiyats in snowfall? 

Although there is tourism in the Galiyat throughout the years, many people go here during the snowfall season. It is wise to check the weather forecast to save any trouble.

Why is Nathia Gali Special? 

The weather in Nathia Gali is cooler throughout the year. It is the coldest place in the Galiyat region. Moreover, it is the highest place in the Galiyat region, making it special.

In which Gali is Lawrence College? 

Lawrence College is located in Ghora Gali in Galiyat Region. The approximate height of this college is 6395 feet. The covered area of Lawerence College in Ghora Gali is 150 acres.

How to spend a day in Galiyat?

There are a lot of things that you can do in a day however, hiking is among the most famous ones. Either go to the pipeline track in Dunga Gali or trek to Mushkpuri top.

Can I see Leopards in Nathia Gali?

Supporting the climate for wildlife to exist, it is common to see animals like monkeys, leopards, and foxes.

Are the Galiyats of Pakistan in KPK? 

Most of the Galiyats are in KPK. However, Ghora Gali and Jhika Gali are in Punjab.

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