Will I Find Clear Braces Options for Teeth Straightening?


Will I Find Clear Braces Options for Teeth Straightening?

Most people do not like it when others notice that they are straightening their teeth - they just like to keep it discreet. If you are such a person,

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Most people do not like it when others notice that they are straightening their teeth – they just like to keep it discreet. If you are such a person, then clear braces might just be what you need. This method of teeth straightening involves the use of devices that resemble the teeth such that no one will notice you have anything in your mouth. They are not like traditional braces, which use metal brackets and wires – very pronounced materials. Teeth alignment is improved with braces as they provide the needed pressure to align them gradually.

The amount of time needed for clear braces treatment is usually between 1 to 2 years. At the end of this period, your smile will become straighter.

So, if clear braces are possible, what types are available? That will be discussed next.

What are the different types of clear braces?

Clear braces refer to dental appliances for teeth straightening that are hardly noticed when worn over the teeth. They are called clear because they are almost hidden from sight. A lot of adults do prefer these devices because they are inconspicuous enough to allow them go about their activities without getting unnecessary attention from other people. This eliminates every possible situation that may cause embarrassment. Let’s talk about clear braces types.

There are two basic types of clear braces:

Ceramic braces

These clear braces are designed like the traditional metal braces. But they differ in that their colour matches the patient’s teeth colour more. Another difference is that instead of metal brackets and wires, ceramic braces come with transparent wires and brackets that are coloured like the tooth. So, this implies that ceramic braces provide the same efficacy as traditional metal braces while being barely noticeable in the wearer’s mouth – look at that! This is like having the best of both worlds.

Let it be known that ceramic braces are not easily removable once fitted. They are just like conventional braces in this aspect. This means that once your dentist installs them, you cannot take them out.

Here are some facts you should note about ceramic braces:

  • Since they share the same effectiveness as traditional metal braces, ceramic braces can correct a lot of the orthodontic cases, the former can fix.
  • The risk of tooth decay and gum disease is increased with ceramic braces just like is observed in conventional braces.
  • Soft tissues in the mouth are not irritated by ceramic braces since the materials used in making the device is ceramic

When choosing ceramic braces as an option for clear braces, make sure you discuss with your doctor. It is advised that you ask more questions to completely understand how this appliance works, its fit for your condition and anything else you need to know. But if it is not something for you, there is still another option. And this brings us to the next type of clear braces.

Clear aligners

These are teeth straightening devices in the form of plastic trays that can be removed. And just like the name implies, they are transparent trays that are discreet when worn. If you are to get treated with clear aligners, you will need a set of aligner trays when the treatment starts. The function of the trays is to gradually shift the teeth until it is properly aligned. They do this in successions. How? A set of tray is worn for a period of 2 weeks. In this time, the teeth is shifted daily until it gets to a point where effective movement can be achieved by the next set of trays. So, you will be put on a clear aligner treatment plan and each set of trays will be given to you for use accordingly.

Patients find clear aligners more comfortable and convenient as they are easy to remove. This implies that you don’t have to struggle to clean your teeth or eat. All you should do is remove the trays and after brushing or eating, put them back on. The innovative tech and flexibility of clear aligners is making them a number one choice for orthodontic patients. Who wouldn’t love to have that kind of treatment that allows you some free time to use your natural teeth?

Clear aligners offer some advantages to wearers, and this includes:

  • The period of adjustment is reduced with clear aligners.
  • Treatment duration is sometimes shorter when using clear aligners.
  • For just 20 hours per day, wearers need to keep this device in their mouth.
  • They are very easy to take out and put on.
  • The most inconspicuous method of straightening teeth is with clear aligners. For now, their discreetness is second to none.

You should discuss with your doctor if you hope to have clear aligners as not everyone may be a good candidate for it. For instance, a clear aligner system like Invisalign requires that you do a smile assessment to know whether you qualify to have the treatment. These days, it’s even easy to take an Invisalign smile assessment. Just visit their website, take a selfie, and upload. Results will be out in a matter of minutes.

Lingual braces

This type of braces stands between metal braces and clear braces. They are not so popular like the clear braces, but they offer more discreetness than metal braces. Just like conventional braces, lingual braces come with brackets and wires, but they are fitted behind the patient’s teeth; not in front. This makes them less detectable. But they are very uncomfortable braces type. And this is why not so many persons like to use it.

If you would like to know more about clear braces like Invisalign, contact Adult Braces London. Invisalign providers are of different levels, including the Invisalign platinum provider. You can schedule an appointment to see an orthodontist for clear braces. Feel free to ask us any questions. We would be very glad to help you straighten your smile.