Why Wedding Invite Videos Are Becoming Popular?


Why Wedding Invite Videos Are Becoming Popular?

Once a wedding gets fixed, both the families, relatives and friends become extremely excited and start planning on the execution of it, properly. Wedd

Once a wedding gets fixed, both the families, relatives and friends become extremely excited and start planning on the execution of it, properly. Wedding planning needs plenty of considerations and one has to have proper ideas and budgets so that they can arrange things as per their preferences.

But wedding invites are something which is a very crucial thing just like other wedding basics like venue, attire, decoration and food. There are people who still want to go for the traditional wedding invites in the form of printed wedding cards. But as things are changing gradually, they have been replaced mostly by digital wedding cards. There are many people who also love to send video invitations these days when it comes to weddings. Most modern couples and their families prefer to take help from professional wedding invitation video maker and find a creative and nice way of sending invitations these days.

Here are some major benefits of doing so:

Shows creative ideas

The video that is being included in the digital wedding cards can always show some creative and innovative ideas and they can be easily customised according to the preference of the people who are getting married. The wedding invite video may contain their favourite romantic song or a favourite scene from the movie they both love. This can make the video even better and the invitees will be happy to see it.

Can offer personalized messages

Another great thing about video invites is that one can include personalised message in there for their guests. The bride and groom can also address each of them by their name in the video meant for a particular guest. Hence the video gives a chance to connect specially with the guests through the invites which makes them happier.

Provides instant acknowledgement

With each wedding invitation video, an RSVP link is attached. The guests just need to click on the link and then give in the response regarding whether they will be able to attend the occasion or not. This also makes it easy for the family of the bride and the groom to guess an estimated number of guests who are supposed to attend the wedding say. As a result, one can make other arrangements accordingly. In fact, as per the estimated number they can also prevent food and drinks from being wasted.

Cheaper than traditional cards

Yes, this is actually true! The digital video wedding cards are any day cheaper than the printed and the traditional wedding cards. Printed invites include cost of envelopes, paper, design, colours and a lot of other things. Also, one needs to personally go to everyone’s house and invite them or send them by post which takes a lot of time. They need to send them at least a month or two prior to the wedding date so that they reach the guests.

But with the wedding invite video things have become a lot of easier and convenient these days. One can just them over email id or whatsapp number and gets response immediately.