Why Is Sunscreen Important?

How cool would it be if you could wear a shield on your face all day? Skincare products often miss the element that gives you instant immunity against

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How cool would it be if you could wear a shield on your face all day? Skincare products often miss the element that gives you instant immunity against all kinds of dirt, impurities and rays of the sun. A shield against these is easy to achieve. Simply use sunscreen! 

Many experts on skincare have come together to research on what product is crucial to the maintenance of perfect skin. They have finally reached a conclusion. There is nothing better than an organic sunscreen that protects against the harsh rays of the sun. This is especially true for brown skin that often leads to hyperpigmentation if overexposed to the sun. Organic skincare products are only ever effective if used in conjunction with sunscreen. Sunscreen does not only protect against skin cancer. It also reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, discoloration, appearance of pores and so on. Moisturizers that have a built in SPF of 30 or above are beneficial to the skin. 

How to Use Skincare Products with Sunscreen

According to many doctors, sunscreen is only beneficial if applied 30 minutes before you expose your skin to the sun. It also tends to wear off which is why reapplication is necessary, every few hours. It is best to apply chemical sunscreens to clean skin whereas other kinds of sunscreens go after other skincare products. Organic skincare products work best with a proper layer of sunscreen placed above or below them to protect the skin from the harsh rays of the sun. 

How Sunscreen Aids Organic Skincare Products

The best skincare brand knows the immense importance of sunscreens no matter what skincare products they produce. Organic skincare products are only useful if the skin is protected against the sun. If exposed to the harsh rays of the sun, no skincare product will save the skin from its effects. Some of the benefits of sunscreen include:

  1. Protection from UV rays 

The number one reason behind skin cancer is the sun’s UV rays that penetrate the skin. Skincare products alone are not that useful if the skin they are being applied upon is subject to diseases due to lack of proper care. An ounce of sunscreen on your skin is enough to prevent it from burning.

  1. Preventative measure against ageing 

UV rays lead to the damaging of the skin due to photo aging, which is characterized, by a leathery look, wrinkles and sagging skin and an overall lack of collagen. If you are at an age where you do not yet see the signs of aging it will do you good to use an excessive amount of sunscreen to prevent its effects. 

  1. Low risk of cancer

The fairer your skin, the more the chances are of you developing skin cancer if overexposed to the sun’s harsh rays. Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer. A melanoma of the skin is the 19th most commonly occurring cancer amongst men and women. The application of sunscreen reduces that risk by a large and significant percentage. 

  1. Protection against hyperpigmentation and dark spots

The sun can often cause discoloration and dark spots as it encourages the production of melanin, which leads to a darker tone on the surface of the skin. Sunscreen used before or after other skincare products prevents its production and leads to an overall even skin tone. 

The best skincare brand will often advertise sunscreen to you before they proceed with other products. This is because they know the importance of sunscreen to the face. Without sunscreen, your face is overexposed to different kinds of rays that penetrate the surface layer of the skin leading to many preventable diseases. Act now to save your skin!