Why is STEM education more important than arts?


Why is STEM education more important than arts?

The debate in education about the importance of STEM subjects in relation to arts and music is an old one. STEM education or STEM subjects include Sci

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The debate in education about the importance of STEM subjects in relation to arts and music is an old one. STEM education or STEM subjects include Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Some experts believe that these subjects are more important than other subjects involving more creativity than theory, such as arts and music, while others have a different point of view. Although a comprehensive educational model should include all the subjects, the question that arises here is whether more focus should be put on STEM subjects. A major part of educational experts believe that STEM is better than arts and music, and here are the reasons why.


Encourages Innovation:

All the development and inventions in the world that have made our lives comfortable and easier are the creations of innovative minds. STEM education instills critical thinking skills among students and encourages innovation in their ideas and activities. This leads to increasing their scientific literacy and creativity that collectively result in amazing inventions in the world. Innovation and creativity are the major drivers behind a sustainable economy. They enable the development of new products and convenient processes that add comfort to our lives. Having a strong foundation of STEM subjects knowledge is a must for good scientific literacy and innovation. It also opens new doors in terms of career opportunities.


More career opportunities:

Researches show that occupations and professions related to STEM have a high growth rate. This means students with STEM education have more career options and opportunities than others with degrees in non-STEM subjects. Moreover, the rate of income is also higher for STEM careers. The reason behind this may be that subjects like science, engineering, mathematics, and technology have a vital role in our daily lives and the sustainability and growth of an economy. Therefore, there are more career opportunities with handsome salary packages for professionals. Most online assignment writing service offer assistance in STEM subjects, and you can easily choose the best one.


Part of our daily lives:

One of the major reasons behind the importance of STEM education is that these subjects are an inevitable part of our daily lives. We come across science, technology, engineering, and mathematics several times a day. Having an interaction with something on a daily basis and not knowing about it will not sound reasonable. There is no way you can get rid of science. It is everywhere around you. The winders of technology have cover d our lives such that you cannot live without them. The impact of technology on our lives is increasing day by day and in future would be maximum.

Similarly, engineering is the force behind presenting the right combination of science and technology in the form of tangible items that we see and use. Mathematics is everywhere, whether we are studying, working, eating, or doing any activity in our lives. It is essential to have sufficient knowledge of subjects essential to our lives; otherwise, the world would seem incomprehensible to us.


Encourages experimentation:

Things are learned better through experience. A student has more sound knowledge of a concept when he is able to experiment with it. Otherwise, he may learn something but not be able to implement it in his life. Therefore, experimentation is considered highly important for students in learning. STEM education encourages more experimentation than non-STEM education. Students can easily test the ideas and concepts and check for their credibility.

Moreover, they can have the data and results in numeric figures that make measurement and comparison easier. On the other hand, non-STEM education does not provide enough opportunities to test the validity of ideas as most of the concepts taught are abstract. Allowing students to take a risk and check the validity of their ideas enables them to be more confident in their lives regarding their knowledge and abilities.


Develops problem-solving skills:

Critical thinking and problem-solving skills are two of the essential skills required for having a purposeful life. Without these basic skills, one cannot comprehend this world. We come across different issues and problems in the daily lives that require us to have a critical thinking approach and analyze the problem from all aspects to find the most suitable solution. STEM education plays a key role in developing problem-solving skills among students. It enables them to use their wit and knowledge in the right proportion to find a solution for any problem facing them in their lives. This is one of the major reasons giving STEM subjects an edge over other subjects.


Communication skills:

One of the highly demanded skills to be successful in today’s world is having good communication skills. Communication is undoubtedly the key to success. It is a basic life skill that must be well-developed if a person wants to have recognition. STEM education plays an essential role in developing and improving communication skills in an individual. It enables them to understand complex problems and then find the proper way to communicate them to others such that they understand them well. This helps a child a lot in his life and enables him to have strong relationships with others.


Encourages teamwork:

We are often required to work in collaboration with other people in our daily lives. Working with people and successfully achieving the required goal requires a lot of patience and team working skills. Otherwise, the achievement of the required objective becomes hard but to crack. STEM education plays a key role in developing such skills in students that allow them to work successfully with other people. It allows them to have the talent to listen to other people’s ideas and find the best combination of ideas that helps them complete the task collectively.


The discussion can be concluded that the knowledge of every subject, whether it is arts, music, science, literature, or mathematics, is essential. However, if we have a comparative analysis, the importance of STEM subjects supersedes other subjects. There must be a balanced curriculum including every subject in the right proportion to help students more in real-life and professional life.