Why are Book Reviews Important: Online Book Reviews and their impact


Why are Book Reviews Important: Online Book Reviews and their impact

Do you read book reviews before reading or buying a book? Is it worth reading? In this era of a globalized world when everything is in our range, we a

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Do you read book reviews before reading or buying a book? Is it worth reading? In this era of a globalized world when everything is in our range, we are agile and well-equipped with technology. Choices and decisions are being controlled by the verdicts and reviews being made after assessments with the help of the wonders mentioned earlier.

The book-selling businesses are novel now, books can be found easily on different platforms online. Generally, reviews about anything whether it’s about shopping for a small bag or looking for a huge business property; people always look for reviews and recommendations. The same phenomenon is being followed in the book business. We instantly go for book reviews as it is human nature to dig deep for perfection.

Visiting Amazon or eBay or GoodReads to buy reading material is obvious for a buyer to look for book reviews.
Talking globally there is a 16% increase in the global traffic on books and literature e-commerce platforms in two months from January to March 2020 which is skyrocketing in its nature.

Importance of Book Reviews

Several factors that induce a reader to pick an enticing book or reading material includes:

  • Previous work of an author because 47 percent of the people pick a book after getting inspiration from previous books of an author.
  • Book reviews play an imperative role in searching or reading a book.

The reason in general why a consumer chooses to read reviews is that he/she looks for guidance and direction.
It is a common norm whenever we go to buy something, let’s say a mobile phone which is an electronic device, we look for reviews that make its credibility better or lower its chances to get sold. The same is the case with books, we tend to be more distinctive when we like to choose a book.

The reader could be so vigilant or could be a newbie so a good book review can serve as an indicator to make a wise decision.
The evaluative nature of the review presents the good and bad of the book. The critique and constructive analysis serve as either deal-breaker or a reader surely goes for the book.

Platforms like Amazon or Goodreads are accustomed to good and bad reviews. They are creating humongous revenue which in general can not be possible without knowing the loopholes in their products.

Let’s take an example: a parent wants to give a book to his/her children and they surf online to find a book. This is the point where book reviews for kids act as a mediator between selling sites and parents.

Assuming that they have picked Charlie Hernández & the League of Shadows by Ryan Calejo. They should have the right kind of knowledge whether it is worthy to choose this or not.

The parents will want to know whether the book is a fine find for their child or not. Furthermore, they will surely look upon the reviews to know whether the book they have chosen. The book reviews will act as a decisive option for them.

What constitutes a good review

By definition, “a review can be described as a critical assessment of the publication”. The reviewer should know the vitals of every aspect he/she is going to garnish in front of the writer.


Describing opinions and thoughts, from stating the necessary information to ending with a highpoint to demonstrate whether it is worth reading or not. It should be productive and constructive.

The main idea of the book shows whether the book has potential or not. In many ways, a reviewer should paint his review in those colors which are primary not with those which need to squeeze eyes to see.

Generally, a review reader needs only an instigator to make a decision. details that are necessary to choose the book. Just to persuade where a reader should feel that I need to read this piece or I should not get this one.

A good book review should explain whether from the start of the book to the end of the piece, it can foster a connection with the reader or not. Is it that writing piece that I am looking for? Or I should go for it or not? This will serve as the sales pitch in every way for the company or can serve as the negator of the next move a reader will make.


Wherever most of the time we go online shopping we find every review as ambiguous. What a good book review demands is a persuasion for the reader that yeah I find that information I was looking for this is it. Now I am good at making the decision that I will buy or not.
It should not keep the reader hanging in unnecessary details or not in shortness that it just says nothing or is uninfluential.

Booksellers provide a summary and few details for buyers to get a general idea of the book, but for holistic details, few lines are not enough to judge whether it’s a reader’s piece of cake or not.

The book reviews of famous books are easily seeable to all the readers and potential buyers. Like when we discuss the “Harry Potter series by J K Rowling” which has millions of followers. It is crystal clear no one will go for reviews. Mainly we need book reviews when we are talking about kids’ books, some conspiracy theories, some history-related genres. The need for reviewers increases.

Adding on, when it comes to new novels or fiction writing it is obvious that review reading is necessary.

Analytical approach

The other constructive part is the realistic analysis of the particular book. Here comes a very important point that there should be many sites for book reviews. Where a reader or buyer can get a genuine review of the books.

As the world is evolving, there are a variety of audiobooks, ebooks, and platforms available to read and explore. All this stuffing is also a reason why there should always be some analytical platforms where reviewers can provide authentic and rational analysis of different books.

The book review should be comprehensive and should be far-reaching. It should have the capability to demonstrate the whole idea which a reader wants to know.

General Conclusion

The book reviews are those peripherals that can not be separated due to multiple reasons. A good review can determine whether the book will be a success or failure.

Due to this technology, everything is agile. People have less time one can not spend lots of time searching for books or reading long paragraphs of reviews. So, a review writer should
be wise enough to compact necessary data with associations and recommendations of the books that can help a buyer to choose wisely and fast.