What Makes Printed Shipping Boxes Suitable for Electronics Packaging?


What Makes Printed Shipping Boxes Suitable for Electronics Packaging?

Have you ever thought about why electronic brands use innovative custom printed shipping boxes for packaging? It’s simple; the boxes offer a personali

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Have you ever thought about why electronic brands use innovative custom printed shipping boxes for packaging? It’s simple; the boxes offer a personalized presentation of the brand that speaks to the dynamic customer demands.

Electronic brands are rapidly adopting a mixed platform for distribution and selling. With the sky-rocketing sales of e-commerce markets, electronic makers frequently sell their products on online portals to capture untapped sales potential in the market.

Over time, manufacturers have realized and appreciated the use of customized shipping boxes because they are apt at protecting and transporting vulnerable electronic items. These are especially hard to sell online. Customers want a tangible product feel before they buy them. But slick box presentations teamed with effective deliveries can make this happen.

If the current market situation and the rise in e-electronic selling are still not convincing enough for you, the following arguments in favor of customized shipping boxes can do the trick!

How do shipping boxes relate to more electronic sales?

The e-commerce sector is full of enthusiastic sellers trying to woo audiences with not just perfect product conditions upon unboxing but also meet their box appearance expectations.

Shipping boxes are not how they used to be. You can review the latest order you received or have a look around to confirm this. The industry has cultivated the need for modern and chick shipping boxes that give a plethora of favorable outcomes. These include:

  1. Assure product welfare

The primary fact that is that customers only take heed of the distinct branding elements once the ordered electronics reach them in functional forms. What is the point of spending on packaging appeal when the boxes actually fail to protect the content?

Electronic markets are defined by numerous small and big-sized products. Each one having distinct demands than others. Complying with these with generic box construct is not sufficient and this is where customized boxes come in.

Made with custom chosen materials (usually corrugated) the boxes offer custom support. For example, light bulbs are packaged with thicker-lined boxes as compared to mobile phones that come in mailer boxes with custom trays inside. Any product capacity can be enhanced when boxed in reliably made shipping boxes.

  1. Entice and impress dually

Customers, no matter what they order, always await the arrival of their orders. Won’t it be beneficial to impress them so they repeat their purchases with your brand?

A workable method is to convince them that your brand is the best option out there. Customized boxes are made with durable materials that are also compatible with the latest printing methods. It helps to get the desired marketing and brand messages across.

The boxes are also a great way for brand promotions. What you put up on billboards can effectively be placed on the custom printed shipping boxes too. Customers appreciate alluring displays of graphics and box designs. It adds value to their shopping. And hence, encourage them to buy again from the brand.

Electronic items are varied and they must be presented with complementing patterns, colors, and illustrations. Customizing the box appeal makes it possible along with a host of other features.

  1. Sets a tone for brand services

Electronics often come with user manuals. Brands prefer to print these on the boxes to save costs. Customizing the shipping boxes works in favor of brands to use the electronics packaging for multiple printing tasks. Along with stating usage instructions, the boxes also let the handlers know of the product type inside to maintain effective shipment throughout.

Another benefit of printing on the custom boxes is that electronic items are better represented graphically and through detailed manufacturing info. Moreover, realizing what customers want to see on the boxes through market research can be translated on the electronics packaging too.

This is the reason that Apple is so easily recognized all over the globe. Its distinct logo and simplistic packaging style stand out. Customers trust the brand for sending their ordered products in good forms and want to experience the unboxing feel time and over.

E-commerce sells electronics to various parts of the world so printing the contents in different languages and for different customers, demographics becomes viable with custom printing.

custom printed shipping boxes

  1. Develop better customer feedback

How often do you think that customers review the unboxing videos online? Surveys suggest that the frequency is higher than you may think!

Customizing the shipping boxes makes them highly probable to appear in such videos. How? Electronic brands have the freedom to shape and style the boxes in desired ways. It could be anything from embossing the boxes with exquisite texts, colors, and designs or meeting customers’ expectations of layered boxes.

Once customers get their hands on the shipment, they don’t want to waste time and access the contents. Many brands invest heavily into making this a memorable experience. The boxes, naturally, align with the brand’s goal of achieving better customer satisfaction. The packaging can be made as vibrant or as subtle as deem fit.

Additionally, electronic companies can pinpoint the perception they want customers to have of their brand. Buyers want the packaging to fascinate them and be worthy of their purchase. The only way brands can do this is by modifying the box appeal to make it extremely appealing and relatable.

The aftermath

After customers get convinced that the brand is the ultimate stop-shop, they won’t look anywhere else for buying electronics. Brands, however, use the boxes to constantly reinvent their appeal so customers are kept engrossed and glued to their brand loyalty.

Marketing on hoardings and placing expensive digital ads work to generate brand awareness but it is the custom printed shipping boxes that provide branding in physical forms. Customers look forward to and consider the quality of these boxes to decide whether to switch to alternatives next time or keep repeating orders with the same brand.


Surviving in the densely packed electronics markets is not easy. Your brand needs to emit unmatchable unboxing and shopping vibes to retain customers and capture new ones.