What Fashion Style Suits You Most


What Fashion Style Suits You Most

The style of a person is related to one's individual personality and attitude. You can express your personal style by wearing typical clothes, hairsty

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The style of a person is related to one’s individual personality and attitude. You can express your personal style by wearing typical clothes, hairstyles and shoes. Your personal style encompasses the whole personality, how a person would like to present himself. Your personal style is the exhibition of your own taste and choice.

Personal Style is timeless as and a person carries it throughout his life span, he/she would always follow the instincts of wearing a particular aesthetics, and they remain the same all the way around. 

In this article, we are describing the way to recognize your own personal style:

Need to explore your closet:

You need to look deeply into your closet, there will always be some of your favorite dresses, take them out of your closet and deeply observe these clothes. There would be some common characteristics like their color, the quality of the fabric, or their design. Try to figure out what kind of clothes you feel are the best choice. The main question is why are you feeling confident wearing them?

When you deeply observe your favorite dresses, you may discover, you are selecting a typical color, without knowing it, or maybe possible, you are selecting clothes of special fabric like 100 % pure cotton clothes or natural silk clothes. You might be selecting a particular style of salwar kameez as women, from different styles of salwar kameez online.

This can describe a lot about your personal style. Now you need to critically analyze your closet one to three times, it can be fun to explore your hidden desires.

Spot out your inspirations:

Try to figure out your inspiration, it may be a friend, a family member, or a celebrity. Spend some time on social media and how different celebrities are dressing, and choose your favorite dresses, and then try to explore, which type of color, style, and fabric, you are selecting again and again, without any special intention, the main reason is that you are in pursuit of some specific style and searching for your own personal style in the clothing of celebrities. 

This exercise can be great in understanding your own style. When you repeat this exercise two or three times, you would be amazed to know you are choosing the same style of clothes. This would explain a lot about your personal fashion style. 

It can be possible, you are admiring a celebrity due to his/her clothing style due to hairstyle, or a perfect combination of all the things. You are not even knowing the fact you are admiring your personal style.

Make your fashion mood board:

Select all of your common clothes in the above exercise and paste them on the fashion mood board, you can see most of your selected clothes have the same style, for example, most of the selected models are wearing High-Waist Jeans or  Denim tops and some are wearing classical eastern clothing, or some are wearing Maxi dressing. You need to choose one image from the matching groups. 

Paste the one image from each of the groups, you would find there are merely four or five images on the fashion mood board. Paste these images in your Mobile Phone, and take them when you go shopping, as these clothes closely resemble your personal style. When you wear clothes according to your personal style, you would feel great happiness and inspiration. 


Exploring your own style is great fun for your own exploration, it is also good for your future shopping of the clothes. When you explore clothes of your own personal style, you would always feel thrilling when wearing them. It would improve your overall personality and confidence, so figuring out your own personal style is essential.