What auction sites are Available Online?


What auction sites are Available Online?

"I have this beautiful antique silver wine decanter that I bought at an auction. I always pour wine from that," said Paul Lynde, an American comedian,

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“I have this beautiful antique silver wine decanter that I bought at an auction. I always pour wine from that,” said Paul Lynde, an American comedian, voice artist, game show panelist and actor.

Online auctions can offer you anything whether you are searching for jewelry, clothes, books, cars, or even real estate; they offer everything at a bargain price. There are a lot of different types of online auctions available on the internet, you just need to find the right option for you. The way online auction allowed people to place their bids from anywhere and get a fast payment process is way better than standing in the line of a traditional auction store and waiting for your turn. One of the best online auction sites in the United States is known as DealDash. DealDash’s latest funding round in December 2011 was reported to be $1.5 m.

Here are some famous auction sites available online:


eBay has been in the market for a long time and has been the oldest online auction site on the internet. eBay is a huge auction site that offers a lot of varieties for clothes, books, bikes, electronic gadgets, etc. eBay not only offers freedom to the buyers to buy their interesting items from anywhere across the world but it also allows the seller to remove any useless item from the site. eBay has been the first choice for consumers for many years and still is.


Well, the GoodWill auction is a non-profit organization that is focused on selling its items to raise money for people with disabilities and for those who are in deep need of help. Same as eBay, GoodWill also offers different options to their consumers so that they can choose what they want.

GoodWill auction is not as big as eBay and only operates in the areas of the United States. You can find anything from books, sports products, electronic gadgets, clothes, arts, etc.


Listia is also a famous auction site available on the internet but the process of this auction site is somehow different than other auctions sites on the internet. When a new buyer resisters their account on Listia then it offers credits to the buyers, which means instead of using money to bid, the buyer can use their credits to place their bid on the selected item. You can also earn credit when you refer the auction site to your friends and family members. Also, when you win an item from Listia, it offers free shipment for the products.


From the name you can understand that it is some form of government organization. GovDeal is a government-organized portal for auction that includes heavy merchandise like industrial machines, real estate, types of equipment for exercise, and many more. It also offers complete privacy and security for your personal information and is regulated by the government.