What are the Benefits of UAE Free Zones?


What are the Benefits of UAE Free Zones?

UAE free zones are the major attraction to businesses and investors wanting to conduct free zone start-up UAE. But why is every entrepreneur intereste

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UAE free zones are the major attraction to businesses and investors wanting to conduct free zone start-up UAE. But why is every entrepreneur interested in starting a business in UAE, and what are the benefits they could avail?

Let’s discuss it in detail

What is a Free zone?

Free zones are the delineated areas in UAE permitting 100% foreign ownership and are, in most cases, dedicated to industries. The primary purpose of free zones was to support deliberate transformation in key industries. There are currently 45 zones across the UAE.

Over the years, these zones have evolved and offer various advantages to businesses within them. The free zones of UAE have become the trading hub of the region due to business support initiatives offered by the UAE government and free zone authorities.

Free zones have become an attractive option for doing business, and here are some of the primary reasons why

Benefits of Free Zones

More than 45 different free zones across the UAE have made UAE an attractive place for foreign trades looking to relocate and expand their global footprints. Some of the primary benefits of doing free zone start-up UAE include

  • Having 100% ownership of your business
  • Availability to skilled professionals
  • Ease of recruiting international employees
  • Benefits of the economics of concentration
  • 100% import and export tax exemption
  • Corporate Tax releases for up to 50 years
  • 100% exclusion from the expense of direct and indirect duties and taxes on all imports for production
  • No import licensing is needed
  • There will be minimal customs formalities
  • Excellent infrastructure and communication

Complete Foreign Ownership

One of the primary and most evident benefits linked with a free zone company in UAE is the complete ownership of your enterprise. It means that foreign investors do not need to find national sponsors for company formation.

No Currency Regulations

Currency regulations are basically the restrictions imposed by the government on foreign currency transactions. These regulations of any kind are absent in foreign currencies. It makes the financial transaction even easier.

  • Tax Benefits
  • 100% tax transaction is applicable for free zone companies.
  • Excellent infrastructure and communication
  • UAE free zones have excellent infrastructure and updated communication skills. Free zones are cost-effective.
  • Simple Incorporation

The free zone companies offer a simple and straightforward incorporation procedure. You can accomplish the licensing procedure in a smaller number of days as compared to jurisdictions.

How Can You Set Up Company in free Zones?

Free zone start-up UAE is pretty straightforward, and it usually takes three weeks of incorporation. After deciding the zone, you would need to do the following

  • Reserve the name of the company
  • Rent premises
  • Arrange the articles of association and deals of establishment
  • Allocate budget for translation costs
  • Secure the business license that is granted to you by the relevant free zone authority.

When you are setting the company in free zones of UAE, it is important for you to be aware of the attributes and advantages of each one. If you consider setting a company that provides IT services, you should consider internet city zones.

Contact Experts for Company Set Up in Free Zone 

Free zones provide multiple investment opportunities to the inventors and also offer them the flexibility to select the business entity that fits their business needs and objectives.

Freedom of doing business, Robust infrastructure, and substantial tax savings attract people to set up their operations in free zones of UAE. With numerous options available, it can be overwhelming to choose the right free zone for your business.

If you need assistance, you can contact experts for the company set up in the free zone. The experts will guide you through the most suitable option and enable you to set up in the free zone that suits your business.