Victony AC1200 Repeater Setup

With four exterior antennas, you can expect unrivalled WiFi coverage in your home or workplace. You may start using the Internet in minutes after comp

With four exterior antennas, you can expect unrivalled WiFi coverage in your home or workplace. You may start using the Internet in minutes after completing the simple Setup and Installation. It is plug and play, and it takes less than 15 seconds to set up with WPS support. It has three modes: router, repeater, and access point, which you may choose between depending on your needs. One thing to keep in mind is that switching modes will need you to reset and reload the device. Let’s get started with the Victony AC1200 Repeater Setup.

victony ac1200 setup for your extender

Victony WA1200 Range Extender Setup

  1. To begin, position the extender halfway between your router and the location where you want to improve connectivity.
  2. Check to see whether you’re getting at least 50% of the signals from your router to the extension.
  3. Now turn on the ac1200 extender and set the switch to “repeater/extender mode.”
  4. Wait until the power LED on it turns solid green or steady.
  5. Go to your WiFi settings on any of your phones, tablets, or laptops and connect to the Victony WiFi network name. It’s most likely a Victony extender or Wireless-N device.
  6. Connect to it; it will seem to you as an open network at first, so no password will be required.
  7. It will display “no internet” once connected. Go ahead and launch a browser now.
  8. The or ap.setup login window will now display in the address bar.
  9. Enter “admin” as the username and password.
  10. Select the network name you wish to extend and confirm it using its password.
  11. After you’ve applied the changes, it’ll reset for around 60 seconds before you can connect your devices.
  12. Connect your devices to the victony ac1200 repeater setup network, which will show up in your WiFi list as victony ac1200 extender (SSID EXT).

WPS configuration for AC1200 Victony extender

  • For victony ac1200 extender setup using WPS, both the router and the repeater must be connected in the same room.
  • Before hitting the WPS button on the ac1200, wait for the power LED to turn stable.
  • You must now push and hold the WPS button on your configured router for about 2 seconds.
  • The lights on both devices will flicker and then turn off after 15-20 seconds, indicating that the setup was successful.
  • The victony wa1200 repeater’s WPS LED will become steady or solid green. If it doesn’t work, reset the extender and try again.
  • You may now disconnect the extension and place it wherever within the router’s range.
  • The SSID EXT will display in your wifi list, and the password will be the same as the WiFi password on your router.
  • Setup of the Victony AC1200 as an Access Point

    The access point mode is unquestionably quicker than the range extender option. It will be the ideal option for you if you are alright with utilising 20-30 feet of ethernet wire or if you have ethernet wiring installed in your walls.

  • Connect your ac1200 to the location where you intend to utilise it.
  • Connect the LAN port on your repeater to the LAN port on your router with an ethernet cable.
  • Connect to the victony extender network name that appears on your WiFi list from any of your devices, such as your phone, laptop, or tablet.
  • Once connected, open a browser on the same device and input in the URL or Address Bar.
  • It will lead you to the setup page for the Victony ac1200 extender.Assign the username “admin” and the password “admin.”
  • Select “access point mode” from the setup wizard’s drop-down menu and click Next.
  • It will prompt you to provide your AP a new SSID, security type, and password.
  • It will reboot after that, and you will be able to connect to the newly established network with your devices.
  • Because this extender has two ethernet connections, you may use ethernet to link your other devices to the ac1200 repeater.
  • As a Router, set up the Victony AC1200

    This tiny gadget is quite effective. The fact that it has all three modes in one is a really remarkable feature. Now that some of us travel frequently, connecting to an open network might cause problems since it is an open network. Check to see if the device’s button is set to “Router Mode.” As a result, you can use this device to create a new network as well as a passcode. Let’s look at the Victony Wa1200 configured as a router with ap.setup.

    To complete this configuration, plug the internet connection from your ISP or modem into the WAN port of the Victony AC1200.

  • Connect to the Victory network wirelessly using your laptop, phone, or other device. You may also connect your computer to the LAN port on the ac1200 using an ethernet cable.
  • For victony login, open your browser and input For the username and password, input “admin” on the setup page.
  • In the setup wizard, choose “router mode” and your ISP Type.
  • Your Ap.Setup router will reboot after you follow the on-screen instructions.
  • You will be able to connect your gadgets at this time.
  • Victony Ac1200 Repeater Pdf Manual may be downloaded by clicking here.

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