Way to troubleshoot scanning issue on printer


Way to troubleshoot scanning issue on printer

New printers offer multiple functions to the user. These multi-functional printers are a bit more costly than mono-functional printers. But when y

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New printers offer multiple functions to the user. These multi-functional printers are a bit more costly than mono-functional printers. But when you have a multi-functional printer then you don’t require other devices. If the printer has scan and fax services then you use a single device for all tasks. But some users get scanning issues on their printer devices.

Reasons for getting scanning error on the printer

  1. Your scanning driver is not working
  2. Windows image Acquisition is not working
  3. You have placed the hardcopy incorrectly
  4. Invalid printer settings
  5. Malware is interrupting the printer configuration

Troubleshooting printer scanning issues 

Restart the printer and computer

If you are scanning a document on the printer after a long time then restart it. Sometimes, the printer services need a power start to run correctly. It mainly occurs when you immediately provide a scan command after printing. Some of the services may still be engaged with the printing service. Go to your printer and remove its power cable. Wait a minute and restart your printer. Now give it a scan command and check for the error.

Run the scanner troubleshooter

The printer may show scanning errors when some scanning service-related files are not working. But you can’t detect and repair those files manually. On Windows, users can run the troubleshooter. Your OS has an inbuilt scanner troubleshooter. Run the troubleshooter and check scanner-related files. Open the device and run the scanner troubleshooter. The tool will inspect the corrupted files and repair them. After fixing the files, restart the computer and retry to scan the document using the printer.

Repair your scanner driver

If the printing service is working but the Brother printer not scanning then you should check its driver. The error appears when the scanner driver is not working. Without the driver, the printer can’t send the scan to the computer and shows errors. Go to the connected PC and open the scanner driver. If your setup is outdated, run the latest update. After updating it, your scanner will start communicating with the PC. But when the driver files are corrupted, you need to fix them. The user can repair the corrupted scanner driver files with the driver repair tool. Instead of installing a driver repair tool, you can reinstall the driver. Remove the driver and then reinstall a new scanner driver for your printer.

Check the Windows Image Acquisition settings

The scanning process can show issues when the Windows image acquisition is not working correctly. The user has to check the settings and repair them.
  1. Go to the device and open the View Local Services tab
  2. Choose Services and check the list for Windows Image Acquisition (WIA)
  3. Check its status and Startup Type values
  4. The status must be Started/Running
  5. Startup Type should be Automatic
If the WIA is disabled then click on Start. After fixing the Windows Image Acquisition settings, go to the device and try to scan the document.

Place the hardcopy correctly

Sometimes the user places the hardcopy on the tray incorrectly and the printer can’t scan anything. When you can’t find the scan, check the tray. Don’t fold the page and place it with correct alignment. Now go to the printer and try to rescan it.

Reset the printer

The error on scanning can occur due to invalid printer settings. Go to your printer and check for its scanner settings. If you don’t remember the correct scanning settings then reset the printer. Go to the printer and click on the Initial setup option. Choose the Reset button and hit on Factory reset. The user may get a warning message and all the configurations will get reset. Hit the Yes button and wait to reset. Now the user needs to reconfigure his printer device to the computer. After reconfiguring, go to the printer and scan the document easily.

Remove malware from the PC

PC viruses can also show scanning errors. The printer is scanning the document but the PC can’t receive it due to the malware. You have to remove all malware for scanning the document correctly. Run the antivirus scan to remove malware. Restart the PC and rescan the document with your printer.