The Role of Sammy EMR In Podiatry


The Role of Sammy EMR In Podiatry

We’ve all heard about the amazing role of EMR in modern healthcare. However, the role of specialist EMR often goes unnoticed. Specialist EMR such as S

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We’ve all heard about the amazing role of EMR in modern healthcare. However, the role of specialist EMR often goes unnoticed. Specialist EMR such as Sammy EMR has a huge role in making the running of specialist clinics easier. Read through this article to see how Sammy EMR can be crucial for practices in podiatry. 

About Sammy EMR

Sammy EMR is an electronic medical record software. It was created for the medical industry, specifically for podiatry practices. It allows you to organize the work carried out at your podiatry practice. This can include things like maintaining the everyday schedule, all the way to internal and external communication.

The role of Sammy can be extended throughout the journey of care at your practice. Sammy is considered to be a healthy choice for practice, and according to Sammy EMR reviews, there are a number of benefits to using this software. If you have been considering switching over to new software, this may just be the right one for you.

Before you can decide what to do, we will explain the impact that Sammy can have on a podiatry practice. We will also be going through Sammy EMR demo, pricing, reviews, and more. So stay tuned to learn more about this excellent practice software.

Features of Sammy EMR

Let’s dive into what the benefits are of using Sammy. Here are some of the top features of the software, that makes the Sammy EMR pricing worth it. 

Simple Appointment Scheduling

The first feature that we need to dive into is the way that Sammy helps to manage appointment scheduling. This is crucial for practices to organize and manage all the appointments they have arranged. It also helps to carry out more appointments in a day in a streamlined way. Sammy will optimize your schedule and workflow to improve it. 

With a streamlined workflow, you can use Sammy to meet more patients in an efficient way. Patients and providers can also choose timeslots that work for them. Providers can enter their free timeslots in a day on the software so there is no chance of conflicts emerging. Ultimately, seeing more patients is also an indicator of increased revenue being generated. 

Convenient And Updated Dashboard

Having an effective dashboard can make a huge difference for practice when it comes to EMR management. The dashboard is what you see when you open the software every day. It has all the information you need to interact with during the course of your day. This is what makes the dashboard crucial and why it is essential to be able to navigate it effectively. 

Sammy comes with an excellent dashboard that can be used as a hub for all your crucial information. It can be customized to include features and tasks that you need to prioritize. You can change how the software performs and really get it to adapt to your workflow. You can also use Sammy to view tasks that you need to complete and which ones are prioritized. 

Easy-to-use ePrescription Tools

Changes to regulations around prescription have made an effective prescription tool a must when using EMR. With Sammy EMR, you can write prescriptions without any handwriting errors. You can also send out the prescription to a pharmacy that your patient prefers. This can be highly convenient as they only have to go to the pharmacy to get their medications. 

You can also use the software to send out prescriptions for refills if needed. The best part of the software is that it helps you prescribe medications in a safe manner. You no longer have to do serious calculations to make sure the drug is safe. The software automatically warns you if there are possible allergies, interactions, or unsafe dosages. 

Secure and Safe Platform

Having a platform that is not just safe for patients to use, but secure can make a huge difference. It is crucial that patients do not worry about information being shared or leaked while they access care. This is especially relevant when patients are communicating with you through the portal’s communication features. 

Sammy utilizes encrypted messaging tools to make sure that all of your patient data is kept safe. It follows all HIPAA guidelines and regulations to ensure that there is no risk of patient data being leaked. This helps to develop a stronger bond of trust between patients and doctors and can aid in the provision of quality care. 

Intuitive Patient Portal

Having a patient portal can be a huge plus for practices because it is a multipurpose tool. Patients use the portal to create their profiles, where they can share information. They can also take forms from their home. Additionally, patients can be sent information, whether directly relevant to their treatment or education.

A patient portal can also be useful because patients can use it to schedule their own appointments. It also allows them to manage the bills that they need to pay in an effective manner. This makes things a lot easier for the front desk staff at your practice. It also helps patients feel more involved and empowered to take control of their care. 

Sammy EMR Pricing

Sammy EMR is considered to be in the middle tier range in terms of cost-effectiveness. The software is priced at $359 a month for each user. According to reviews, you get the best out of the software for this range, especially because it is a specialist podiatry software. You can also get more information about pricing and features by reaching out to Sammy Systems.

Conclusion – Should I Get Sammy EMR?

With all the information mentioned above about Sammy EMR, you may be thinking it is right for your practice. In that case, make sure to do your research and read reviews. You can also ask to see a demo so you know how the software performs.