How to temporarily block the security application service?


How to temporarily block the security application service?

Using a security application is essential to protect the system from lots of threats. Without a reliable security program, surfing the internet can be

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Using a security application is essential to protect the system from lots of threats. Without a reliable security program, surfing the internet can be dangerous. Malware can easily enter the system and steal your data. But sometimes the security program can restrict several processes or apps on the device. While working on a PC, if your antivirus is showing an error then disable it. You can disable the antivirus temporarily and perform the task. After completing, you can easily enable the security app. 

Disable security application from the taskbar

After installing the security program, you can see its icon on the taskbar. The user can directly access and make changes to the security program from the taskbar. To temporarily disable Bitdefender use the taskbar. 

Hover the mouse to the taskbar and check for the security app’s icon

Right-click on the app and tap on the Disable option. You may get a warning wizard; select the Confirm button and then your security app will be disabled. Now perform your task without any conflict issues. After completing, again go to the security app on the taskbar. Click on the icon and select the enable button. After enabling, scan the whole device to remove malware. 

Disabling different modules of security apps on Windows

Your security offers lots of features along with a virus scan. You don’t need to disable the whole app. You can open the dashboard and disable a particular module only. 

Disabling Antivirus module

While working on a file, if you are getting lots of notifications for antivirus then disable it. After disabling it, you can run the program without any virus pop-up.

  1. Open your security program and go Protection module
  2. Click on the Antivirus pane and select the Open button
  3. Check the Advanced tab and then turn off the shield

Choose the time span and hit the Apply button. If you have selected the time. Your antivirus will automatically enable after finishing the proposed time. After completing the job, you can also manually enable the antivirus module of your security application.

Disable firewall temporarily

A firewall often blocks your network while surfing the internet. When the user clicks on any unreliable website, the firewall blocks it immediately. Your firewall blocks the network to protect the system from unnecessary threats. But sometimes, the firewall may block other sites mistakenly. If you want to access the site then turn off the firewall. The user should disable the firewall only when the accessing site is secured. Unsecured websites can get lots of malware on the system. 

  1. Open your security application
  2. Go to the Protection tab
  3. Check for Firewall 
  4. Check switch next to Firewall
  5. Toggle the switch to Off

Select Confirm and close the application. Reopen your browser and access the website. Perform the required task and then you should immediately enable the firewall. Go to the Protection tab. Tap on Firewall and enable it. The user should run a virus scan also. 

Disabling VPN

VPN allows the user to secure his network under an unsecured connection. Whenever you can’t find a secured network; enable the VPN. It immediately masks the IP and protects the device. This tool also allows the user to access the sites or pages which are blocked on the current location. But there are several websites (especially streaming websites) that can’t work on VPN. For accessing those sites or apps; the user has to disable the VPN. 

  1. On desktop, click on your security application
  2. From the dashboard, click on the Privacy tab
  3. Check for the VPN tab
  4. Hit on Open and check the VPN status

Disconnect the VPN and close the dashboard. Again, try to access the webpage and app. After completing the task, you should reconnect the VPN immediately. 

Disabling Parental Advisor

The parental advisor tool allows the user to restrict several sites on the device. For kids, parents often use this tool to block streaming or gaming sites. The user can set the age restrictions and use them for several jobs. If you have blocked a site using parental advisor but you need to access it then disable parental advisor. 

  1. Close the web browser and click on the security program
  2. Select the Privacy tab
  3. Check for the parental advisor tab
  4. Tap on Configure option

Select the disable button and now you can access all the sites easily. After accessing it, again open the parental control tab and enable it to protect the kids from accessing several sites.