Revenue Growth After COVID-19 With Teeth Whitening Service in Lahore

Over the past four months, the world has experienced things we never thought possible. COVID-19 has greatly affected the entire Teeth Whitening Serv

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Over the past four months, the world has experienced things we never thought possible. COVID-19 has greatly affected the entire Teeth Whitening Service in Lahore industry and all of our patients.
But now, with dentistry gradually returning to routine and the world gradually returning to a new normal, it’s time to start rebuilding our lives, our economy and our patients’ smiles.

The demand for teeth whitening

Practices are gradually addressing the backlog of patients. Especially those in pain and those with open treatment plans.

As the general public realizes that dental practices have reopened, it is surprising how many people are seeking cosmetic dental treatment.

Perhaps all the free time during the embargo has given them time to think. Now is the time to make a list of the things they’ve been putting off! Including improving their smile. Including improving their smile.

So we can use this time to plan and be ahead of our patients’ needs and desires.

With the increasing number of teeth whitening treatments and procedures in high demand in dentistry, it’s a good time to promote this profession. Offer our patients what they are clearly already looking for!
If you don’t already offer whitening treatments in your office, this is your chance to get started.
That said, many clinics are still not open to full capacity. This is largely due to the dreaded F-word we all know the dormancy period.
So now is the time for us to reflect and start using our skills as much as possible to try to recoup the huge financial losses we’ve incurred.

Spreading the workload

Teeth whitening falls under the scope of practice of dental hygienists and dental therapists and is performed under a dentist’s prescription. They are more expensive than regular hygiene appointments.
It is therefore more cost-effective for the hygienist or therapist and the practice to spend time on whitening treatments.
In addition, Dental Implants Service in Lahore are not PAGs and do not require downtime between patients. This avoids wasted procedural time and revenue, including the cost of additional AGP personal protective equipment.
Bleaching can be a great way to fill the books and the hygienist’s or therapist’s time if your practice doesn’t have the patient demand yet.

Increase your waiting list

The COVID alert level is currently at level 3 (at the time of this writing) and emergency treatment remains a priority in many clinics. This does not mean that we cannot continue to advertise cosmetic dental treatments, such as teeth whitening, to our patients. We can create a waiting list for when these cosmetic treatments can be resumed. This creates a comprehensive log for the future.
To help build this waiting list, you can advertise your cosmetic or whitening treatments online through social media. This can increase online exposure for your practice or personal professional brand. It encourages people who may already be familiar with whitening treatments to visit you.
Plus, with screen time increasing by 50% in recent months, this is the perfect opportunity to market your cosmetic treatments. Connect with potential patients and enhance your professional profile online.

You can even use your downtime to develop a marketing plan or post on social media

If you need help marketing your treatment, check out my new “Let’s be Social” course.
It focuses on social media, branding and marketing for dental professionals.
Practices can also reach out to their existing patients.
Let them know you offer whitening treatments and create a waiting list for interested individuals if you are not currently able to perform Dentist in Lahore.

Video Consultations

Another way to deal with the downtime between PGAs is to use an online video consultation.
Build these consultations into your schedule and make them part of the patient journey when you attract new patients for whitening treatments.
Again, you can promote this