System for Food Safety and Compliance (FoSCoS)


System for Food Safety and Compliance (FoSCoS)

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) was founded in 2006 by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare of the Indian government und

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The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) was founded in 2006 by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare of the Indian government under the Food Safety and Standards Act. (The FSS Act) This administrative body is in charge of supervising food organizations in India and ensuring that they adhere to government regulations. Their job is to ensure that the food is safe and satisfies the specifications. It is their responsibility to dispose of any food that is unfit to eat. This agency is in charge of recruiting and licensing FBOs in India (Food and Business Operators). It also establishes the norms and procedures for conducting business in India. Application to the FSSAI

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People are becoming more conscious of their eating habits as a result of increased awareness, globalization, and technological advancement. COVID-19 has, in fact, influenced the food habits of some people who are eager to resist the pandemic by receiving a more balanced and healthy eating regimen to increase immunity. Similarly, Indian food regulations are evolving in accordance with international food laws/guidelines, with many guidelines being amended in reaction to changing conditions. The Food Standard and Safety Act of 2006 (“the Act”) is evolving and progressing in accordance with the “One Nation, One Food Law” program..

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) was founded under the Act, and it is currently in charge of inspecting food handling standards and overseeing the entire food inventory network. With this instruction, the FSSAI has made various steps to simplify the registration and permission process.

Another step in this approach would be to replace existing web application frameworks, such as the Food Licensing and Registration System (FLRS), with an updated, evolved, managed, enhanced, and constructed framework.

In June 2020, it was made available in Tamil Nadu, Puducherry, Gujarat, Goa, Odisha, Manipur, Delhi, Chandigarh, and Ladakh for the first time. The FSSAI intends to launch the second wave of FoSCoS in an additional 27 states/UTs on November 1st, 2020. As a result, the FLRS gateway has been rendered inoperable forever. The emphasis is on a more user-friendly and successful IT stage, which includes the Food Safety Connect-Complaints Management System, Online Annual Return Platform, Food Import Clearing System (FICS), Indian Food Laboratory Network (InFoLNet), Audit Management System (AMS), and Food Safety Tract.


Change the current FLRS from a licensed stage to an administrative level of sanitation consistency.

Connect Food Business Operators and Food Authorities with the help of a trouble-free and simple-to-use IT platform.

Create a completely advanced coordinated application that is equipped for higher client traffic and has the potential for future updates and functions to achieve interoperability with other apps.

To make it easier for FBOs to collaborate, to increase client application execution, and to make application interaction more clear and proficient.

Reduce actual paperwork and streamline business measurement streams for FBOs for web apps.

Instead of employing a book box strategy, achieve and empower the application to employ a standardized item technique for producers.

Allow the application to seed business-specific details such as CIN No., PAN No., and GST No. to enable viable profiling and approval of FBOs.

According to the FSSAI, FoSCoS will provide India a distinct advantage in the application and enforcement of food regulations. To achieve the Swastha Bharath Mission’s goal, it is critical to raise awareness among Food Business Operators and the general public.

FOSCOS must be used to apply for FSSAI registration.

At the top of the site’s landing page, there are two pursue bars that aggregate the search for ‘Standardized Food Products’ and ‘Eligibility of your food business.’ Under the pursue bars, you’ll find the ‘View all FSSAI normalized Food Products,’ ‘Clubbing of Product Variants,’ and ‘View all Eligibility Criteria Details’ buttons. The food category name, food sub-category name, item name, and FSSR number are presented after clicking the ‘View all FSSAI standardized Food Products’ button.

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For the FSSAI enrolling license, there is a ‘How to Apply’ option on the website. On the homepage page, the ‘Application Processing’ option illustrates the steps of the Licensing Department’s treatment of the FSSAI application.