Do you want to know how to store leather furniture in a furniture storage unit in Hertfordshire without it getting damaged? You've arrived at the righ

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Do you want to know how to store leather furniture in a furniture storage unit in Hertfordshire without it getting damaged? You’ve arrived at the right location. Fine leather furniture has an unmistakable feel and touch. It’s cozy, making it a pleasure to sit and read, watch TV, or check your favorite social media. Even the fragrance of leather furniture is pleasant, with an earthy perfume that evokes feelings of serenity and tranquility.

Leather furniture, on the other hand, has the drawback of being a little fragile. Leather is durable and long-lasting, although it stains easily and fades over time. Leather oils can also dry out, creating cracking and tearing as well as a worn-out appearance. That is especially true when storing leather furniture, whether temporarily or permanently.

To assist you, we’ve put together this list of storage ideas for leather furniture. We’ll go over what materials to use, how to keep them safe from harm, and more. For leather furniture storage unit, follow these guidelines to keep it clean and perfect. Enjoy.

Store your Leather Furniture in a climate-controlled storage unit

As previously stated, leather is a sensitive form of furniture covering. Moisture, heat, cold, and dry weather can all harm it. As a result, if at all possible, consider a climate-controlled storage unit in Hertfordshire. It maintains a consistent temperature inside your unit. That way, any major changes in the weather won’t have as much of an impact. Yes, the cost of a climate-controlled storage facility is slightly greater, but it isn’t prohibitively so. The additional expense is certainly worth it if you have high-quality leather furniture.

Before storing leather furniture, clean and condition it

  • We strongly advise you clean and condition any leather furniture before storing it, even if it will only be for a brief period. There are several causes for this:
  • If there are any bacteria-producing particles concealed in your sofa, they can discolor it over time.
  • Conditioning the leather will keep it from drying out and breaking.
  • Your leather furniture will be clean, conditioned, and ready to use when you pull it out of storage.

We also recommend that you allow your leather furniture to dry for a few days after conditioning. It’s best not to store it when the leather is still damp. Of course, this requires some planning ahead of time so you can complete it before the movers arrive. 

By the way, the following is the best technique to clean and condition leather furniture:

  • Use a dry cloth to wipe off the leather, giving special attention to cracks and crevices. You can also use a low-suction vacuum with mild suction.
  • Soak a soft cloth in warm water with a small amount of hydrating soap. Remove any stains by gently ringing them out, so it isn’t dripping.
  • Clean and condition all leather services.

furniture storage unit

To absorb any moisture, use charcoal or cat litter

Leather has a horrible habit of collecting moisture, which can shorten its lifespan dramatically. Keep humidity as low as possible if you’re not storing it in a climate-controlled furniture storage unit. Using charcoal briquettes or cat litter is one simple way to do so. You can put it in a plastic container. It does a fantastic job and, even better, it absorbs scents! It’s also super cheap!

Cotton Blankets are a great way to protect your leather furniture

Leather is a natural fabric that requires air to breathe. It can breathe freely if it is wrapped in cotton or paper. For this task, we recommend using thick, cushioned blankets. It would be beneficial if you taped them in place, ensuring that no video touches the leather. When the movers handle your furniture, the blankets will not fall off. Additionally, they keep dust and debris from collecting on your leather furniture and getting into the cracks and crevices.

Place Nothing On Top Of Your Leather Furniture

If you’re storing your leather furniture for a short period, you can conserve room by stacking lightweight boxes on top of it. However, if you’re keeping your leather furniture for an extended period, we strongly advise against placing anything on top of it. Heavy packages might severely damage the leather and the cushion material underneath. Furthermore, some products have the potential to harm or rip leather upholstery, which would be disastrous.

If you’re storing leather furniture in a storage unit, you won’t be able to use plastic

Wrapping leather furniture with plastic is never a good idea as it cannot breathe, and mold can develop. The worst part about mold damage is that it’s usually irreversible. 

Hoddesdon self-storage unit is bringing you this offer

We expect that these tips will be helpful and that they’ll give you the confidence to protect your precious leather furniture. We provide clean, secure, and reasonably priced temperature-controlled furniture storage spaces across Hertfordshire, where you may safely store them. Whether you’re keeping your leather furniture for a long or short period, you can count on us to keep it safe. Visit us.