Restarting The Canon Printer Will Solve This Problem


Restarting The Canon Printer Will Solve This Problem

The error B204 This could occur after a cartridge is replaced. First, take out the cartridges from their plastic packaging. Do not drill any plastic

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The error B204 This could occur after a cartridge is replaced.
First, take out the cartridges from their plastic packaging. Do not drill any plastic membranes. This will result in an error when you place the cartridge.

This error can also occur if you replace an empty cartridge. canon printer error The printer goes through a cleaning cycle after installing a new cartridge, but the ink has not been received by the printhead.

These are some ways to fix error B204

Solution 1:
Take out the cartridges
Turn the printer on for 2 minutes
Turn on the printer
Install the cartridges
Solution 2
Turn on the printer
Unplug the power cord
Cover open
Manually move the print head carriage to the place it belongs for the cartridge replacement. If the carriage is stationary, turn the printer on and unplug it when it is in the moving position.

Replace the cartridges.

Reclose the front cover and plug in the power cord. The printer will then be ready for normal operation.
1. The hazard lamp is on, and the cartridge’s LED is blinking. The computer will display the error codes 1682 and 1684, “Check Ink 1682” or “Check Ink1684”, as well as an error message E04, E05. E14. E15. 1682. 1684. These codes will also be accompanied by a text message: “The FINE cart cannot be recognized” or “The cartridge cannot be identified.”

This error message indicates that the printer is having difficulty recognizing one or more cartridges. A brass ribbon is attached to the back of the cartridge so that it contacts the printer. The printer will not be able to make contact with this ribbon if it is stained or wet. It is easy to fix the problem cartridge (marked by the flashing LED): Take the cartridge out and wipe it clean with a towel. You can also wipe the brass pin of the printer.

If the printer complains that the cartridge is not being recognized after a few attempts, the electronics in the cartridge may have failed. These cartridges are intended for one-time use so it shouldn’t surprise that they fail. Although it is not common, we have had customers who lost their cartridges after the first refill. We cannot repair a cartridge that fails to pass the electronic test. Therefore, we must throw the cartridge away and buy a new one. Many people can sell their empty cartridges online. You can search for phrases like “PG245 empty” to get many results. To describe a cartridge that has never been refilled, some sellers use the term “virgin”. For a fraction of what it costs, you can buy virgin cartridges for your next refill.

2. The hazard lights are off. The steady yellow light indicates that one or both the cartridges’ lights are on. The printer believes the cartridge is low in ink because it has a steady yellow light. Canon doesn’t have any mechanism to determine how much ink is left in a cartridge. Instead, it uses page counts to estimate the ink level. The printer will continue to think that the ink level has dropped even after we refill the cartridge.

Many people will ask, “How do I reset the page count of the chip?” We will need to use special tools and materials to reset it. This will increase our costs. Remanufactured cartridges can be purchased with “full ink levels.” These cartridges can be made by copying the chip information from a brand-new cartridge to a ribbon and then gluing that ribbon onto an old Canon cartridge. Canon allows the printer to continue working even after it runs out of ink. We will then monitor the print quality, and add ink if necessary, after turning off the ink gauge.