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Don’t Ignore These Things When Buying A House. Buying a house might seem like a piece of cake, but it is far from that. It requires endless search

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Don’t Ignore These Things When Buying A House.

Buying a house might seem like a piece of cake, but it is far from that. It requires endless search and research to not only find the perfect house but also the perfect neighborhood that fits within your budget. You may have bought several houses before, or this may be your first time buying one. The task is always overwhelming and daunting. Every house has its pros and cons, and a seller usually likes to highlight the positive aspects of a property when selling it. It takes more than a visual inspection to expose hidden issues, at times years may go by before problems arise to the surface and you realize you made a bad deal and bought a money pit. Although one walkthrough is all it takes to assess if the house fits your requirements aesthetically, a lot more needs to be checked before you invest your life savings in a property.

The question arises, can you assess a home on your own? The answer is simple, NO! Many people think they have become experts at real estate since they have made several purchases before, but the fact is, each property is different and may have unique issues that can’t be analyzed with the naked eye no matter how many years of experience you have buying homes. The only way to reveal these hidden problems is by getting a real estate inspection done by a certified inspector from a professional home inspection company.

A Home Inspection will give you peace of mind that is important when parting with the huge amount of money that such an investment requires.

Real estate inspections are carried out by professionals who have years of on-field experience carrying out inspections. To assist them in their work they utilize high-grade gadgets that surpass any human inspection. Home Inspectors are required to be certified by the state. The carry insurances and their services are usually backed up by warranties which may come free with their service as an added bonus for the customer. For Instance, an ASHI-certified home inspections company in Atlanta means offering services that are fully accredited by the National Commission Of Certifying Agencies (NCCA). ASHI certified inspector is the highest level of  ASHI membership. Having an Inspector with this license while taking that important decision means having a trained, tested, and certified officer by your side.


It is never advisable to buy a house without having a home or real estate inspection done. That mistake could lead to costly repairs down the road and a nasty dent in your pocket, and no one wants to immediately spend more on a house right after buying it. So what are you exactly looking for after you have hired a professional home or real estate inspector. A home inspector will assist you in analyzing the current condition of the property you intend to buy. The home that looked perfect at first glance will reveal a lot of things that need attention, repair or replacement after the inspectors thorough scrutiny . No home is ever perfect and a home inspection acts as a safety net.


A meticulous home inspector will assess all the components of the home and uncover its deficiencies, making you aware of its present state. Learning about any major shortcomings now will help you make a decision on whether to go ahead with this deal or back out in time. If you still plan to buy the home, knowing about any problems will give you the advantage of negotiating the price further or asking for the repairs to be done instead.


There are certain scenarios when it’s better to walk away before making that deal. If the property you are about to buy requires a lot of time, energy, and money in repairs then it is wise to look for other options in the market. So what problems if uncovered, are warning signs signaling towards expensive repairs?


Foundation problems top the list. Having problems with the foundation automatically means spending a ton of money on repair work. Then again repaired foundations may not function at their optimal best and may compromise on the safety of its inhabitants. It would be wise to strike this property off your list to save yourself from an arduous ordeal. Only professional home inspectors can identify serious foundation issues after extensive inspection.


You may think those water stains are harmless and require a quick fix of a leaking pipe, but don’t be fooled. Those stains could be a sign of previous flooding, faulty sewage, or worse, permanent plumbing issues. It could be a sign of mold present in the house as well. Buying a water-damaged home is one of the riskiest things and requires a lot of time and money to be fixed, it is advised to stay away from such a purchase. What’s more, you may not be able to detect those stains because they have been cleverly concealed with fresh paint. It is suggested to hire a professional home inspector who has thermographic cameras to inspect areas not visible to the human eye to help reveal these problems.


The roof of a house often gets ignored during a walkthrough since the focus is more on the components below. Chances are the roof of the house you are planning to buy was installed a decade or two ago and needs repair, if it hasn’t been maintained properly by the previous owners. Roof repairs are not just replacing tiles and shingles, it means your house will be uninhabitable while work is being done. Getting a home inspector to assess the roof before buying a house is one decision you won’t regret down the road.


Getting the electrical system inspected is also always a good idea. Since wiring runs throughout the house, it is important to have a home inspector assess it before finalizing any deal. Faulty wiring, switches, and outlets can be a major safety hazard for your family and one you don’t want to ignore since a whopping 358,500 houses in the US burn down every year.

There are always problems that can be fixed but when a house seems too problematic it is better to skip and move on to a better option. If you want to have a home inspection Atlanta call for professional certified services from Champia. Call to schedule your appointment today.