Most Popular Poker Games To Kill Your Boredom

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Most Popular Poker Games To Kill Your Boredom

Card games are a passion for Indian folks and a semi-religion for many. Poker game, Rummy or Bluff can spark up the dull Sunday afternoons as you sit

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Card games are a passion for Indian folks and a semi-religion for many. Poker game, Rummy or Bluff can spark up the dull Sunday afternoons as you sit over the sessions of Texas Hold’em or Omaha Poker.

Friends and family often associate over the deck of cards and serves as an excellent medium to bag additional skills. Engrossing in some cards mania brings across lots of enjoyment, excitement, winning anticipation and social interactions. Poker is a game of mental wit, spontaneity and blowing off the opponent with your skillset. Probably, now you know why card games have ruled the hearts of kings and kingdoms since old times!

Top Poker Games Popular in India

Poker accentuates lots of mental sharpness, calculation tact and the ability to handle edgy situations. When played on a professional front after thorough practise, it can also bag you excellent money gains. No one minds having extra pocket money.

So, let’s delve into the popular games under this category.

Texas Hold’em

Poker beginners consider this variant the ideal alternative to test their gaming skills. There are open tournaments where you can oppose skilled poker professionals and seek upper positions with better learning. The hook of Texas Hold’em is that the dealer distributes two hole cards, and three community cards are kept in the centre face-up. Players need to make the combination of 5 best card hand as per the standard poker hand rankings and strategize their betting in the following rounds.

The basic rules of Texas hold’em state that ‘Fold’ means to quit the game; ‘Call’ means placing the bet of an amount equivalent to the earlier one, and ‘Raise’ means staking higher than the last round. ‘Flop’ refers to the first three cards placed face up on the table.

There are multiple rounds in every game of Texas Hold’em where the player can choose to continue by adding chips into the pot. With the best cards and apt Poker Strategies, you can rule the online poker room and bag some money.

Omaha Poker

Take your poker game to a level up with the Omaha Poker variant. The fundamental difference between the two is in Pot Omaha Poker, the players get four hole cards instead of two but can consider only the best two from their hand. Like Hold’em, there are 5 community cards placed face up by the dealer on the table. Pot-Limit Omaha or the OLO poker game is the most popular format wherein there is a pot-limit for each game.

There are also other variations of Omaha like the Omaha High, where the best high hand wins. It’s a thrilling game with fast action due to the additional hole cards that hammers your mental agility to make quick decisions and probabilities of hand combinations. Test your logic, skills and statistics with the right PLO strategy.

In Pot-limit Omaha, players with the best cards win the round and if there is a deadlock of weak cards amongst all players; the winner is the ones having the highest single value. The Thumb rule is that each player must incorporate two of their cards to determine the final hand strength. So, calculate your odds right when there are more card options to ace the poker game.

Wrapping Up on Poker Game

Poker card games can spike up the enthusiasm and fun level at any get-together without costing you a penny. Even on a professional front, it can shell in good winnings if played tactfully and on a legit online platform. As such, its time to flaunt your poker skills and invest your leisure hours in filling up the pockets with winnings that also bring confidence and a sense of accomplishment.

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