Why is Malwarebytes not working properly on the system?

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Why is Malwarebytes not working properly on the system?

Malwarebytes is a security program that provides top data and device protection tools. Users can install a premium or free Malwarebytes program for th

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Malwarebytes is a security program that provides top data and device protection tools. Users can install a premium or free Malwarebytes program for their devices. This program is very reliable and protects devices from all threats. Using Malwarebytes on the system assures that you can run all the programs securely. But sometimes, Malwarebytes starts showing issues and doesn’t work properly.

Reasons behind why is Malwarebytes not opening

Malwarebytes is conflicting with another program
Some system files are not working
Low hard disk space
Malwarebytes registry files are missing
Junk files are interrupting the scanning feature
Malwarebytes setup is outdated

Resolving Malwarebytes not working error

Restart the system

Restarting is a basic but powerful means for troubleshooting errors. Whenever your Malwarebytes or any app shows an error, restart the device. Programs may show errors when they get into conflict with other processes. Restart the computer and open Malwarebytes. Click on the Scan feature and check for its errors. When Malwarebytes is still not working then check other solutions.

Remove another antivirus

Using another security program with Malwarebytes is common. People can install another antivirus as Malwarebytes have different interfaces which prevent conflict issues. But when you are using Malwarebytes with another antivirus, check its features. You will get the error when you are running the same tool on both programs. Both security programs will try to access the same resources and then conflict with each other. For preventing the error, either disable the tool on one program or remove it. When Malwarebytes is providing all the required tools then uninstall another antivirus from the system. After deleting all its files, restart the device and now run Malwarebytes.

Update Malwarebytes and OS

The user should check for the update of his Malwarebytes setup. If the antivirus is outdated, it will stop functioning correctly. The user must update his antivirus on time. Open Malwarebytes setup and install the update on your device. After updating, restart the PC to apply the changes and then open Malwarebytes. Try to run the scan without any error. When your antivirus is still not working correctly then open the OS update tab. Click on the Update button and wait. If Malwarebytes anti-malware is facing an error due to an outdated OS then this process will fix it.

Repair your system files

When the program is not working due to the system files error then repair those files. Windows system files are not easy to repair. They can corrupt anytime but fixing them is quite difficult. Do not try to edit those files as it may break down the whole system. You can ask the technician or can run the Windows file repairing tool. Windows PC offers a file repair tool that can scan and repair corrupted system files. Go to the system and run SFC/scannow. This command will inspect all system files and then repair them. After repairing the files, reopen the device and try to run Malwarebytes without an error.

Delete junk files

Antivirus stops working when the system junk files are interrupting it. Junk files seem harmless but can cause huge chaos on the system. These files will use the RAM cycles and take your hard disk space. When you run a program, these files will interrupt it. Users face the error when Malwarebytes scans these files. Your antivirus inspects these files that are useless and suspicious but can’t find them on the malware chart. If your antivirus is getting interrupted but these junk files then remove them. Check the drives’ folders and remove all unused files. When finding the junk manually seems difficult, run the junk cleaner. The user has to run cleanmgr to search the junk files. After running this cleaner tool, Open your Malwarebytes and scan the device for malware.

Repair Malwarebytes registry files

Registry files are crucial for running the program. When the antivirus program is not working, check its registry files. When the files are corrupted; repair them. Try to edit when you know the correct steps. Before you edit the files, create the backup keys. You can open the registry editor by running the Regedit command. Now, search all the Malwarebytes registry files. Select the corrupted files and export them to the desktop. Repair the files and then restart your Malwarebytes program. Click on the scan option and remove all malware from the computer. Now the user can access his PC reliably.