8 Key Tips for Small Bathroom Makeover: Remodeling Bathroom Ideas

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8 Key Tips for Small Bathroom Makeover: Remodeling Bathroom Ideas

Small bathrooms make you feel congested and inaccessible. But you can consider organizing your bathroom in such a way that it will provide you with en

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Small bathrooms make you feel congested and inaccessible. But you can consider organizing your bathroom in such a way that it will provide you with enough space to enjoy your bath time. However, arranging, and availing space in the tiny bathroom is a tough job for homeowners. Bathroom makeover involves forming the right place to keep towels, toilet paper, shampoo, and other and such other toiletries and figuring out toilet space or making the distance between the sink and the shower. Such arrangements can make your bathroom look bigger and more spacious. 

In most cases, people go for renovation or expanding the bathroom space. If that’s not the case with you, use the following tips to give the best makeover to your small bathroom. This smart design tip will help you squeeze everything into a small bathroom.  

Add a Vanity: 

Vanities can help you by providing space to put small items in the bathroom. It can improve the appeal and make your tiny bathroom look bigger. Besides, mounting a vanity can create small spaces to keep fresh towels, shower gel, shampoo, and more. Bathroom vanities are available in various forms with enough storage facilities. The wall-mounted vanities can be the best to install in a small bathroom. You can hire an interior designer to change style and utilize small space. 

Remove Shower Door: 

You may have installed a door to separate the shower from the toilet. But your small bathroom has space to squeeze in a toilet and a small bathtub. When space is limited, a glass door might take up additional room. Instead, you can use a glass panel that also helps you keep the water in the shower and free up space. If you don’t want to save money, use a shower curtain that can move back and forth. A bathroom makeovercan free up space in your bathroom for a large tub. 

Extend the Counter Over the Toilet: 

You need more space to keep toilet paper and other toiletry items. Then, why don’t you create an extended counter over the toilet? This banjo-style arrangement can be made from stone, wood, or countertop material. It has adequate room for a few necessities. So, the toilet position remains unchanged, and the overall aesthetic is simple and clean.

Extend the Counter Over the Toilet 

Use Big Mirror: 

That small bathroom may accommodate two persons or a family. In the smallest of areas, a stretched mirror can be used by two persons. It can create the ideal space that you desire. It is one of the best bathroom makeover tips that help you save cost of renovation and boost functionality of your bathroom.

Mount the Towel Bar on a Door: 

Why don’t you put a nickel inside the bathroom door or wall? You can also mount a towel bar on the shower door to keep your towels. That way you don’t need a different section for your towels. When you need to store most of your towels in a nearby linen closet, having that one towel nearby to dry off is critical.

Install a Corner Sink: 

You can install a corner sink to save space in your tiny bathroom. Placing a corner sink will increase accessibility and work better than a sink across from the shower. Also, you can easily open and close the shower door without disrupting the space. 

Use a Large-Scale Pattern: 

Do you want to save money on a bathroom makeover and decorating your small bathroom? Instead of painting the bathroom walls, use large-scale pattern wallpaper to fool the eye into seeing more space. It will make your bathroom feel bigger. Besides, it is a budget-friendly small bathroom makeover idea for homeowners. You can choose any patterned wallpaper to boost space as well as appearance. 

Select a Vanity with One Shelf: 

Installing a pedestal vanity with one shelf will make space but will not take up the space of a shower or toilet. This vanity generally contains one or two selves to keep some items. When you shower or wash your face, you can have clean towels. Request that a bathroom renovator provide a vanity with a single towel shelf. A vanity with sharp edges cannot be used in a small space. Choosing a round vanity can work in a square space.

Summing Up!

Consider all these tips when you try for tiny bathroom makeover. It will save you money on buying and remodeling the bathroom. Hiring a bathroom designer is an excellent solution if you want to extend or renovate your bathroom to make additional space. We can assist you in redesigning your small bathroom space.