6 Effective Ways To Increase Your Website Uptime

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6 Effective Ways To Increase Your Website Uptime

website Uptime: Website traffic only increases when the information and services provided to the web users are limitless and without any difficulty. O

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website Uptime: Website traffic only increases when the information and services provided to the web users are limitless and without any difficulty. Once your website fails to cater to the needs of its users and the availability of the services is minimum, then your users will find other options.
For ensuring your web traffic, you need to make sure that your services are available all the time.

If one of your users gets the services and the other is neglected, then it is also one of the problems. All the user needs to be served equally regardless of their location; such availability of your website is only possible when it has higher Uptime. There are multiple ways you can improve and increase your website’s Uptime.
Dig deeper into this article to get familiar with certain effective ways of improving website Uptime.

Top 6 ways you can increase your website Uptime

There are a number of factors that affect the service availability of your website. Having such issues for a limited time and once in a while is ok. But an increasing number of such issues is not appreciatable and requires certain methods to mend these defaults. Not fixing your website Uptime issues will give an advantage to your competitors, and no one wants that.
Below are some effective ways to improve website availability and services 24/7.


1. Look into your hosting services

One of the major factors and elements that keeps your website running and working is your web host. If there are any faults in your host, then there is no way you can make your website work. Your hosting service must be working effectively and efficiently to ensure your website is available for users all the time. Many websites prefer UAE hosting services for keeping their websites up and working without creating any troubles for themselves and their website users.

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2. Reduce image size

For efficient page loading and higher responses, it is crucial to have compressed content on your website. The major factor that increases the loading speed of your website is the large size of image files. Your image files and other relevant files reside in the database server hosted by a web host. The fetching of file and displaying it from the server to the website takes too long if the traffic is higher and the file size is also large. Your website is also said to be unavailable if it is taking way too long to provide results and services to its users.

3. Be contingent

To increase your website’s availability all the time, think of all the possible risks your website could face. One of the major risks a website can face is server failures and malfunctions—any failure in your server results in website downtime and unavailability. The host providing your services must have an extra server or more than one server to deal with such failures. In such situations, you need to be contingent and develop alternative plans.

4. Server capacity

A website keeps growing in terms of data and information. These websites store their data on the servers, and there comes a time when there is no space to store your data. Running out of space and memory slows down your website, reducing its availability. Instead of changing your server after such issues, why not look for a better one with greater space and capacity earlier.

5. Update and maintain the website

Your website requires maintenance and updates from time to time for its smooth and efficient working. Failing to update your websites with the latest available updates will result in poor website performance. Poor-performing websites are not the users’ priority, and they usually switch to other websites. At the same time, continuous poor performances lead to higher downtime.

6. Find ways to resolve downtime

You must have some arrangements and ways to deal with the factors that are resulting in website downtime. One of the major reasons for increased downtime is intruders and cyber attacks. One of the effective ways for increasing the website Uptime is by knowing the reasons behind the downtime and finding solutions to deal with such situations. Your host must provide services and security updates to deal with such factors resulting in reduced Uptime. You can also hire the UAE hosting services for your websites to secure your websites and make them active and available.

Make your website available with efficient hosts!

Whether you have a website for an online business or any other reason, the key to keeping your users happy and intact is the working and availability of your website. Make your website available by following the methods mentioned above. If you succeed in increasing your website’s availability through these methods, the traffic will also increase and improve on your website.