How to troubleshoot Norton’s problem?

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How to troubleshoot Norton’s problem?

Norton is a useful program for the device. Installing its setup ensures the user that his device is safe. If you use the internet a lot for performing

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Norton is a useful program for the device. Installing its setup ensures the user that his device is safe. If you use the internet a lot for performing crucial jobs then you can also check for the Norton plans which provide internet security tools. To keep the device secure, the user should always keep his antivirus in good condition. Whenever your security program shows any error, resolve it immediately.

Common errors on Norton antivirus

Norton antivirus is not installing
If your program installation process is getting corrupted then you should check the setup requirements. The Norton setup will not install if the device specifications are not provided with all the resources. Users have to check the requirements before getting the Norton license. If the Norton plan is incompatible then check for the subscription refund. Cancel the subscription, get your refund and then search for a compatible Norton setup.

Norton scanning process is interrupting

Your scanning process can be interrupted due to program or system errors. When the scanning process interrupts, close your Norton and all programs. Restart the computer and open the Norton dashboard to scan. If your scanning process is still interrupting then you can check for another antivirus program. Your Norton can show conflict error and stop working when you have another antivirus on the system. While scanning, both programs will try to access the same resource and it will show conflict issues. Users must remove another antivirus program. Your Norton will not scan correctly until it finds the required resources. After removing another antivirus, your Norton scanning error will get resolved.

Norton antivirus is not updating

Your antivirus has a special utility tool known as LiveUpdate. Users don’t need to check for the update on Norton. When the update arrives, LiveUpdate immediately installs it on the system. But when the Norton antivirus is not updating then you have to check the utility tool. This function can show errors when the hard disk space is very low. Users have to increase the free space for installing the update. When the hard disk space is very low, your computer uses it only for the system’s crucial jobs. Your Norton and other programs will not work correctly until you increase the free disk space. Go to the system and check for unnecessary files and applications. Remove all of them from the system and then the user will get good space on the device. After removing those files, restart the system and run the LiveUpdate.

Norton is showing error code while running a program

Few Norton antivirus users reported that Norton is showing errors with a certain program. Whenever a user runs the program, Norton security has encountered an error 8504 message that appears on the screen. If your antivirus is showing an error with a certain program then the program is not reliable. When you run the program, Norton antivirus inspects the danger and starts showing the error. You will get the error usually with free gaming and editing applications. Remove the program and delete its program files from the system. Restart the device and run the scan to remove the remaining threats on the device.

Norton antivirus error code 104

The 104 error code on Norton occurs when its registry files are not working correctly. These files can get corrupted due to some error and then your antivirus will start showing the error code 104. You have to fix these files immediately. You have to open the editor using the Regedit command. It will open the registry editor of the system. Now check for the Norton-related corrupted registry files. Copy all these files to get the backup. Now edit those files carefully. After repairing the files, close the registry editor and then you can run the Norton scan.

Norton antivirus is not opening

When the setup of your antivirus is not opening then check the system files. Your programs will show errors when the system files are not working. But fixing the system files of Windows manually is difficult. While repairing, make sure you are editing the right file. If the user edits the wrong file then your other programs may also show the same error. Users can run the SFC utility tool to repair the files automatically. After repairing, try to reopen your Norton program. Otherwise, reinstall your Norton on the system.