How to stop the auto-renewal subscription?

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How to stop the auto-renewal subscription?

When the user gets a licensed program for the device; it needs renewal after expiry. For the free programs; the user can access them without any subsc

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When the user gets a licensed program for the device; it needs renewal after expiry. For the free programs; the user can access them without any subscription. But many of the paid programs require a regular subscription. If the user didn’t renew his license, the program will not work. Due to this trouble, various programs have the auto-renewal feature. When the user enables the auto-renewal service, his program automatically renews and doesn’t expire. For auto-renewal; the user needs to provide his band details. The payment will occur on the bank account and you will get the mail about auto-renewal. When a user doesn’t require the program; he can cancel the auto-renewal subscription anytime.

Steps to stop auto-renewal subscription

Cancelling the auto-renewal will prevent the renewal of your program automatically. You can still run your tool if the days are remaining. When you are not planning to use that program; stop its auto-renewal feature.

  • Open the program’s website on the browser
  • Go to the homepage and hit on Profile
  • Log in to the program’s account
  • Your Profile page will appear
  • Select the subscription tab
  • Go to the auto-renewal option
  • Toggle the switch to Off
  • The program wizard will ask for confirmation
  • Hit on the Confirm button. Now check your email account for the cancellation mail. If you have the remaining days, access your tools. After the expiry, you can’t use premium tools. But many programs offer freeware along with the paid tools. When the subscription expires; the user can access the free tools.

    Cancel auto-renewed license and get the refund

    Many programs have a refund policy on auto-renewal. When the user didn’t cancel the auto-renewal and the plan renewed; he can go for a refund. But after getting his refund; he can’t use premium tools. If you want your refund, cancel the subscription within a few days. Before starting the process; check the refund policy. When the program is under refund then go for Norton cancel subscription.

  • Open the program on your browser
  • Go to its main page and check for the Profile option
  • Click on Profile and login into the account
  • Open subscription window and tap on auto-renewed plan
  • Tap on Cancel and refund option
  • If you see the confirmation wizard
  • Hit on Yes button
  • The user has to enter his refund details and cancel the subscription. After that, your license for the plan will expire. You will also get an email for confirmation of your mail address.

    Cancel the auto-renewal subscription from Android

    Purchasing or cancelling a subscription on an Android device is very simple. You can easily manage all your subscriptions from the play store. But you must purchase and cancel the subscription with the same email account.

  • Go to device and open Play Store
  • Click on the Profile icon
  • Select Subscription tab
  • Users will see his licensed programs
  • Select the program
  • Scroll down and tap on Cancel
  • On the confirmation page, hit the Yes button
  • If you see the pause subscription option; select the no thanks button. After cancelling the license, users can check the program subscription page. You will see the left days of the subscription. Use your program until that day. After the expiry, if you are not using it, remove the setup from the Android device.

    Cancel the subscription from iOS

    For iOS, you can get the subscription from the App store. Users must use the same Apple ID for purchasing and cancelling the subscription. When you have the program but want to cancel it then use the App store.

  • Go to iOS device and tap on App Store
  • Click on Profile and inspect the Apple ID
  • Hit on your subscription button
  • Check the program from the list
  • Tap the Cancel on the screen
  • Choose Confirm option for cancellation. After cancellation, you can renew the subscription when you need the program.

    Renewing license of your program

    After the expiration of your program; its premium tool won’t work. To use those programs, you have to renew them again. If you have the same account then don’t create a new one. Open the account and click on your subscription. Check the renew button next to Expire status. Hit on renewing and provide the details. After renewal, use the software on your device.


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