How to Stay Stress-free While Preparing for Competitive Exams?

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How to Stay Stress-free While Preparing for Competitive Exams?

Maximum candidates feel anxiety and stress while preparing for the exam. In fact, a little nervousness can help you do your best while studying for th

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Maximum candidates feel anxiety and stress while preparing for the exam. In fact, a little nervousness can help you do your best while studying for the competitive exam. However, excessive stress hampers your ability to prepare for the exam. Candidates start feeling cold in their feet when the exam date draws closer. This exam stress arouses negative feelings in candidates making them unproductive. Exam stress can become a vicious cycle. Once you start feeling anxious for one exam, you can become fearful each time while preparing for the exam. So, it is crucial to annihilate stress to amp your efficiency for the exam preparation.

Here is a list of magical tips that can act as elixir to calm your stress and anxiety while preparing for competitive exams:

There are a number of exams in the queue going to be held this year. Outbreak of coronavirus has postponed all government and bank exams. Whether you are preparing for Upcoming Bank Exams or government exams,it is essential to banish stress from your mind. Many candidates are heedless of some healing ways that can reduce your stress and enhance productivity.

Don’t forget to plan your schedule

Sometimes candidates saw the seeds of stress themselves by not planning a proper time table. If you want to remain stress free, then devise a suitable time table. With the help of a time table, you’ll be able to complete the exam syllabus on time. Doing this will leave you with ample time for revision. As a result, you’ll feel less stressed and anxious.

Stop comparing yourself with others!

Comparison is the most noxious thing you can do to yourself. It will make you judge yourself on wrong grounds, making you nervous and pessimistic. Remember, everyone has their own caliber and potential. Instead, you can choose to compare your daily performance. It will not only improve your exam performance but also encourage you to give your best.

Steer clear of negative thoughts

As per theory of law of attraction, we manifest what we repeatedly think. Make it clear to yourself that mere negative thoughts can cost you your success. The best way to evade negative thoughts is by turning a deaf ear to people who discourage you and hinder your success. You can watch various motivational movies to learn how to successfully make a way through obstacles.

Keeping your mind free from negative thoughts will not only help you ace competitive exams, but also help you excel in other dimensions of life. Recently, the government of Punjab has issued myriad job notifications. Are you aiming to grab any of the Punjab Govt Jobs? If yes, you will be required to qualify a competitive exam. So, try to prepare for the exam with a light mind.

Try to do one task at a time

It is advisable to avoid multitasking. Concentrating on a single task at a time can help you retain the topic faster. Performing various tasks at a time will lead the mind to a boggling state. Additionally, multitasking has negative impacts on your health such as high blood pressure, increased heart rate and hypertension. It may seem like you are being productive, but in reality it reduces the quality of work.

Shun distractions

When we develop temptation for distraction, for sure we are heading towards failure. Therefore, it is essential to shun distraction for enhancing focus to study for the exams. What is the biggest source of distraction these days? It is social media. If your intention is to clear the exam in a single attempt, don’t fritter your time while scrolling facebook or instagram. It is better to avoid its usage rather than regretting and feeling anxious later.

Have a sound sleep

Many candidates believe this fallacy that studying for long hours can help them clear the exam. Note that having a sound sleep will increase your efficiency to prepare for the exam. It will avoid brain jamming and help you memorize concepts properly. Moreover, sleeping properly will improve your overall health. It aids in reducing stress while preparing for the competitive exam. Many studies suggest that having at least 7-8 hours of sleep can help you perform better.

Maintain good health

Good health assures good mental health. While preparing for the exam, it is quite obvious that many students neglect their health. It is better to follow a nutritious diet, as it will boost energy in you to study for the exam. Additionally, you can add exercising and yoga to your daily routine. Working out daily will enhance your concentration level.

If you are seeking any of the Punjab Govt Jobs, then you have umpteen opportunities now. At present, the government of Punjab is issuing numerous job notifications for which eligible candidates need to crack a competitive exam. So, try to prepare for the exam in an organized way.


Aforementioned are some true and tried remedies to overcome stress and pressure while preparing for the competitive exams. Remaining calm while studying for the exam is essential. Always remember that exams are part of life and not whole life. Try not to measure your ability on the basis of marks you scored. Do not allow failures to dim your passion for fulfilling your dreams. Keep your chin up and try again with more determination and hard work to clear the competitive exam.