How to Set Up a Catering Business in Dubai? Things to Know


How to Set Up a Catering Business in Dubai? Things to Know

Dubai has gradually risen and has over 200 countries worldwide in connection. So, it is not surprising that it has steadily become a cultural crossroa

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Dubai has gradually risen and has over 200 countries worldwide in connection. So, it is not surprising that it has steadily become a cultural crossroads for the world. According to budding entrepreneurs, catering is one of the best business to do in Dubai because it is the most economical and profitable business. They are perfectly right all about it because starting a business revolving around food can lead to the road to financial success. Catering is frequently a more viable solution for many people joining the business, as restaurants require a significant financial and time investment.

How to start a catering business in Dubai?

First of all, you have to choose a company name that perfectly illuminates your company ethics yet attractive and catchy. But there are certain things to keep in mind while doing so in UAE. It should not include any offensive language or symbols that indicate a reference to well-known organizations and corporations. If you are the type to keep your name as the business name, be careful to include the full name with no abbreviations or initials. A company formation expert can help you identify if the chosen name is apt for registrations apart from all the helpful processes they do to achieve the license application process.

 The next major decision for you to take is all about whether to choose a free zone or a mainland setup company in Dubai. If you are interested in a free zone company setup, you have to submit your future application to the respective managing authority. If you are onto the mainland, then you can approach the Department of Economic Development or the separate municipality of the Emirate.

 You will have to learn and proceed through different UAE business laws and regulations to get through a catering business in Dubai. So, we recommend you seek guidance to form the best company in Dubai to overcome the challenges and own a catering business without worries.

What are the requirements to start a catering business in Dubai?

 Let’s look at the vital requirements for the catering business in Dubai. They are the following:

  • The company owner should have business register in Dubai under the Dubai Economic Department
  • You should submit trade names out for official approval
  • The following requirement is the Passport copies of the owners
  • You have to choose a reliable resident and also sign the Memorandum of Association
  • Find a kitchen to rent for the catering business 
  • Make sure to get access to remaining approvals from Dubai Municipality

 How to obtain a license for catering?

First of all, you need to obtain a commercial license from the Department of Economic Development to start a catering business in Dubai. Then you need a permit from the food control department, but to get it, you need to provide them with employee health cards, trade license copy, No objection certificate / NOC, lab, and test reports.

 How to apply for your catering business license?

 Do you know about all the decent number of requirements to apply for a catering license in Dubai? It’s just like a trade license! If you have handed over a trade license, you can confidently use it for the Dubai Food Safety Department to get a catering license.

 Requirements to apply for catering business license

  • You should submit a floor plan for your kitchen and food preparation area, including all tiny details of all entrances and exits. It must include food processing areas, food storage areas, windows and ventilation, food processing equipment, and all washing equipment.
  • You are liable to follow the UAE’s ‘Food Code.’ That means it comes everything under from where food is made and stored, ventilation, cleaning facilities and much more.

 After carefully taking care of all of these steps, you can grab the license and prepare for the catering business.

 Catering license cost in Dubai

 Are you curious about the catering license cost in Dubai? Its natural for most new entrepreneurs in the industry to be curious about how much a catering license costs. However, estimating a food delivery license cost is difficult due to the numerous variables involved. It includes the size,  location of your business, the price of your facilities, and ingredients.

The first and foremost cost to consider is the cost of a trade license. For AED 22,200, you can get a food and beverage license from Fujairah Creative City, which includes one visa. In addition, don’t forget that you’ll have to budget for your food safety license, your kitchen and premises, and app development.

Reasons why should you set up your catering business in Dubai

 We all know that Dubai is the number one business hub in the Middle East and is the best one to start a business. The place is trendy for its real estate and banking sector business opportunities. So, the government has managed to stabilize financially and learned how to increase the economy. There are much more benefits to point out. They are the following:

Companies worldwide are willing to set up their business in Dubai due to a considerable inflow of foreign capital, making Dubai’s economy even more robust.

  • Dubai is well known for its Taxation benefits 
  • Legal procedures are fast and straightforward
  • The business registration process in Dubai is quick and affordable
  • There is no minimum capital requirement for business
  • There are no restrictions on trading locations
  • Dubai is the fastest-growing economy
  • You will get free zone benefits
  • The infrastructure is of high-end quality to grow your business
  • You can confidently work along with government bodies
  • Dubai has no restriction in currency limitation
  •  You can enjoy the benefits like low import duty
  • We also have more options for business activities
  • Dubai business incredibly benefits from no limitations to the number of visas


Some people know the catering business is meant for them while others do not. Sometimes, you learn you have a knack for the catering business by doing it yourself. For example, you are doing it for your own family or small family celebrations and work events. Slowly you will find yourself surrounded by requests to catering because you have ignited the passion for it unknowingly. It’s never too late to start over or to find a niche. Now is the right time if you feel like starting a catering business in Dubai.