How to resolve common Epson printer errors?


How to resolve common Epson printer errors?

Epson is a Japanese electronic and top printer manufacturing industry. These printers are very robust and offer a good printing service. But like othe

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Epson is a Japanese electronic and top printer manufacturing industry. These printers are very robust and offer a good printing service. But like other gadgets; the user may face a few common errors while using the Epson printer. Many of these errors can be resolved manually. The user has to inspect the error and then fix it.

Epson printer error code 0xf1

0xf1 is the most common error code on Epson devices. The user mainly gets this error when the printer can’t communicate with the computer/phone. For any printer communication issues; inspect its driver. Open the computer and search for your Epson software. The driver may not be working due to update issues. Install the new update of your Epson driver. But when the software files are showing an error; use the Epson error code 0xf1 repair tool. The tool will fix the corrupted Epson files. In case, the printer still shows the same error message 0xf1 then choose reinstallation. Remove your corrupted Epson software and delete all its files. Now get a new driver for the Epson device and check for the error message.

Epson printer is not connecting

Printer connection errors occur when the cable is faulty or loose. If you can’t find the Epson printer; check the cable. Eject it from both devices immediately. Now check the ends and cable for any faults. The user should try connecting the printer with another cable. But only use the high-speed for the printer connection. Other cables won’t work on the Epson device. If the Epson is showing connection issues on the network; inspect your router. Ensure that your Epson Wi-Fi is enabled. Restart the access point and restart the printer’s Wi-Fi button. Check the Epson printer screen to select the correct SSID. Go to the printer and open the Add Printer tab. Choose your Epson printer and now you can take the printouts. 

No cartridge error

When the user sends the print command; the Epson device starts showing a No Cartridge error message unexpectedly. This error appears when the cartridge is not installed correctly. If you are facing the error after installing a new cartridge then check for tape. People often forget to remove the protective yellow tape while installing the cartridge. Lift the scanner tray of the Epson device and go to cartridges. Eject the newly installed cartridge and remove the tape. Insert the cartridge correctly on the Epson printer. If a cartridge error is appearing after using the refilled cartridge then eject all cartridges. Sometimes printers face issues while reading the refilled cartridge. Start installing the refilled cartridge with others and now the printer will read it easily.

Epson is giving faded printouts

Printing quality starts reducing when the ink is low. If you are getting the faded printouts then check the ink. If the cartridge is about to get empty; get a new cartridge for the device. But only use the original cartridge as the clone cartridges have poor quality ink. Instead of purchasing the clone cartridge; refill the old cartridge. Get high-quality ink for your printer and refill it. After refilling, close the cartridge’s lid correctly. Reinsert the cartridge and now check the print quality. Also, inspect the printhead of your Epson device. If the head is clogged; print quality will reduce. Use Epson’s utility tool to clean the head. Reuse the tool until the print gives you good quality printouts. You can also clean the head of the Epson printer manually.

Epson printer stopped working unexpectedly

Sometimes, the printer gets a runtime error and stops working. The user can fix the error by restarting it. Remove the power cable from your printer. Reconnect it and the Epson printer must start automatically. Resend the print command to the printer and check the error. If the printer is still showing an error; restart it and run the troubleshooter. Go to your computer and search for Printer Troubleshooter. This utility service will search for files that can cause printer errors. It repairs the files and now your Epson printer will start working.

Slow printing

Printer speed issues appear when the user has connected the devices using a low-speed cable. Switch the cable to a high-speed one and your printer will start printing with good speed. For wireless printing; keep the printer near the router and now send the print command. In an old Epson printer, you can change the print quality to low for improving the speed.