How to Get a License for Setting up Business in Dubai


How to Get a License for Setting up Business in Dubai

The professional licensing facility in Dubai is one of the exclusive services provided by our professionals. Professional license in Dubai can be arra

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The professional licensing facility in Dubai is one of the exclusive services provided by our professionals. Professional license in Dubai can be arranged with 100% immigrant ship in Dubai emirate. However, a UAE citizen is selected as a service agent, but he is not directly involved in the business and is paid annually. The role of local service agents for setting up a business is to help obtain professional licenses, visas, work cards, etc. There is no minimum capital requirement for a professional business in Dubai.

Choose Professional Business Set-Up Service Company

Professional companies are acceptable 100% owned and run by expatriates, except in certain segments and activities where UAE nationals must be partners, own or actively participate in a certain agreed number of shares in the administration company. This type of recruitment allows the licensee to pursue his profession, be it accounting, medicine, counseling, and others. Professional license in Dubai is a useful license; and it is one of the most common types of permits, especially in consulting area management, due to its resistance to owners.

It gives you the option to be billed for any type of business set up in UAE; and also abroad for services. A professional license in Dubai also entitles the owner to operate a bank account in the UAE; as well as world accounts. To get a professional license in Dubai, you must have office space in mainland Dubai. We can help you identify the office or even set up a virtual office to set up your license.

A professional company can have professional activities. The professional society pursues the profession as its main object and on which the partners depend on their professional performance, which they practice more than profit from the business of others. Professional companies are established in Dubai between professionals and can only carry out non-commercial activities.

Incorporating a Professional License as a Sole Establishment (One Owner)

United Arab Emirates Dubai laws and regulations require that a sole proprietorship may only have one owner. These owners can be foreigners or UAE nationals. The owner of the company (sole proprietor) has full responsibility for 100% of the listed companies. Sole proprietorships are thus similar to comparable structures around the world, which impose 100 per cent responsibility on the entrepreneur. Even then, the Sole Establishment was a very popular form of company in Dubai.

The reason is very simple; no law requires UAE citizens to take a majority stake in a sole proprietorship. In fact, foreigners can own 100% sole proprietorship. The disadvantage of the 100% ownership rule is that foreigners can only form sole proprietorships if they provide services and do NOT buy and sell goods.

Incorporating a Professional License as a Civil Company (more than One Owner)

A professional license for a business set up in Dubai can be issued as a civil society if 2 or more holders wish to establish a company together. The civil society structure is truly a partnership and partners have 100% full responsibility for the company. Apart from property functions, civil society is run and maintained like a single company.

A Professional License Incorporated as a Branch of a Foreign Company

We regularly set up professional companies as branches of foreign companies. There are many nuances that our customers urge us to do. Here are some of the main nuances and results;

A professional company license only allows a maximum of 50 shareholders, and some of our customers have more than 50 partners. In this case, the offshore company has more than 50 shareholders and only a few representative shareholders hold management positions in the Dubai branch.

Dubai has some funny tough rules for naming companies. If you wish to circumvent this rule, you can do so through a branch of a foreign company from V.A.E. The branch office must have the same name as the head office overseas.

Professional License for Business Set up in Free Zones

You can also license a professional company in one of the many free trade zones in Dubai and other UAE countries. The only motive you should choose to form a professional company license in one of the free zones is when the free zone offers special services for the activity to be performed. For example, Dubai Media City is known. Since the 100% Foreign Ownership structure extends to companies that are not free zones when they form a professional company license, there isn’t much explanation for choosing a free zone to create a professional company license.

You should only consider obtaining a professional business license in the free zone if you plan to transfer your services or provide your services to customers outside the UAE. Against this backdrop, this rule is frequently and frequently violated openly, as the authorities have not shown any inclination to restrict the license of professional companies established in the free zone to only doing business in the free zone. The practice of licensing business professionals in free zones and providing services to businesses outside of free zones is common practice in the UAE.