How to Fix Brother Printer Error Code 03? [Solved]

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How to Fix Brother Printer Error Code 03? [Solved]

Brother printers are known for their high quality and feature-rich designs. However, Brother Printer owners may complain about Brother Printer errors

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Brother printers are known for their high quality and feature-rich designs. However, Brother Printer owners may complain about Brother Printer errors that arise on their printers. This is true for almost all printer users. Printers are machines, so they can sometimes make Brother Printer is in error state. The article has solutions for error codes 03B and 3B. Both errors are very difficult to fix. Let’s find out how to fix these error codes.

Why does the Brother Printer show an Error 03?

If one receives the Brother printer error code 03, likely, the proxy settings have not been correctly configured. The error can be fixed by configuring the proxy settings. Below is the step-by-step process. Let’s get started.

Method 1

Follow these instructions to fix Brother printer error code 03:

  1. You must first click on the Menu.
  2. Click on the OK link and use the Up and down arrows in the web connect settings.
  3. Check the proxy settings by clicking the Up and down arrows in the section, and then click on the OK button.
  4. Click on the OK button and select the off option.
  5. Click on the Stop/Exit button to complete the process.
  6. Follow the above steps to quickly fix the error code 03 on your Brother printer.

Method 2

The second method is available if the first method fails to resolve the error code 03 in your Brother printer. Follow these instructions:

  1. First, ensure that your Brother printer is dry and safe.
  2. Make sure you disconnect the USB and power cables from your printer. They may become entangled and could be damaged.
  3. Reinstall the device, and reconnect.
  4. You should check the firewall settings, as they could cause communication problems.
  5. To check if the printer prints the documents, click on the scan button. If the scanner works, the firewall may be blocking communication.
  6. Connect your computer to high-speed internet and see if it works. Turn off your router for a few seconds and then turn it back on.
  7. Connect your printer to another computer and verify that the problem has been resolved.

Note – If you have any difficulties with the steps and don’t know a lot about the hardware of a printer we recommend that you call Brother printer specialists to resolve the problem.

How to Fix Brother Printer Error Code 3B

When a piece or foreign object gets stuck in the printer, the error code 3B appears on a Brother printer. Anyone using a Brother printer may encounter the error code 3B. Below are the steps to fix error code 3B on a Brother printer. The steps are the same as the ones below.

Method 1

The steps below will quickly resolve the error code 3B. Follow these steps:

  1. First, turn off the printer and disconnect the power supply. Next, place the Brother printer in a safe location.
  2. You should check if something is stuck in the Brother printer.
  3. Take out any items that are stuck in the printer.
  4. Take out any paper stuck to the tray.
  5. Turn the Brother printer upside-down and shake it for approximately 15 seconds.
  6. The process will remove paper pieces and other foreign objects.
  7. Connect the USB and power cables back to your printer.
  8. To test if it is working, turn the device on and print a test page.

Method 2

Sometimes, a 3B error may prove difficult to resolve. In these cases, you can try the second method and quickly fix the Brother printer error code.

  1. First, turn off your Brother printer.
  2. Then, remove all cords and cables from the printer.
  3. It should be kept disconnected from the main power supply for approximately twenty minutes.
  4. Reconnect the cables to your printer.
  5. You must ensure that the ink cartridges have been installed correctly.
  6. Turn on your Brother printer, and print a test page. This will confirm that the error code has been removed.

Note: If you are unable to resolve the error code, contact the skilled Brother printer specialists to solve the problem.


The printing capabilities of Brother printers are excellent and highly valued. Any Brother printer model can display the error codes 03 or 3B. This may flummox printer users. These errors can be fixed using the methods described above. These methods are hoped to be of great assistance.

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