How to design your app?


How to design your app?

Designing your app with app builder is very easy, but for you to check it, we will explain it to you below. You also have a wide variety of templates

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Designing your app with app builder is very easy, but for you to check it, we will explain it to you below. You also have a wide variety of templates that you can use to make the design of your application identify with your business.

Designing your app is easy with Create Your Application

Your app’s home screen

In the “app design” section within the app creator you will find everything related to the design of your application. You must select the template that will reflect the appearance of your app’s home screen. You will have at your disposal 10 different designs to choose from, each with different colors, buttons and their arrangement.

For selecting the one you like the most to design your app, you will only have to click on one of them. This will be marked in red, indicating that it has been selected. These buttons that include the different designs of your app, lead to the sections of the application that you choose. We will see how this is done in another resource.

The color palette of your app

This is the part where you can select the color palette to design your app. The color palette will help you with the combination of colors that you can use for the different sections of your application.


By clicking on one of them, a color selector will appear where you can choose a color from the palette and thus ensure a good combination. You can modify the color palette of your app in the “colors” part of the side menu of the app manager.


The header of your app

First of all, do you know what the header is? The header of your app is the top bar that appears on all the application screens . That is, the bar that tells you which screen you are on: store, appointments, notifications, etc.


In this part, you can change the color of the header and the font that you want to appear in it. If you have previously selected a color palette, you will be able to choose a color from it. If you haven’t chosen a palette previously, click on the hex code. Here you will have two options:

  • Write the hex code of the color you want.
  • Select the color from the colormap that will be displayed just below the hexadecimal code.


The buttons of your app

Another important element when designing your app is its buttons. Here you can edit the style of the buttons of your application. Change the color of the button’s background, the font color and the font that appears on them. To change the colors of the buttons, you will have to do the same as we have done in the header part of your app.

Your app titles

The titles is the name of each of the sections of your application , such as news, coupons, offers, the products of your store. That is, imagine the store section of your app. This can be called: «My products» (section title). Then inside it you can have sneaker products such as: «Sports shoes» (product title).


Well, these two titles are changed in this part. Here you can modify the color of the background, the letter and the typography you want.

The images of your app

This is the last section of «app design» to design your app. In it you can upload the images you want to customize your application.

You will have three types of images:


Logo: It is the image that will appear, in those templates that allow it, in the center of the home screen of your app. Header: This is the image that will appear on the menu of your app. It is recommended that it be an 835 * 500 px image, in light weight jpg or png format (size in mb). Background image: It is the one that will be shown in the background of the home screen of your app. You can upload it in light weight jpg or png format (size in mb).


To upload an image in any of these options, you just have to click on the “select the file” button that appears next to each one. Once you have selected the file that you want to upload among your documents, click OK. After that, press the “update images” button and those that you have just uploaded will be loaded.


You can change these images whenever you want for new ones or delete them by clicking on the trash can icon. And, thus, is how you can design your app. You will be able to design your fully personalized app that identifies with your business.