How to Control Wasps

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How to Control Wasps

Wasp control is important in order to reduce the number of wasps which can cause potential danger around your home. Wasp nests, or colonies, can also

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Wasp control is important in order to reduce the number of wasps which can cause potential danger around your home. Wasp nests, or colonies, can also be unsightly and cause damage so it’s best to get rid of them if at all possible. Wasp Nest Removal Brisbane

Wasp extermination should be handled by a professional pest exterminator, however there are steps you can take to minimize wasp problems around your home.

Steps that will help prevent wasps from building nests near or in the house:

1) Wipe down outside of windows and doors with an antiseptic to remove moisture and food sources which can attract wasps.

2) Wipe off any dirt or grime that may be around the outside of the house to reduce moisture and prevent food from accumulating.

3) Fix any holes or gaps in screens and doors as this allows for easy access into your home for wasps. Wasp control products such as Wasp Freeze Aerosol can help to seal these areas if they are too large to fix yourself.

4) Clear away debris like wood piles, rubbish, old appliances (to avoid wasps using them as a nest). Wasp extermination should be done before you deal with an infestation, not after it has already set in!

5) If there is room for wasps to build a nest, they will. Wasp nests can be found anywhere there is a place for them to attach their paper-like stick nests, including under eaves and gutters. Wasp spray can help with this as it has a limited range of around 10 metres, so the wasps have no choice but to stay away from your house.

6) Wasp extermination should be carried out at night when most of the wasps are back at the nest and predators such as lizards and birds are less likely to see a number of them at once.

7) If you do need Wasp Extermination done then only use licensed professionals who understand how to carry out Wasp control safely and effectively. Using Wasp Spray that is not registered or Wasp Freeze or Wasp Nest Killer which is not used correctly can lead to a Wasp problem spreading and getting out of control.

How Wasp Extermination Should Be Done:

1) The Wasp Exterminator should be contacted once you have noticed that there is a Wasp problem. By waiting, the infestation will get worse and wasps may become more aggressive from overcrowding around your home. Wasp extermination should be done quickly before they set up their nests in your roof! It’s important to contact the professionals as soon as possible because Wasp spray products are only effective for a limited amount of time. Pest Control Brisbane

2) The Wasp exterminator will deal with any potential nests but also ensure that there aren’t any Wasp nests around nearby that you aren’t aware of. Wasp spray can have a range around 10 meters so if there are any Wasp nests nearby then they may just move to another area next time Wasp Extermination is carried out. Wasp extermination should be done by a professional pest exterminator who understands the natural habits and behaviors of Wasp. Wasp control products are designed to kill Wasp so they need to be applied correctly! Wasp extermination is most successful when the Wasp exterminator uses Wasp Freeze Aerosol as this allows for targeted Wasp spray which can’t affect anything but Wasp.

3) The Wasp Exterminator should provide you with a Wasp Control Report. Wasp extermination should be done for your own safety and peace of mind, allowing you to move forwards with Wasp control products such as Wasp Freeze Aerosol to prevent future Wasp infestations. Wasp exterminators can provide you with information on the Wasp life cycle so that you are aware of their habits and behavior and can hopefully prevent Wasp infestation in the future. Wasp extermination should also help to control Wasp numbers within your area so you don’t have Wasp problems again.