How Does a Lymphedema Pump Help Treat Lymphedema?


How Does a Lymphedema Pump Help Treat Lymphedema?

Lymphedema is one of those severe diseases that is creating problems for American citizens. The rising number of cases for swollen lower limbs and ank

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Lymphedema is one of those severe diseases that is creating problems for American citizens. The rising number of cases for swollen lower limbs and ankle soreness complainants from elderly people is a key issue for this generation. The lymphedema compression pump for legs is becoming a major trend in society that is considered to be the best remedy for treating inflammation and foot ache.

There are several queries related to lymphedema pump which are asked by people around the globe and the search for finding the best solution to treat lymphedema is nearly going to end soon. Compression therapy with advanced technology is now developing best ways to treat blisters and minimize the effect of chronic wounds on legs.
Before understanding the mechanism of treating lymphedema some specifics are vital to know and understand before using any type of compression pump for lymphedema treatment.

What is Lymphedema?

Lymphedema is a chronic infection that requires professional treatment with expert medical gear. This fatal illness causes failure of filtration of lymph nodes and blood circulation. There is a lymphatic system in our body that maintains our immunity and filter waste in the deep parts of the lower limbs tissue.
The accumulation of blood clots and lymph nodes starts jamming the vessels opening in the legs then it will block all the circular systems including respiratory and cardiac. The barrier created between veins and ligaments may cause the leakage of blood in the calf tissues. This leakage is the direct result of inflammation and continuous pain in the legs.

There are many scenarios in which the majority of orthopedics and podiatrists tried lymphedema compression pumps for legs or manual massage process of boosting the lymph flow but not always get positive results. The main reason is the quality and function of the lymphedema pump that matters the most and if you want better results then you need to purchase the best compression gear to resolve this dangerous issue.

What are lymphedema compression pumps for legs?

The lymphedema device is a pneumatic medical product that treats patients with swollen lower limbs. The top best compression pump for lymphedema is designed with the finest garment sleeves that are fused with a programmable led monitor and pressure pump. These mentioned components join together to provide leg therapy.
This device has multiple purposes and each segment plays an important role to deliver positive results in minimum duration. The garment sleeves which cover your leg are equipped with micro air pressure chambers which perform sequential therapy on legs. The standard pressure level these pumps apply is between 20 to 40 mmHg. The monitor or user panel is designed to control the pressure level and the lymphedema pump is for applying the force on the thick walls of the patient’s legs.

There is one question that general users ask who are unfamiliar with the functioning of compression footwear that how this compression gear works?

How lymphedema compression pumps for legs treat patients?

The best compression pump for leg edema working is far better than older models because with advancements in technology new models are providing effective results. These devices work by generating ripple-like motion to force lymphatic fluid to move into healthy sites and reduces the accumulation of waste material in the tissues.
When the proper circulation of blood occurs and the lymphatic system works perfectly then swelling in the legs will automatically decrease. The compression garments when wraps around the leg offer distal to proximal therapy by filtering lymphatic fluid foot, ankle, calf, and thigh. The cycle repeats until the patient pauses the machine and it works in one continuous motion or sequential compression from highest to lowest end.

Types of compression pumps for lymphedema

There are three major types of compression gear for lymphedema. The sleeves are the classic garments but nowadays socks and stockings are becoming a new trend among the users. The sleeves are further divided into segmented or non-segmented compression garments.

The compression socks and stockings for lymphedema have pressure devices meshed into the fabric. Each of them does a similar role but some minor features vary in each of them. The most recommended compression therapy for lymphedema by orthopedics is using a programmable pump and sleeves device.

Important facts about compression pumps for lymphedema

The compression gear benefits are countless including treating lymphedema but other than reducing blisters they help to treat aching and heavy legs. For any person suffering from spider veins, these compression devices help to eliminate the effects on your foot and ankles. The treatment of ankle’s tendon muscles and ligaments can be treated with these medical gears.

Get the best lymphedema pump for legs treatment

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