How Do I Stop Norton Charging My Credit Card

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How Do I Stop Norton Charging My Credit Card

You may be eligible for a refund if you have been charged by auto-renewal recently. Norton offers many subscription options and receives hundreds of c

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You may be eligible for a refund if you have been charged by auto-renewal recently. Norton offers many subscription options and receives hundreds of complaints every day. Norton refund. Anybody who has been charged within the last 60-days can file a Norton standard refund claim.

Learn all about Norton’s Refund policy

Before you ask for a Symantec refund, it is important to understand Norton’s refund policy. We’ll let you know all about Norton refund-

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Within 60 days of purchase/renewal, initiate your Norton refund subscription request
The product should not be used
Must be purchased from Norton’s official site
If you renew your auto-renewal annually, they are also eligible
Refunds will only be made to the source credit/debit cards
How can I request a Norton refund?
Refunds from companies are not complicated. If you do not find Norton antivirus/ Norton Security/ Norton 360 useful, you will need to ask for a refund. Here’s how to get a refund.

Call the customer service department
Please provide information about your subscription
Ask them to return your money
If you are eligible, the customer service team will create a ticket.
Within 14 days, the amount would be credited directly to your source account
How can I cancel auto-renewal on my account?
Most refunds are due to auto-renewal. Norton saves your payment information when you purchase it from the official site. If you don’t disable this feature, your account will be charged for the following year. You can disable it by following these steps.

Go to the official Norton website

Find sign-in option and login into your account
In your account dashboard >Automated Renewal
Simply slide the slider to TURN ON
Confirm, yes. DONE.
How can I contact Norton regarding Refund Chat, Phone Number, or Email?
You can contact Norton by going to customer support through a call, chat, or email. Calling customer service is the best way to get in touch with them. It not only saves you time, but it also makes it easy and fast. If you are unable to call, chat and email may be a better option.

How do I contact the Official Norton Customer Service Refund Team?

You can contact Norton customer service to request a refund. To do this, visit the website. After logging in to your account, locate the support link. The support team can be reached by email, chat, or phone.

How do I cancel Norton antivirus auto-renewal?

Norton will ask for your credit card information when you purchase any product on the website. This will help you save money on your credit card so it can automatically deduct money when your product expires.

We are here to help you. The automatic renewal option is responsible for this. Norton activates the automatic renewal option when you purchase the product. cancel norton subscription You will need to manually turn it off.

Follow these steps to disable automatic renewal

Register to access your Norton account
You will now need to locate an automatic renewal option from the homepage.
Turn off the automatic renewal option by selecting the option.
The website will ask you for confirmation, click Confirm to confirm and your automatic renewal is now complete.
Your account will no longer be automatically debited.
Norton automatic renewal cost is something you should be aware of if you’ve ever been subject to automatic money deduction. Norton’s automatic renewal costs are a little more expensive than the usual cost. Norton will deduct your money from your account before your product expires, so you’ll be asked for more money.

Many users want to cancel Norton antivirus UK. We have the same process that we are following now. Follow these steps to cancel your Norton product in less than two minutes.