How Custom Boxes Can Take Your Subscription Service Branding To A Higher Level?


How Custom Boxes Can Take Your Subscription Service Branding To A Higher Level?

Operating in the subscription services industry demands better custom boxes than ordinary ones. You will be amazed at how frequently your subscription

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Operating in the subscription services industry demands better custom boxes than ordinary ones. You will be amazed at how frequently your subscriptions will be sold!

Go through the article to know how these help to cultivate a die-hard fan club.

Subscription boxes- your brand identity

Consider how you would prefer goods arriving at your door. Would you rather open an attractive box with neat packaging, beautiful labels, and a customer-friendly note attached? Or do you actually enjoy unwrapping things shrink-packaged and arranged in a mutated box with just an invoice?

If you like to go for the former one, you are not alone! Customer surveys have revealed that customers’ buying patterns depend on how well the boxes arriving at their doorsteps look.

There is more to the subscription boxes than many would imagine; many customers prefer to get their monthly groceries and products they frequently need right at their doorstep every month. The product selection is different for every customer, and hence, retailers need packaging boxes of varied specifications to ship the products as per the customer’s need.

But sending off the required products is not enough, subscription boxes, along with having effective quality-build, must also give buyers a fun unboxing procedure. Due to a high volume of subscription brands, buyers have a lot of choices. They, therefore, demand extra brand appeal to keep up with their subscriptions.

Customers tend to associate the same attributes to the brand as they do to its packaging boxes. So you do can math! The better the box appearance is, the stronger the customers would be compelled to subscribe to your brand time and over.

Many material choices available

You must have seen brands sending subscriptions in customized and captivating boxes. Enhanced printing options allow the boxes to take literally any form and shape.

While the corrugated material is often the first choice for shipping subscriptions, there are numerous other stock paper options too.

  • Cardboard – it is bio-degradable and made with the required card thicknesses. The material is compatible with all printing procedures, making it a good choice to become the primary packaging for subscription items.
  • Cushioning materials vary in quality too. These help to:
  1. Filling voids and cushion contents from shock and vibration
  2. Braces or blocks to eliminate movement.
  3. Protects contents from damage, leakage, and temperature variations during transit.

Customized printed labels and logos

The first thing to catch the customers’ eye is the visual appeal of the boxes and logos printed on the subscription boxes that reach their house every month. The basic brand details like the name and signature graphics form brand differentiation and introduce the brand to new customers.

Using eco-friendly materials allows the companies to have high-resolution color graphics printed to meet specific purposes like the labels and logos on the subscription boxes. Illustrations also must be printed with crisp and clear methods to make a mark. Sometimes, the Branded custom boxes are adorned with all kinds of embellishments but customers do not notice them due to their shabby appearance.

Of all the printed materials, customers value individualized messages the most. These are mostly in the form of welcome and thank you notes printed on the inside of the opening tabs. Doing little printing tricks elevates the brand’s position in the market and makes customer retention realizable.

Social media compliant packaging

Brand marketing on online portals has gathered both pace and popularity. Unboxing videos on YouTube and social media handles are viewed in millions and are significant for prompting more subscription sales.

Customers review their shopping experiences and positive feedback encourages more customers to try the brand. Imagine the perks of being spoken about in a favorable light; it would be the most effective branding method without costing anything extra!

Customers excitedly anticipate receiving their subscriptions in custom printed shipping boxes. They want to be surprised and designing the boxes helps in meeting their expectations. All the above facets of custom printing and premium product protection positively add to the customers’ unboxing experience.

custom boxes

Reduce costs along the way

Can you believe that such a magnificent packaging and branding tool can actually reduce your overheads? But it is true!

Customized subscription boxes are popular not just because of the explained reasons but also due to their ability to bring down total costs by enabling:

  • Sturdier boxes made with only the required box materials. It eliminated wastages and reduces box costs.
  • Effective deliveries that customers don’t complain about and hence it pulls down replacement costs.
  • Better printed content elevates customers’ experience with the brand and promotes repeated subscriptions.
  • Brand identity marked on the boxes radiate branding on the go. It lowers the need for extensive billboard promotions.

There are possibly more cost-savings provided by customizing the subscription boxes that you would appreciate once utilized.

The next step

Now that you are aware of the endless opportunities customized boxes provide for packaging and branding subscriptions, you would be wondering about the next course of action.

Your brand could be offering subscriptions for different products. Getting customized packaging for each one is possible and attainable in the desired quantities. This is another positive facet of modifying the boxes; you can get them in any number and precisely when you want.

Shining customer loyalty is the way forward in the subscription industry. And one of the most practical, affordable, and effective ways to attain this is through presenting a worthy purchase feel. Buyers consider the boxes a part of the brand and the subscription services and so must add value to both. Adding in pleasing and eye-catching box features surely wins over more customers.

It all comes down to extending branding through custom boxes to define an identity for your company and then being true to that identity in the way you express your brand and products.


If you are looking to improve your subscription sales, bring down costs, and retain the customer base for longer, then getting customized subscription boxes would hit all the right notes!