How Can eCommerce SEO Experts Give Your ROI a Boost?

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How Can eCommerce SEO Experts Give Your ROI a Boost?

So you’re thinking about pulling the trigger and working with some eCommerce SEO experts on an eCommerce SEO campaign for your online store. How and w

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So you’re thinking about pulling the trigger and working with some eCommerce SEO experts on an eCommerce SEO campaign for your online store. How and why you could see the theoretical value in that is not surprising; SEO is one of the most valuable avenues for providing organic growth to an online business. However, trying to figure out if the services will pay for themselves, is another issue entirely, especially since some of the success of an eCommerce SEO campaign can be hard to track.

Nonetheless, it’s all about the bottom line, and you’re going to want to know just how these SEO services can pay for themselves and how they can minimize your costs while maximizing your profits. While we don’t intend to offer numerical figures, here are some ways that eCommerce SEO experts can help maximize the return on your investments.

Targeting the Right Keywords

A huge amount of the success of an eCommerce SEO campaign is attributable to the target keywords that an eCommerce SEO agency decides to pursue. While it’s relatively easy to increase overall organic traffic to an eCommerce store, if conversion rates and sales don’t follow, then it’s ultimately a waste of money.

eCommerce SEO experts will not simply aim to increase your traffic. They will be particularly selective about the keywords they choose to target, selecting only those that are closely associated with a high intent to purchase and a high level of customer interest.

Creating a Better Definition for Your Buyer Persona

In addition to performing in-depth keyword research, an eCommerce SEO company will also spend some quality time getting to learn a lot more about your target market, even investing resources in creating a highly-tailored, closely defined buyer persona.

This is because the same agency will need to spend time crafting content for your website as a component of their link building, product page, and other on-page optimization processes, and without fully understanding your target market, that content will fail. It’s even more important if you partner with the same agency for long-term content marketing and social media management projects.

Optimizing Your Local Listings

Your goal shouldn’t simply be to appear high at the tops of the search engine results pages for the most highly qualified keywords. It should be to appear at the tops of their SERPs in the right places. Where are the right places? It depends on where your business is – but you don’t necessarily need to be beating the competition halfway across the country in a market that you don’t even serve.

Partnering with You to Complete a Mobile-Friendly Website

An eCommerce SEO agency will also be able to help you create a mobile-friendly website. Not only will this directly affect the indexing and ranking of your website, but it will also optimize your website for the conversions that should theoretically follow. With more and more shoppers concluding business on mobile devices, you simply can’t afford not to have a stellar mobile design, whether you invest in an SEO strategy or not.

As you can see, there are several factors that go into the ultimate profitability of an eCommerce SEO campaign, and each of these will work together with the success of your overall marketing strategy to help bring you profits while expending the least amount (comparatively) for them.

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